A Chapter-by-chapter Analysis of Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse (RAINS - Part Two)

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This extended Entry over five pages traces the establishment and history of the RAINS organisation, belief in the SRA Myth in the UK and its impact on Child Protection policies and practises in Great Britain since 1989.

The four sub-pages under this page are dedicated to a chapter-by-chapter analysis of the book Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse (Routledge, now Informa PLC, 1994).

The main pages in this extended entry are strongly related to the (also) lengthy but more general discussion about the SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) Myth that dominates US and UK contemporary social history to be found at Beatrix Campbell (OBE)

Part One is listed under Dr. Sandra Buck, principally because it investigates the RAINS organisation, using Dr. Buck's written history as the primary source.

Part Two (this page) is an analysis of the 1994-published book Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse, and is therefore titled under the name of its editor, Dr. Valerie Sinason, one of the primary advocates in the United Kingdom for the SRA Myth after 1994. It is split into four sub-pages, to ease readability.

Part Three and Part Four discuss the nature and extent of belief in the SRA Myth in the early 21st century in the United Kingdom, with particular emphasis on the psychotherapy/psychoanalysis profession in the UK. It is titled under Dr. Sinason and David Icke, the two primary public faces of belief in the SRA Myth in the UK.

Part Five extends Part Four to another page, whilst investigating the subject of Recovered Memory Therapy.

The Index editors would like to extend their thanks to a number of British academics, NHS staff, mental health professionals, serving police officers and social workers who have contributed specific information and opinions for this Entry.

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 Valerie Sinason

Valerie Sinason (Dr.)

British psychoanalyst and psychotherapist, conspiracy theorist, campaigner, poet, author and editor.

Section headings

  • Part One - the SRA Myth in England & Wales and RAINS

  • Introduction
  • The SRA Myth, MPD/DID and RMT
  • Satanic Ritual Abuse indicators
  • The SRA Myth arrives in England & Wales
  • Broxtowe
  • Pembroke
  • The Shieldfield Scandal
  • Scotland
  • The importance of 'Michelle Remembers'
  • Dr. Sandra Buck's history of RAINS
  • RAINS consolidates
  • RAINS & fundamentalism
  • Rochdale
  • Conflict with The Jet Report
  • Mind Control - the SRA Myth takes a new turn
  • Professor La Fontaine's Report
  • The Evil, Satanic Poor - Part One

  • Part Two (this page) - A Chapter-by-chapter Analysis of Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse (Routledge, now Informa PLC, 1994)

  • The essay contributors - then & now
  • An Analysis of Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse - Page 1
  • An Analysis of Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse - Page 2
  • An Analysis of Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse - Page 3
  • An Analysis of Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse - Page 4

  • Individual section headings for the Analysis of Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse are detailed further down on this page.

    Part Three - The Nature & Extent of belief in the SRA Myth in Great Britain in the early 21st century

  • Individual and Institutional members of RAINS
  • Wolverhampton City PCT and RAINS
  • The Metropolitan Police & RAINS
  • The burden on RAINS members
  • SRA Myth True Believers in the public eye - Dr. Valerie Sinason & David Icke
  • The Western Middle Class White Woman's Burden - the racial aspect of Dissociation/MPD & Recovered Memory Therapy
  • Forensic aspects of dissociative identity disorder - taking psychotherapy to a new academic low
  • Dr. Ellen P. Lacter - American witch-hunter
  • The Institutions of psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy/psychoanalysis & the SRA Myth
  • psychotherapy/psychoanalysis
  • The regulation of psychotherapy
  • Psychiatry, Psychology and the SRA Myth
  • Psychotherapy/psychoanalysis and its submission to David Icke
  • The influence of David Icke and Valerie Sinason on child protection policy in Great Britain

  • Part Four - The influence of David Icke and Valerie Sinason on child protection policy in Great Britain (continued)

  • The Department of Health and Dr. Sinason
  • Trauma, disability, attachment and the promotion of the SRA Myth
  • The Centre for Child Mental Health & the SRA Myth
  • The Institute of Psychotherapy and Disability
  • The 8th European Congress of Mental Health in Intellectual Disability
  • The Paracelsus Trust
  • Treating 'survivors'

  • Part Five - The influence of David Icke and Valerie Sinason on child protection policy in Great Britain (further continued)

  • The London Safeguarding Children Conference and Valerie Sinason
  • The Metropolitan Police and Valerie Sinason
  • The Carol Felstead scandal
  • The BBC and Valerie Sinason
  • The CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) and Dr. Valerie Sinason
  • The SRA Myth and the destruction of John Bowlby's legacy
  • Ritual Abuse and Mind Control: The Manipulation of Attachment Needs (Karnac Books, March 2011)
  • Attachment Therapy
  • Recovered memories, body memories and the pseudoscience of the future
  • 'special pleading' - a Letter to The Guardian, January 23rd 2012
  • End piece

  • A Chapter-by-chapter Analysis of Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse - Routledge, (now Informa PLC), 1994

    Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse

    Contents for the sub-pages and this Main page;

  • The essay contributors - then & now

  • Representing Routledge, now an imprint of Taylor & Francis, itself a division of Informa PLC, the editor Edwina Welham originally oversaw the publication of Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse, which was launched at The House of Lords in February 1994. As such it is certain she will have checked the manuscript for accuracy and professional integrity at the time. As the book continues to be distributed by Informa PLC is would be safe to assume that a periodic review of it is conducted by the current Senior or Managing Editor of Routledge Mental Health.

    Informa PLC continue to publish books advocating for the SRA Myth. A chapter-by-chapter analysis of Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity: Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder 2nd edition, edited by Valerie Sinason (Routledge - Informa PLC, 2010) will be added to this web site in 2012, whilst a chapter-by-chapter analysis of the most recent 'Myth-promoting book from Informa PLC - the similarly-titled Trauma, Dissociation and Multiplicity: Working on Identity and Selves, edited by Valerie Sinason (October 2011) is anticipated to be added late 2012, early 2013.

    The essay contributors - then & now

    Valerie Sinason was successful in attracting what was in 1994 the cream of Britain's psychotherapy, psychology and child protection social worker professions to write for her book. American equivalents of Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse have never been able to employ contributors of the same standing as Dr. Sinason's publication. Although in his review, fellow psychoanalyst and poet David M. Black detailed that Dr. Sinason had written in her Introduction there were plenty of other contributors queuing to have their essay added to Treating', the comment wasn't actually true; Dr. Sinason made no such mention, and it has to be presumed that Dr. Black was reviewing an early draft.

    Nonetheless there is nothing to suggest that Dr. Sinason's supply of essayists had been exhausted when it came to publication time, though bearing-in-mind the essays from Professor Joan Bicknell and Joan Coleman (see the grouped section Chasing Witches - An analysis of Chapters 16, 17, 28, 29 and 18) it is unclear what the criteria would be for rejecting an essay.

    Because of the nature of the contributors to Treating and their influence on the future strategy of both child protection policy in Great Britain and the provision of mental health services, notably to vulnerable women, throughout the remainder of the 1990s and into the 21st century, it would be useful to trace the then-and-future careers of the essayists. Most wrote about satanic ritual abuse again, and many would become the core of True Believers in the SRA Myth within British psychotherapy and related professions, such as Dr. Joan Coleman, Professor Nigel Beail, Valerie Sinason herself and Professor Brett Kahr. These individuals continue to this day in actively promoting the SRA Myth, together with its 'bolt-on' devices - Multiple Personality Disorder/DID, Recovered memory Therapy and Mind Control.

    It is certain is that during the early-to-mid 1990s there existed a core of psychotherapists, some psychologists and psychiatrists, plus some social workers, in Great Britain, who believed passionately in the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse and the existence of malevolent child-killing witches and witches covens. It appears that the socially disadvantaged/excluded were regarded as the primary source of satanists, witches, and their victims.

    Nine of the contributors to Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse either worked, or had worked at The Tavistock Clinic, in London. The Clinic is now no more, having been incorporated into the The Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust. At-the-time-of-publication, in 1994, the Tavistock Clinic was one of two primary sites of Belief in a satanic and/or witches coven's conspiracy across Great Britain. Future management and a reappraisal of the financial, ethical and legal risks to the Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust have ensured that for the most part, True Believers are not easy-to-find amongst the staff of the Trust.

    The other site of a concentration of True Believers amongst professionals in Great Britain was Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. There, a combination of religious fundamentalist and feminist agenda's had combined to promote the SRA Myth to a wider body of skilled childcare staff across Great Britain. Once again firm management and selective early retirements ensured that these groups were relatively well-controlled, though some trace of the former obsessions of times past still resides in 2012 at the Children's Hospital, notably in the Traumatic Stress Clinic.

    From Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse we can discern that the accepted and conventional contemporary social history of the United Kingdom is but a thin veneer over a more disturbing account. Although the term witch-hunt is often over-used, unfortunately, with the evidence clearly stated in their own words, it becomes apparent that some members of Britain's mental health and child protection services were engaged in precisely that - a literal witch-hunt.

    The table below provides a listing of the essayists, their roles and positions as stated in Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse at the time-of-publication, and a brief summary of their current roles and key career highlights where known.

    As some visitors may read these copious pages in the order presented - i.e. this page and then the four subsequent sub-pages, the final section on Page 4 is dedicated to discussing the critical reaction and opinions relating both to the book and its individual essays.

    Introduction - by Valerie Sinason

    Author Name
    Chapter No & TitleE
    Role(s) on Publication
    Current or Recent roles
    Still active promoting SRA Myth? yes/no
    Valerie Sinason Chapter 1 Going through the fifth window Consultant Child Psychotherapist at the Tavistock Clinic, St Georges Hospital and the Anna Freud Centre, London Member of the Advisory Council of Norwood, a British learning disabilities charity.
    Co-founder and current President of the Institute of Psychotherapy & Disability
    Director of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies
    Honorary Consultant psychotherapist to the Cape Town Child Guidance Clinic, University of Cape Town Psychology Department.
    External Consultant Supervisor to Respond.
    Yes - extensive
    Anders Svensson Chapter 1 Going through the fifth window Clinical Psychologist in Sweden Not known and no history of a clinical psychologist called Anders Svensson in Sweden No
    Patrick Casement Chapter Two - The Wish Not to Know Psychoanalyst Retired
    Contributed Objective fact and psychological truth: some thoughts on "recovered memory" to Memory in Dispute edited by Valerie Sinason, Karnac Books, 1998
    Jane Pooley Chapter Three - Rituals The power to damage and the power to heal CQSW family therapist and senior clinical social worker at the Hemel Hempstead Child and Family Therapy and Consultation Clinic Formerly Principal Consultant at The Tavistock Consultancy Service, Director of the executive coaching training programme at TCS. Current role not known (may have retired) No
    David Wood Chapter Three - Rituals The power to damage and the power to heal MRCPsych Consultant Child and Family Psychiatrist at the Hemel Hempstead Child and Family Therapy and Consultation Clinic and member of the Institute of Group Analysis Not known, may have previously been at the Rhodes Farm Clinic in Mill Hill, London (eating disorders). May have retired. No
    Jean M. Goodwin Chapter Four - Sadistic abuse - Definition, recognition and treatment MD, MPh - Professor of Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas Practising psychiatry from Fort Crockett Boulevard, Galveston, Texas
    Member of the Editorial Board of the (ISSTD Journal of Trauma & Dissociation)
    Contributed Snow White and the seven diagnoses to Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity: Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder 2nd edition, edited by Valerie Sinason (Routledge - Informa PLC, 2010)
    Yes - extensive
    Brett Kahr Chapter Five - The historical foundations of ritual abuse - An excavation of ancient infanticide Lecturer in Psychotherapy, Regent's College, London Academic Consultant to Confer Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Psychotherapy & Mental Health at Institute of Psychotherapy & Disability
    Chair of the British Society of Couple Psychotherapists
    Chair of the Professional Association of the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships
    Ambassador to the School of Life, Holborn, London
    Director of the School of Life's psychotherapy service
    Consultant for Dynamic Change Consultants, London NW3
    Consultant and narrator for mental health issues for BBC television and BBC Radio, including being the Resident Psychotherapist for Radio 2
    Trustee of the Institute of Psychotherapy & Disability
    Contributed The psychoanalytic concept of repression: historical and empirical perspectives to Memory in Dispute edited by Valerie Sinason, Karnac Books, 1998.
    Contributed Multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia: an interview with Professor Flora Rheta Schreiber to Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity: Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder 2nd edition, edited by Valerie Sinason (Routledge - Informa PLC, 2010)
    Has appeared on TV in shows such as Esther, Trisha, ITN News, Channel 4 News and BBC 1's Breakfast
    He was the consultant psychotherapist for the first four seasons of Big Brother for Channel 4.
    He was the on-screen commentator for I.T.N for their live coverage of the funeral of Princess Diana.
    In addition he has served as Consultant Psychotherapist for BBC 1's Doctors and Channel 4's Wife Swap amongst other programs.
    Yes - extensive
    Gwen Adshead Chapter Six - Looking For Clues Prof. Lecturer in Victimology, Forensic Psychiatry Traumatic Stress Project, Institute of Psychiatry, The Maudsley Hospital
    Consultant forensic psychotherapist at Broadmoor Hospital
    Guest on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, 16 July 2010
    Formerly a panellist for the GMC Fitness to Practice Committee
    Honorary member of the Institute of Medical Ethics (2009-2011)
    Consultant to the Clinic for Professional boundaries studies
    Contributed Flying by twilight: when adults recover memories of abuse in childhood to Memory in Dispute edited by Valerie Sinason, Karnac Books, 1998
    Pamela S. Hudson Chapter Seven - The clinician's experience MSSW licensed clinical social worker and child therapist in California Believed still a resident of Mendocino, California, but may have retired No
    Catherine O'Driscoll Chapter Eight - 'Daddy eats poo' - Work with a ritually abused boy Senior Registrar in Child Psychiatry at the Tavistock Clinic and Child Guidance Clinic Consultant Psychiatrist, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, East London NHS Foundation Trust No
    Leslie Ironside Chapter Nine - Psychotherapy with a ritually abused 3-year-old Senior Child Psychotherapist in Sussex Child and adolescent psychotherapist and Director at The Centre for Emotional Development , 35 Claremont Terrace, Brighton, UK
    Contributed Serving two masters: a patient, a therapist, and an allegation of sexual abuse to Memory in Dispute edited by Valerie Sinason, Karnac Books, 1998
    Mary Kelsall Chapter Ten - Fostering a ritually abused child Foster parent Not known (no professional qualifications) No
    Arnon Bentovim Chapter Eleven - A systemic approach Consultant Child Psychiatrist, Family Therapist and Psychoanalyst at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street and the Tavistock Clinic Director and founder of the Child and Family Practice, Wimpole Street, London.
    Contributed "Children are liars aren't they?" - an exploration of denial processes in child abuse to Memory in Dispute edited by Valerie Sinason, Karnac Books, 1998
    Contributed Undoing the effects of complex trauma - creating a lifespan trauma narrative with children and young people to Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity: Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder 2nd edition, edited by Valerie Sinason (Routledge - Informa PLC, 2010)
    Yes - extensive
    Marianne Tranter Chapter Eleven - A systemic approach Social Worker and Family Therapist in the Great Ormond Street Sexual Abuse Team Now Marienne Bentovim, Director and founder of the Child and Family Practice, Wimpole Street, London No
    Kingsley Norton Chapter Twelve - In-patient psychotherapy at the Henderson Hospital Consultant Psychiatrist and Medical Director of the Henderson Hospital Clinical Personality Disorder Lead' at the Personality Disorder Service - Ealing, in the John Connolly Wing of St Bernard's Hospital Yes (believed up-to 2005 at least)
    Alan Cooklin Chapter Thirteen - The shattered picture of the family - Encountering new dimensions of human relations, of the family and of therapy Consultant in Family Psychiatry, Marlborough Family Service
    Honorary Senior Lecturer, University College London & Birbeck College London.
    Clinical Director, Children and Families Psychotherapy Directorate
    Consultant to the Family Project for Major Mental Illness for Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust
    Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London
    Previously consultant in charge Paediatric Liaison Services for UCL Hospitals
    Gill Gorell Barnes Chapter Thirteen - The shattered picture of the family - Encountering new dimensions of human relations, of the family and of therapy Senior Clinical Lecturer in Social Work, Tavistock Clinic, Honorary Senior Lecturer Birbeck College, Consultant for Training Institute of Family Therapy Still believed to be working at The Tavistock No
    Stephen Colver Chapter Fourteen - Cutting the cord - The resolution of a symbiotic relationship and the untwisting of desire Member of the Guild of Psychotherapists Captain and psychoanalytic psychotherapist in the Church Army
    Registered in 2001 as a Captain and psychoanalytic psychotherapist in Sheffield, north England
    Believed to now be retired and suffering from ME
    Phil Mollon Chapter Fifteen - the impact of evil Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist at the Lister Hospital, Stevenage In private practice.
    Contributed Terror in the consulting room - memory, trauma, and dissociation to Memory in Dispute edited by Valerie Sinason, Karnac Books, 1998
    Contributed Dark dimensions of multiple personality to to Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity: Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder 2nd edition, edited by Valerie Sinason (Routledge - Informa PLC, 2010)
    Contributed The Foreclosure of Dissociation within Psychoanalysis to Trauma, Dissociation and Multiplicity working on identity and selves edited by Valerie Sinason (Routledge/Informa PLC October 2011)
    Yes - extensive
    Anne McDonald Chapter Sixteen - A brief word Acting Clinical Services manager, Consultant Psychiatrist with special responsibility for Forensic Psychiatry and a Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist in Glasgow Previously Consultant in Forensic Psychiatry
    Non-Executive Board Member of the Risk Management Authority
    Retired October 2011
    Joan Bicknell Chapter Seventeen - Learning disability and ritualistic child abuse - Introductory issues (retired) Professor Emeritus in the Psychiatry of Learning Disability, St Georges Hospital medical School, University of London
    Patron - Institute of Psychotherapy & Disability
    still retired No
    Nigel Beail Chapter Eighteen - 'Fire, coffins and skeletons' Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Barnsley Community and Priority Services NHS Trust and Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Sheffield President of the European Association for Mental Health in Intellectual Disability
    Head of Psychological Services for NHS Barnsley
    Head of Psychological Services for People who have intellectual disabilities for Barnsley Learning Disability Services
    Professor and Clinical lecturer at the Clinical Psychology Unit, Department of Psychology at the University of Sheffield
    Trustee and former Secretary of the Institute of Psychotherapy & Disability
    Trustee of the British Institute for Learning Disabilities
    Committee Member of the British Psychological Society's Faculty for Learning Disability
    Government adviser on provision of mental health services
    Yes - extensive
    Steve Morris Chapter Nineteen - You will only hear half of it and you won't believe it' - Counselling with a woman with a mild learning disability Director of Respond (and founder)
    Also a counsellor, freelance consultant and psychotherapist in training
    Director of Forensic Therapies (formerly Counselling in Prison) charity (may no longer be trading after allegations of fraud (see Whistle-blowing model sacked for revealing £300,000 'theft' from jail charity, the Daily Mail, 17th January 2011 No
    Neil Charleson Chapter Twenty - A birthday to remember Detailed as having been assessed with a mild learning disability at the age of 4 No trace in 2011 No
    Al Corbett (may be 'Alan Corbett') Chapter Twenty - A birthday to remember (no specific current job or qualifications quoted) If "Alan Corbett" now a Trustee for the Institute of Psychotherapy & Disability and psychotherapist Yes - extensive
    Hereward Harrison Chapter Twenty-one - ChildLine, UK - How children and young people communicate their experiences by telephone Director of Counselling for ChildLine UK Psychotherapist at the Child and Family Practice Ltd, Wimpole Street London No
    Olave Snelling Chapter Twenty-two - Report on the Channel 4 Dispatches documentary on Satanic Ritual Abuse, 19 February 1992, and a helpline after the transmission of the programme TV Producer CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Council Chairman of African Enterprise No
    Sara Scott Chapter Twenty-two - Report on the Channel 4 Dispatches documentary on Satanic Ritual Abuse, 19 February 1992, and a helpline after the transmission of the programme Manager of Broadcasting Support Services (Manchester) Founder and Director of DMSS Research and Consultancy
    Consultant to the British Government, European Union and British agencies for child protection & development
    Yes - extensive
    Tim Tate Chapter Twenty-three - Press, politics and pedophilia - A practitioner's guide to the media Writer and television producer Now a television producer for his independent production company. His last documentary commissioned was Terror Tourists broadcast on BBC Two on Sunday 7 December 2003
    He was also the creator, producer and director of ITV's hit 'adult' docu-soap series, Pleasure Island, which featured extensive pre-watershed nudity on-screen.
    In 2007 he assisted Roger Cook in a 90-minute TV special entitled Roger Cook's Greatest Hits which revisited some of reporter Roger Cook's previous The Cook Report investigations. The SRA Myth episode The Devil's Work broadcast in 1988 wasn't one of those investigated.
    In 2009 the semi-autobiographical/pornography book Slave Girl was published, co-written with Sarah Forsyth
    No author or editor name given Chapter Twenty-four Questions survivors and professionals ask the police N/A N/A N/A
    Judith Trowell Chapter Twenty-five - Ritual organised abuse - Management issues Consultant Child Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst in the Tavistock Clinic Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at the Child and Family Department of the Tavistock Clinic
    Professor of Child Mental Health at the West Midlands NIMHE/CSIP
    Catherine Doran Chapter Twenty-six - A Service Manager's perspective Service Manager of Child Protection in the London Borough of Haringey, seconded as a Child Protection Consultant to the London Region of the Social Services Inspectorate Corporate Director of Children's Services for the London Borough of Harrow
    previously Assistant Director for Children, Schools and Families at Camden Council and head of Psycho-Social Services at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital
    Chris Hobbs Chapter Twenty-seven - Treating satanist abuse survivors - The Leeds experience Consultant Community Paediatrician in the Department of Community Paediatrics and Child Health, St James University Hospital and Clarendon Wing, Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds Consultant Paediatrician and Designated Doctor (Child Protection) St James University Hospital, Leeds No
    Jane Wynne Chapter Twenty-seven - Treating satanist abuse survivors - The Leeds experience Consultant Community Paediatrician in the Department of Community Paediatrics and Child Health, St James University Hospital and Clarendon Wing, Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds Deceased N/A
    Mary Sue Moore Chapter Twenty-eight - Common characteristics in the drawings of ritually abused children and adults Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. Consultant Psychologist at Boulder Mental Health Center in Boulder and the Psychology Department at the University of the Colorado in Boulder On sabbatical until July 2012 from Boulder Institute of Psychotherapy & Research as a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, educator and counsellor.
    Also in private practice
    Contributed How can we remember but be unable to recall? The complex functions of multi-modular memory to Memory in Dispute edited by Valerie Sinason, Karnac Books, 1998
    Contributed Children's Art and the Dissociative Brain to Trauma, Dissociation and Multiplicity working on identity and selves edited by Valerie Sinason (Routledge/Informa PLC October 2011)
    Yes - extensive
    Joan Coleman Chapter Twenty-nine - Satanic cult practices Associate Specialist in Psychiatry at HeathlandMental Health Services, Surrey Retired, still leading co-ordinator for RAINS.
    Contributed Dissociative disorders: recognition within psychiatry to Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity: Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder 2nd edition, edited by Valerie Sinason (Routledge - Informa PLC, 2010)
    Yes - extensive
    Ashley Conway Chapter Thirty - Trans-formations of abuse Honorary Psychologist at Charing Cross Hospital and in private practice In private practice in Harley Street, London
    Contributed Recovered memories, shooting the messenger to Memory in Dispute edited by Valerie Sinason, Karnac Books, 1998
    Su Burrell Chapter Thirty-one - A personal view of the literature Specialist Clinical Lecturer in Social Work/Child Protection int he CHildren and Families Department of the Tavistock Clinic
    Founder member of the standing Committee on Sexually Abused Children (SCOSAC)
    'established child protection trainer'
    Not known, disappeared after 1996 No
    Rob Hale Chapter Thirty-two - Internal and external reality Consultant Psychotherapist, Psychiatrist and Adult Psychoanalyst at the Tavistock Clinic Previously on the Confidentiality Working Group, Royal College of Psychiatrists
    Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
    Delivered the 2009 Nina Coltart Memorial Lecture 'Psychotherapy and Borderline Personality Disorder As a Defence Against Psychosis'
    Honorary Consultant Psychotherapist at the Portman Clinic
    Triangle Trust 1949 Fund Trustee
    No - not since 2000
    Valerie Sinason Chapter Thirty-two - Internal and external reality See Chapter One See Chapter One Yes - extensive
    Sandra L. Bloom Chapter Thirty-three - Creating sanctuary - ritual abuse and complex post-traumatic stress disorder Medical Director, The Sanctuary, Northwestern Institute of Psychiatry, Forty Washington, Pennsylvania and President, The Alliance for Creative Development Associate Professor, Department of Health Management and Policy, Drexel University School of Public Health Yes
    Sheila C. Youngson Chapter Thirty-four - Ritual abuse - The personal and professional cost for workers Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Counselling and Therapy Services (Children and Adolescents), Wakefield and Pontefract Community Health NHS Trust Senior Associate Lecturer and Deputy Clinical Director, Clinical Psychology Training Programme at the University of Leeds in North England No

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'special pleading' - a Letter to The Guardian, January 23rd 2012.
The above new section has been incorporated into the RAINS history and refers to an unfortunate blunder by the British newspaper The Guardian in January 2012.

Nicky Ali Jackson

Appended Entries

The section The promotion of Attachment Therapy in the UK on the Candace Newmaker page has details of new historic revelations on the subject, kindly provided by a UK social worker.

The entry for Myra Riddell has moved to its own page and has been further updated with new information received, both in January and early February. Next to the RAINS history, the entries for Norma Howes and Candace Newmaker, this page is the recipient of the most information received from Visitors. This page is due to be expanded further, thanks in-part to some fantastic information being provided regularly by members of the US gay community. Although never planned, the page appears to have struck a nerve and is revealing an aspect of US contemporary history not normally discussed, or even recognised widely up until recently.

Related to the Dr. Myra Riddell page, the now-on-its-dedicated-page entry for Gloria Steinem has been updated, once again due to some terrific contributions from Visitors. The new material includes details of a speech in 2009 that the Editors hadn't previously been aware-of. The page incorporates quite a lot of video clips, for those bored of the text-heavy content on this Web site.

The next 'major' update is scheduled for April 2012.

This site is an Index of the key individuals concerned with Family Justice and Child Protection over the last three decades. The data provided is predominantly concerned with English and Welsh contemporary social history, but incorporates an increasingly number of entries relevant to other nations, notably the USA.

The Index has been created and maintained to act as an initial reference guide for the public, journalists, historians and biographers, together with professionals, politicians and those whose lives have been impacted in the last 30 years and beyond through the traumas of English and Welsh child and family social policy. It should not be regarded as a primary source of data, and for that reason copious references to other data sources are made throughout.

Some visitors may discern a weighty coverage of the satanic ritual abuse 'crazy' years of the 1980s and 90s. This was never originally intended and the subject has crept-up on the Editors and subsequently been reflected in the Index, simply because of its prominence in child protection history. The 'SRA Myth' years included probably the most significant social history events in the US, UK, Canada and Australia in the last three decades, and any contemporary academic history texts for any of the respective nations that skip the subject are quite likely rendered useless. The SRA Myth, typified by the release of the West Memphis Three in 2011 continues to haunt Western societies, and will probably continue to do so until a process of truth and reconciliation is commenced.

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'special pleading' - a Letter to The Guardian, January 23rd 2012.
The above new section has been incorporated into the RAINS history and refers to an unfortunate blunder by the British newspaper The Guardian in January 2012.

Nicky Ali Jackson

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The Dramatis Personae website is hosted, administered and edited in the United States, by US citizens - though contributors from other nations are welcome. The site attempts to be informative and as accurate as possible in the presentation of any views, opinions or interpretations made.

This site is not determined to encourage denigration of individuals, though some entries, particularly discussing the SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) Myth and its aftermath do take a less-than-conciliatary approach. The site maintains a Right of Reply page. This details the sites' commitment to accuracy and an open invitation to contribute material and counter-arguments or even complete essays in opposition to the primary Index entry. Contact with the Editors can be made through the email address on each page, or the Get In Contact form.

New and appended entries for - February 2012

New Entries (to date)

'special pleading' - a Letter to The Guardian, January 23rd 2012.
The above new section has been incorporated into the RAINS history and refers to an unfortunate blunder by the British newspaper The Guardian in January 2012.

Nicky Ali Jackson

Appended Entries

The section The promotion of Attachment Therapy in the UK on the Candace Newmaker page has details of new historic revelations on the subject, kindly provided by a UK social worker.

The entry for Myra Riddell has moved to its own page and has been further updated with new information received, both in January and early February. Next to the RAINS history, the entries for Norma Howes and Candace Newmaker, this page is the recipient of the most information received from Visitors. This page is due to be expanded further, thanks in-part to some fantastic information being provided regularly by members of the US gay community. Although never planned, the page appears to have struck a nerve and is revealing an aspect of US contemporary history not normally discussed, or even recognised widely up until recently.

Related to the Dr. Myra Riddell page, the now-on-its-dedicated-page entry for Gloria Steinem has been updated, once again due to some terrific contributions from Visitors. The new material includes details of a speech in 2009 that the Editors hadn't previously been aware-of. The page incorporates quite a lot of video clips, for those bored of the text-heavy content on this Web site.

The next 'major' update is scheduled for April 2012.

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Angela Wileman - Emotional Abuse & the forced removal of the children of domestic abuse victims

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This entry discusses the subject of the use of the terms 'emotional abuse' and 'possibility of emotional abuse' in the context of the perceived punishment of women who are victims of domestic violence, by the forced removal of their children.

The subject of the treatement of victims of DV by child protection social workers is discussed in the context of both the US and England and Wales. In the UK though there is evidence that the policy is an official one.

The weight of material pertaining to this subject is such that a dedicated page has been allocated for the Entry, which is likely to expand substantially in the future.

A further Index entry on the subject of 'possible emotional abuse' can be found under Phillip K. Dick

Angela Wileman

In England and Wales a regular accusation made of the child protection profession is that it deliberately punishes women who seek protection from domestic violence perpetrated by partners, or that child professionals choose to seek the forced removal of a child or children from women who seek assistance from social services. The accusations are vehemently denied, but unfortunately there is substantial evidence that, particularly in the case of alleged domestic violence, whether it takes place or not, there appears to be a fixed tendency for some social workers to deliberately choose to try to forcibly remove children from the mother, even in cases where no harm is likely to come to the child. In such cases the term 'emotional abuse' or even 'possibility of future emotional abuse' are employed as the means to forcibly remove the child from a woman.

The case of Angela Wileman is perhaps the most extreme and well-publicised case of what appears to be institutionalised abuse of a woman by social workers in recent years in England and Wales. The scandal, and the term is accurate, because a genuine scandal took place, came to light only because proceedings were eventually dropped, and principally because Mrs. Wileman has proven herself to be a lucid and aggressive campaigner against systematic and endemic abuse of women using the 'emotional abuse' mechanism.

Sitting in the garden of her home, with toys strewn on the lawn, this English mother is still stunned that earlier this week she eventually triumphed against social workers planning to seize her son and hand him to new adoptive parents.

For two years she has played a cat-and-mouse game as the British authorities spent thousands of pounds chasing her around Europe, decrying her as a bad mother and threatening to put her in prison. An MP is now demanding an investigation into the waste of taxpayers' money by Devon social services. Safe at last: Angela Wileman with son Lucas, with whom she now lives in Ireland

Terrified of losing Lucas, Angela fled first to Spain and then Sweden. She now lives in County Wexford, Southern Ireland. The authorities in each of the countries deemed her a perfectly good mother to her son and let her keep him.

But it had been a very different story back in Britain, where Angela, 33, fell foul of a disturbing new tactic by social workers.

In the past ten years there has been a 50 per cent rise in the number of parents who, just like her, have been accused of 'emotionally harming' their children. A quarter of forced adoptions happen after social workers allege that the child has been the victim of emotional abuse - far more than instances of sexual abuse or cruelty.

Last year, 6,700 'emotionally harmed' children were placed on the protection register. There were 2,600 registrations for sexual abuse and 5,100 for physical abuse.

Parents who social workers say might shout at, or even loudly reprimand, their children in the future have been branded as potential emotional abusers and had their toddlers or newborn babies removed from them.

'Emotional harm' is the latest buzz phrase in the social workers' lexicon - one that can condemn almost any family. Yet it has no strict definition under British law.
(Source: This mother went on the run across Europe after social workers tried to snatch her son. Her crime? Letting him see her husband shout at her by Sue Reid, The Daily Mail, 16th August 2009)

The 'MP' was Rt. Hon. John Hemming MP. The temporary choice of Sweden was particularly notable as child protection social workers there employ EBP - Evidence-Based Practice and EBR - Evidence-Based Research as a methodology, whilst in England and Wales, personal opinion, established practice and sometimes political and/or religious dogma determine the decision-making process.

The scandal cost Devon County Council around £100,00 from its child protection budget, and involved a chase across Europe. The scandal drew attention to the activities of the International Child Abduction and Contact Unit in Chancery Lane, London, which was employed by the County Council to hunt down Mrs. Wileman, with a use of resource apparently not employed in cases of genuine neglect or abuse.

The abduction unit had traced Angela after she registered Lucas at a Spanish school and with a doctor.

The papers accused her of kidnapping Lucas and said that he should be sent back to England and into care. If she didn't comply, Devon social workers threatened to travel to Spain to seize him. Angela was warned that if she ever returned to Britain she would be arrested by police for child abduction.

She was also told to attend court the following Monday so the 'rights of custody and return of the child' could be enforced under European law.

Angela recalls: 'I went straight down to the police station. The officers apologised because, of course, the Spanish authorities had no concerns about me caring for my own son. Lucas could hear my conversation with the officers. He cried because he was frightened of being taken again.

'That night, back at our house, he had a nightmare. He was so scared. Why would anyone want to put a child through that when I am a strong, independent and loving mother and we were a happy single-parent family?'

Angela felt her only choice was to plan a second secret escape.

The next day she gave most of their possessions to friends and set off with five suitcases of the boys' clothes and toys. In the evening she crossed the border to France, before taking a flight to Sweden.

Once there, she sent a handwritten statement to the Spanish and English authorities stating: 'It makes no sense to fly my son with people he fears back into care with strangers. I still do not understand how my thriving son can be taken from me on the assumption that he might suffer emotional harm in the future. Dragging him into care caused him to suffer more emotional harm than anything he ever suffered at home.'

But soon Angela was penniless. She could not speak Swedish, so could not find work. And when she applied for a passport for baby Marco at the British Embassy in Stockholm the Devon social workers were soon on her trail again.

Realising that she would have to move quickly, she decided to try Ireland. So just before Christmas last year she moved on, again secretly.

Although she contacted the Irish authorities to claim child benefit, they never threatened to take Lucas or Marco away. 'In fact, they have done everything to keep us together,' she says.

But the British abduction unit and social services tracked her yet again because of the benefits claim.
(Source : This mother went on the run across Europe after social workers tried to snatch her son. Her crime? Letting him see her husband shout at her by Sue Reid, The Daily Mail, 16th August 2009)

As in Sweden and Spain, Irish authorities use EBR/EBP and have little time for English and Welsh 'wacko' theories of child protection. After assessing Mrs. Wileman and her son, the Irish court rejected any suggestion of Luke being at risk. Devon County Council finally dropped the case, but Mrs. Wileman has no trust in the Devon authorities and has chosen to remain in Eire.

Even after a year, the scandal was being referenced in other articles centering on concerns about the use of the 'emotional abuse' and the even more vague 'possibility of emotional abuse' monikers. Camilla Cavendish investigated how abuse of women by social workers is provoking them to flee Great Britain.

Unless courts drop the concept of ‘emotional abuse’ more mothers will be tempted to flee with their children

With the Government letting thugs out of prison because it can’t afford to keep them there, it was surprising to see a woman jailed for nine months last week for taking her seven-year-old son to Canada. “Abduction” conjures up an image of kidnap, not protection.

This woman feared that her son would be taken into care and then placed with his father who, he claimed, had hurt him. She told me last week that she had fled because she believed that her son was “in imminent danger. I was in despair. I didn’t know how to protect him.”

The woman had approached social services when the boy made allegations of a vaguely sexual nature about his dad, and said that he no longer wanted overnight contact visits with him. A psychologist decided that she had coached her son to lie, and was therefore causing him emotional harm, and that the boy should go into care. He has now been in care for 15 months. His mother is in prison. Even if the father is innocent, the “interests of the child”, that ubiquitous pretext, have been ill-served.

This case is part of a pattern. When Angela Wileman asked Devon County Council to help her alcoholic husband, social workers accused her of emotionally harming her son by letting him witness her husband’s violence. The boy was placed with foster parents, to be adopted. Ms Wileman fled with him to Spain, Sweden and then the Republic of Ireland, pursued at each stage by the Abduction Child and Contact Unit. In each country the authorities found her to be a good mother.

Devon has now withdrawn its case, which means she is free to speak out. Most are silenced. I am still not allowed to name a man who helped his wife and stepson to flee abroad three years ago. The boy packed his bag and, of his own accord, climbed out of a window at the foster home that he had repeatedly run away from. He was in care because of a catalogue of errors — which I cannot legally describe in any detail — after the mother had extricated herself from a violent marriage. The stepfather was jailed for 16 months for what many in his village saw as heroism, not abduction.

One campaigning MP knows of at least 15 other families on the run. One couple left the country soon after I watched an expert witness change her mind in court about a personality disorder that was said to afflict the mother. The expert changed her diagnosis to a different disorder which might, she thought, lead the mother to harm her child emotionally in the future. It was a staggering moment for me. But the court did not blink. The child remained in care.

You can believe, in each case, that the parents are evil or deeply flawed. The lack of information to which we are legally entitled means that this may be true. Or you can wonder whether the serious charge of abduction is being stretched awfully thin by a system that seeks to punish the victims of its own failures.

Common to all these cases is the belief that the children are at risk of “emotional harm”. Last year more children were placed on the at-risk register for emotional harm than for sexual abuse or physical abuse. Yet the term is nebulous. Spain does not recognise it at all. Ireland does, but only in extreme cases. Unlike the British authorities, those countries do not think that having had the misfortune to live with an alcoholic made Ms Wileman an unfit mother. The mother jailed last week told me how terrible it was that she could neither prove nor disprove the allegation that she had coached her son to lie.

Emotional abuse is not clear cut. There are no bruises, scars or cigarette burns. There does not even have to be evidence of neglect, such as lack of hygiene, nutrition or schooling. So cases hinge heavily on expert witness evidence about the mental state of the carers. Courts ask psychologists and psychiatrists to make fine judgments about relationships. Some simply do not spend enough time with the parties to justify the courts treating their subjective opinions as hard evidence. While many judges are assiduous readers of reports, the bald fact is that courts rarely refuse applications for care orders: only 20 were refused in 2008, out of more than 7,000.

There is concern within the profession. In a recent article for Family Law Week, a clinical psychologist at the Maudsley Hospital, London, wrote that he and his colleagues “frequently see cases in which there have already been conducted expert reports of extremely variable quality”. He suggested that “the mismatch in expectations between solicitors and clinicians” makes clinicians “feel under pressure to go beyond their usual service”. A senior psychiatrist expert witness recently told me that good judgments can be made only by examining patterns of behaviour over a long period, not by a one-time snapshot of a family. Yet the latter is what happens.
(Source: We can’t just trust experts on the risk to a child - by Camilla Cavendish - The Times 10th November 2010 - note The Times Web Site is a subscription-based facility should you wish to search and view the entire article)

The Sunday Telegraphs public affairs columnist has also identified that 'emotional abuse' as being an issue that appears to waste extraordinary resources in child protection departments, whilst concentrating resources on those that don't need intervention;

The central difficulty is that those involved in child protection literally do not know what they are supposed to be doing. Working Together, the document that is supposed to define their role, says their primary task is to “safeguard and promote the welfare of children”. The trouble is, nowhere in that 250-page document, or in the thousands of pages of material that elaborate it, is the notion of “the welfare of children” defined in a way that can guide the behaviour of social services officials in a clear and intelligible fashion.

This becomes glaringly obvious in relation to cases of “emotional abuse and neglect”. What is emotional abuse and neglect, and how can it be recognised? That critical question is not answered anywhere. The definition of what has become one of the most common reasons for taking children away from their parents is left to the judgment of individual psychologists and social workers. It means that the notion has become more or less arbitrary, dependent on whim rather than evidence.

Social workers lament that they are overworked and do not have the resources to investigate all the cases that they should. And it’s true: they don’t. But the situation is made much worse by the lack of any clear criteria for distinguishing those families which should be investigated. Result? Social workers spend far too much of their time investigating families they believe are guilty of “emotional abuse and neglect” — and it contributes significantly to their widespread propensity to miss cases, such as Baby P’s, where the abuse is real, and terrible.
(Source: Sharon Shoesmith is right about one thing... by Alasdair Palmer, Daily Telegraph 18th September 2010)

Although the Angela Wileman case is not specifically referenced, there is evidence that Devon Council Council Safeguarding Children Board has recognised that it's policies were need of review and change, and that its child protection provision was fundamentally flawed. The Board, chaired by Alan J. Wooderson, with representatives from various contributing agencies, including Helen Hyland (Designated Nurse Child Protection) Charles Holme (Designated Doctor Child Protection Devon) & Chris Dimmelow (Head of Safeguarding) received a report at it's board meeting of March 2009 (see Minutes of Devon Safeguarding Children Board.)

Mrs. Wileman has, as mentioned earlier, proven to be an adept and capable campaigner against the abuse of women and children by social workers through the use of the 'emotional abuse' mechanism. These are typified by her request for data about the subject with a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to Devon County Council in late September 2009;

Dear Sir or Madam,

Under the freedom of information act I would like to know numerical statistics during the period of 1998 to 2008 for the following;

1) How many children were taken into local authority care on interim care orders and emergency protection orders under the category of emotional harm during the above period? I do not wish you to include any children for any other categories of harm/abuse.

2) Out of these children who were taken into care for emotional harm how many of them were specifically for domestic violence between their parents? Again I do not wish you to include children who had violence directed at them as that would fall into a different category being physical abuse.

3) Out of these children who were put into care for domestic violence how many were returned to family or extended family ?

4) Out of these how many children were put on full care orders?

5) Of the children put on full care orders how many were adopted during these periods.

Yours faithfully,

Angela Wileman
(Source: Number of children taken into care for emotional harm as a result of domestic violence - FOI request to Devon County Council by Angela Wileman)

As it is Devon County Council, responded in late October 2009, saying that it does not keep specific records on the use of the ""emotional harm" category. The only Children in Need (CIN) category recorded is the generic "abuse or neglect" category. This is general problem in England and Wales, and doesn't appear to reflect the reality that emotional abuse and the 'possibility' version of the undefined term is now one of the primary causes for children to be forcibly removed from women, dwarfing even physical and sexual abuse, and bested only by 'neglect'. An example of the popularity of the term is visible in the statistics of Kingston (London) Safeguarding Children Board for 2008, who provide a superb example of a publictly-available and professionally-produced report of the activities of it's associated child protection teams, raising the question as why all SCB's can't produce the same for national statistics collation;

Kingston stats

(Source: From Child Protection Information for LSCB Meeting on 26/2/09. Information from 01/04/08 to 31/12/08. Kingston SCB Note: Statistics are specific to Kingston only and may not reflect national trends, and should not be construed as such).

Angela Wileman's unwillingness to be seen as a woman who simply accepted abuse, either from a violent husband or social services, was typified by her willingness to talk openly about the issues. Amongst the many forms of media she employed was YouTube, for a radio interview;

(Part Two of the same interview)

The issue of women abused by social workers seemingly desiring to punish them for either seeking to gain help or for the misguided application of 'emotional abuse' with respect to children in DV households (even if the DV is simply shouting matches, with no physical violence) isn't new. The controversy was long ago raised in the State of New York, where the tendency to remove children from women in cases of alleged DV got to such epidemic proportions that the State had to enact legislation to stop social workers removing children from women who were victim, with such enthusiasm. The Adoption and Safe Families Act had been a first attempt to address the issue, becoming law in November 1999 required;

1) courts must consider the presence of domestic violence in the home when determining if the need to place a child would be eliminated by an order of protection removing the abuser from the home, and 2) requires the Office of Children and Family Services to study the extent to which domestic violence victims have their children removed as a result of the abuser's conduct.

Conforms New York state law to the federal Adoption and Safe Families Act
(Source Legislative Summaries by Year 1999 New York State Domestic Violence and Related Laws)

But even in 2004, although New York State had improved, the tendency to automatically punish women victims of domestic violence by removing their children from them forcefully was in full swing in New York city. The Nicholson vs. Scoppetta private class action against New York City Administration for Children's Service (ACS) in October 2004, revealed that this was indeed a policy of the department;

The New York City Administration for Children's Service (ACS) was alleged to have had a policy dictating that children be removed from mothers who were victims of domestic violence. Federal District Court Judge Jack Weinstein characterised this claimed policy as a "pitiless double abuse": These women were forced to suffer the battering, first, and the loss of their children, second.

In a federal lawsuit brought on behalf of a class of mothers and their children, Judge Weinstein granted a preliminary injunction to stop the practice. He did so in part because he ruled there was a likelihood that constitutional violations would be proven at a trial on the merits.


Nearly five years ago, Sharwline Nicholson brought a federal lawsuit on behalf of herself and her two children under Section 1983 -- a federal statute that provides a private right of action for, among other things, violations of federal constitutional rights.

Nicholson's suit was later consolidated with others, and eventually certified as a class action. The class consisted of mothers and their children who were separated because the children were deemed neglected by virtue of their exposure to their mothers' being battered. The children in these cases had not themselves been battered, nor did they appear in danger of becoming abused. And in each case, ACS had done an "emergency" removal without any prior court authorisation.

The class action lawsuit revolved around the allegation that ACS, as a policy, removed children in this situation because the mothers, as victims, were alleged to have "engaged in domestic violence."

The federal district court found that ACS had routinely removed children from mothers who had engaged in no violence themselves and, worse still, it had failed to ensure that the victim-mother had access to necessary social services.

Other findings the court made included that the agency had failed to return children when ordered by a court; that it had provided inadequate training for case managers; that it had failed to consider alternatives short of removal that might have been less harmful to the children; and that it had been unable to reform the system in a timely fashion. One caseworker had testified that it was common for the agency to wait a few days after removal before going to court because "after a few days of the children being in foster care, the mother will usually agree to ACS's conditions for their return without the matter even going to court."

On these findings, the District Court found likely violations of constitutional rights. These rights were rooted in principles of substantive and procedural due process, as well as in the Fourth Amendment's protections against unreasonable search and seizure.
(Source: A New York High Court Decision on Domestic Violence: Can a Parent Be Guilty of Neglect Simply Because She Is Victimised in the Presence of Her Children? By Joanna Grossman, FindLaw, 28th December 2004)

In a rare intervention, some feminist groups in the US have campaigned for legislation to bring to a stop the tendency to remove children in cases of domestic violence. To some degree the activities have been successful, but the issue still causes enormous difficulty, partly because some child protection social workers are influenced by personal beliefs and discrimination. For instance some may object to a woman claiming that her husband or partner has assaulted her - because religious beliefs are such that the case worker believes that men should automatically have this right. Some feminist social workers determine to punish a woman for having engaged in a relationship with a violent partner, it being seen as perpetuating the 'patriarchal' society. In either case the forcible removal of the child from the mother is deemed appropriate, without necessarily resource to a court order. In addition some case workers may determine the fact that DV has occurred in any case to be good enough cause to forcibly remove a child.

CPS and Domestic Violence
When CPS workers get involved with children who have witnessed domestic violence, their main concern is the interests of the children. Critics have charged that CPS further penalises battered women by taking away their children when their partners have abused the children. Stephanie Walton, who tracks domestic violence for the National Conference of State Legislatures, observed that experts on domestic violence and child welfare like Jeffrey L. Edleson have noted that "fragmented treatment systems" stand in the way of solving the problems of domestic violence and co-occurring child maltreatment ("When Violence Hits Home," State Legislatures, vol. 29, issue 6, June 2003). Walton added that child welfare workers and domestic violence agencies work against each other, with the former blaming the mother for exposing the child to her partner's violence and the latter protecting the mother from prosecution for failure to protect her child.

According to Thomas D. Morton, president and chief executive officer of Child Welfare Institute, child welfare agencies need to hold the batterers accountable for their actions (Failure to Protect? Child Welfare Institute, Duluth, GA, February 2002). Morton noted that some CPS caseworkers may equate a mother's victimisation to her inability to protect her child, consequently removing the child from the home. CPS and/or state legislatures should clarify certain CPS practices, including what course of action to take when a non-related caregiver in a household is the child abuser. The author asked whether or not CPS should pursue family preservation (keeping the family together) if the abuser is not legally related to the child. He also raised such questions as to whether CPS may require the biological parent to end a relationship with the nonbiological caretaker as a requirement for keeping the child in the family.
(Source: Reporting Child Abuse - Cps System Under Siege - Children, Welfare, Substance, Foster, Parents, and Services, Library Index, - author unknown)

In the UK, notably England and Wales, the situation is far far worse than in the US. As detailed in the Angela Wileman scandal, the widespread use of the term 'emotional abuse' and the even vague 'possibility of emotional abuse' has resulted in a virtual clear run for social workers who wish to remove a child or children from a woman who has been a victim of domestic abuse. And that abuse can be very mild; nothing more than a shouting match with a partner on a Sunday morning, or it can be the genuine violence - the attacker barred from the home, or the victim fleeing with their children. Under the guise of protecting a child from being emotionally abused by witnessing mum and dad having a row, sufficient justification can be found to have a secret court forcibly place the child or children for adoption.

This failure to respond correctly to the needs of both victims of domestic violence and their children, on both sides of the Atlantic is, to the credit of many, one that various agencies are attempting to correct. The Family Justice Council, Home Office and the Ministry of Justice in England and Wales have persevered to ensure that advice is provided both for victims and to professionals in how to correctly deal with domestic violence cases. DV Courts have been enabled to try to ensure that the needs for safety are addressed, whilst ensuring that effective plans for reconciliation, mediation and even therapy and training for the abuser and victims are available.

The problem is, such initiatives are fighting a wave of training and indoctrination into the use of the 'emotional abuse' term by social workers. In the US, there is every evidence that academia and feminist groups have responded to the realisation that past obsessions with removing children at every opportunity, were doing nothing more than abusing the children themselves, and double-punishing the (invariably) woman. Unfortunately though, feminist groups in particular had lobbied for the 'moral panic' obsessions with child abuse to the degree it has now gripped the US, UK and many other Western countries. Rather than protecting children, many of the resultant policies are injuring women. In England and Wales the situation is even worse, as there are no recognised individuals who would identify themselves as either being feminist or working on behalf of women who have any substantisl interest in the subject. Indeed the former Labour Government Minister for Women, Harriett Harman appears to have contributed to what appears to now be an official policy to abuse victims of domestic viollence. This will be discussed later.

Reforms are also exposing latent tensions between the needs of two seemingly aligned groups - victims of domestic violence and their children and their respective advocates. All too often, female victims of domestic violence are aware, or perhaps more accurately, they should be aware of physical or sexual abuse of minor children. Not surprisingly, abused women who bring their assailants to the attention of the police are frequently subject to criminal claims that they have "failed to protect" their children. Many have had their children removed from their custody for such reasons or have been prosecuted. In some cases, the "failure to protect" charges appear to be a thinly veiled attempt by prosecutors to retain leverage over the victim, in effect coercing her to support criminal charges against her attacker (D. Epstein, 1999).

One recent commentator noted that in New York State, the legal system has become a source of implicit danger to battered mothers rather than a source of assistance. This came from a recent trend to hold mothers strictly accountable for their actions of their spouse towards their children (e.g., it was common for mothers filing for a civil protective order to face a criminal charge of child neglect for " exposing their children to domestic violence": Lemon, 2000). In other words, even if the child had not been victimised, the mere exposure of violence towards the mother allegedly constituted a crime committed by the mother.
(Source: Pages 203 and 204 of Domestic violence: the criminal response by Eva Schlesinger Buzawa and Carl Buzawa - 2003)

Additional policies, including 'no-drop' provisions, ensure that women are less likely to approach the authorities if they are the victims of domestic violence, and those that do are unlikely to get a good response.

As mentioned, the situation in the UK is far worse, not least because the policy of removing children form women who were victims of domestic violence was enacted as official policy, at a time when the Working Together to Safeguard Children documentation was already formulating child protection policies that would see the mechanism of false allegations of MSBP built-into official guidance (see Dr. Lisa Blakemore-Brown, Bruno Bettelheim). In mid-2002, under pressure from the NSPCC, and backed by then Solicitor General Rt. Hon. Harriett Harman MP, the policy became enshrined into amendments in the Adoption and Children Bill, ensuring that the policy became an official one for the Government, and a key plank in Labour Party policy towards women for the remainder of their time in office;

Children who witness domestic violence could be taken into care under new powers for local authorities.

Courts will also take into consideration whether domestic violence has taken place when granting access orders to separated parents.

There is a greater risk of child abuse in homes where domestic violence happens, but campaign groups like the NSPCC argue that just witnessing it can significantly harm children.
The new moves are covered in amendments to the Adoption and Children Bill, which is currently going through Parliament.
Ninety per cent of incidents of domestic violence take place when the child is in the same or next room, according to research cited by the NSPCC.
The charity says children who grow up in homes where domestic violence takes place are themselves at greater risk of abuse.
Other research suggests that one in three children protection cases shows a history of domestic violence for the mother.

In a report published in May, the NSPCC said 8 out of 10 young people who had suffered serious physical abuse had also experienced domestic violence.
For nearly half of these, the domestic violence was constant or frequent.

"Domestic violence often follows a pattern where the male partner seeks to control every aspect of the life of the mother and children, including their thinking and freedom of expression," the report says.

Harriet Harman: Wants changes to domestic violence laws
"The violence is unpredictable, with mothers and children often treading on egg-shells because they cannot tell what will provoke new violence.
"As a result children often live in a climate of fear and uncertainty, which terrorises children even if they are not directly assaulted.
"Mothers' and children's fears for each other are exploited and used as weapons to control both."

Under the proposed changes to the Bill, local authorities will be able to use domestic violence as a reason to inquire into a child's welfare. The legal definition of what causes a child "significant harm" will be changed to include the suffering experienced by witnessing domestic violence.

When a child is at risk of "significant harm", intervention by local authorities will be compulsory.

"We have to get these kids away from this quickly," said an NSPCC spokeswoman.
(Source: Children 'to be taken' from violent homes, BBC News web site, 5th July 2002)

Even worse, in signing-up to the creed expressed in the Working Together... guidance, notably that of mandatory reporting, under the Common Assessment Framework, other groups, notably Women's Aid have engaged in the abuse of women and children themselves. In her essay, Charity Matters solicitor and senior lecturer in law at Sheffield Hallam University Finola May discusses the pressure for charities, like Women's Aid, to become quasi-government departments, enacting government policy, even to the detriment of the women and children they claim to protect from the impact of domestic violence;

Women’s Aid has recently increased its campaigning and educating activities in support of the government’s initiative to end domestic violence. It joined forces with the NSPCC to produce a powerful political force to extend the definition of “harm” in the Children’s Act 1989 to now include “impairment suffered from seeing or hearing the ill-treatment of another”.

As a consequence “harm”, for the purposes of satisfying the threshold criteria in care proceedings, is statutorily diluted to “ill-treatment”, which can include such nebulous concepts as witnessing the “emotional or financial abuse of another”.

So where does this leave a parent suffering from domestic violence?

Once Women’s Aid was independent of the state and the NSPCC, helping physically abused women by providing temporary and then permanent accommodation away from a violent partner, now it is a campaigning and educating charity that wishes to increase its role in society by promoting the existence of the emotional abuse of children by domestic violence.

The number of women being accommodated in Women’s Aid refuges appears to have fallen in recent years, yet the number of children taken into care, based on present or future emotional abuse, due to domestic violence, has increased to 30% of all care applications.

Women’s Aid now assesses such abuse under the Common Assessment Framework, having become government and public educators in all aspects of domestic violence.

Fifteen years ago it was unlikely that a social worker would have been able to gain access to a Women’s Aid refuge, such was the residents and charity’s fear of care proceedings. Rather than helping the vulnerable, this change in the law and Women’s Aid’s charitable role could result in women not reporting domestic violence, nor fleeing to a refuge, for fear of losing their children.
(Source: Charity Matters, by Finola May, New Law Journal, 8th January 2010)

Thus it becomes difficult to identify who to blame for the current situation in England and Wales. Ultimately social workers, some of whom are employing the mechanism of 'emotional abuse' to abuse women, appear to be following a policy determined by the Labour Party, supported by a number of sources, including the NSPCC. Unable to find evidence for 'significant harm' it appears that 'emotional abuse' will suffice. The reasons for the policy can only be speculated-at; a simple extension of the 'moral panic' about child abuse may well suffice to explain it, and thanks to the entrieties of the NSPCC (who had encouraged the SRA Myth of the late 80s and early 1990s) it may simply be a case of over-enthusiasm. However the lack of enthusiasm is challenging the policy may be explained as being indicative that many, particularly in the feminist movement in England and Wales, actually agree with it. Certainly that are few other ways to explain Women's Aid engagement with the punishment of victims of DV.

The scandal of how women are treated should they suffer from violent partners provides evidence that in effect the abuse of women by the secret courts has become officially sanctioned and institutionalised.

A discussion about the use of 'possible emotional abuse' can be found under the entry for Phillip K. Dick

Angela Wileman is now a forthright campaigner for reform of child protection procedures and policies and the secret courts in England and Wales. Her Angelawileman's Blog discusses not just her case, but also the other similar cases that come to attention. It also incorporates numerous photographs from her race across Europe. She has also indicated that she is writing a book.

(See also Bob Geldof (Robert), Fran Lyon, Eileen Munro (Prof.), Tim Loughton (MP))
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Beatrix Campbell (OBE) & the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth - Part 1

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Please note this entry, examining the career of the British journalist, campaigner and activist Bea Campbell OBE, was originally located in the Surnames C Index page. It's length, thanks to the enormous amount of submitted material to the Site, has required it to be moved to its own section, and it is now split across three pages, only the first of which is shown in the menu.

This entry is also a placeholder to discuss the nature of the SRA Myth and the apparent collusion of feminists and religious fundamentalists during the 'Myth years of the late 1980s and 1990s, to recent times. This isn't the only dedicated page devoted to Ms. Campbell and the subject of SRA - see also Sample of Beatrix Campbell's Writings about Satanic Ritual Abuse

Another extended Index entry, concerned with the history of the RAINS - Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support organisation in England and Wales can be found under Dr. Sandra Buck. This provides more detail about the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth allegations that were made in England and Wales from 1987 to the early 1990's, and in 2003 in Scotland.

This is 'living' Index entry, and is often updated by a number of individuals as new data is received and added.

Beatrix (Bea) Campbell (Mary Lorrimer, OBE - Order of the British Empire)

Section headings


Prominent feminist, campaigner and columnist, born in Carlisle, North West England. Ms. Campbell is probably most famously known for her involvement in the Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) Myth of the late 1980's and early 1990's - often referred-to as a modern 'moral panic.' In contemporary history 'moral panics' have encompassed subjects as diverse as public concerns about 'Mods and Rockers', US troops and airmen based in England during the Second World War, the influence of West Indian immigrants on British society in the 1950's and the Prohibition Movement in the US during the 1920's. The history of moral panics though extends far back through time - the most notable of which was the perceived prevalence of witches in Europe, including England, Scotland and the then American Colonies, including New England, from the 1300's to the 1690's, typified by the Salem Massachusetts witch trials, and those in Lowestoft, eastern England. The nature of the modern moral panic known as the 'SRA Myth' is described in this entry.

This entry also discusses the impact and influence the SRA Myth has had on the British Left and its enduring impact on the progressive and liberal elite. The last known SRA Myth scandal in the British Isles was the Island of Lewis scandal of 2003, though this had been preceded by a substantial gap going back to the early 1990's.

Ms. Campbell has published numerous articles on the subjects of family law and child protection scandals in England and Wales, notably for The Guardian newspaper. She has also played an active part in a number of the scandals that have been inflicted on the English and Welsh child protection professions in the last three decades. She has also contributed unwittingly to the debate over impartiality in modern journalism.

Since 1987 she has written in support of RAD (Reflex Anal Dilation) testing in Cleveland (the 1987 Cleveland Scandal), when an medical instrument is introduced to the rectum of a child to determine if he or she has been sexually abused, and in support of Dr. David Southall and the theory of Munchausens Syndrome By Proxy (MSBP) routinely condemned as being a legacy from 17th century witchcraft allegations against women.

In 1988 Ms. Campbell wrote the article Child sexual abuse and the pro-family State in Britain published in Radical America Vol 21:4 that detailed her long-standing belief that the family is an institution primarily conceived for the mass abuse of children. Her 1988 book Unofficial Secrets: Child Sexual Abuse - The Cleveland Case details her 'take' on the Cleveland RAD Scandal, and contrasts heavily with local Labour MP Stuart Bells account of the same events detailed in When Salem Came to the Boro, The True Story of the Cleveland Child Abuse Crisis (also 1988). The 1987 Cleveland Scandal is regarded by many observers as being the 'tipping' moment at which child protection in England and Wales diverted from the normal standards of professionalism seen elsewhere in Europe, and at that time, even in the US. The Cleveland Scandal though incorporated no elements of religious fundamentalism. Following the Cleveland Scandal, allegations of mass child abuse in England and Wales would originate from rhetoric derived from right-wing religious fundamentalists.

This thirteen page article by Beatrix Campbell...concerns mostly the Cleveland Mass Lift case. Beatrix begins by insisting that the paediatricians and social workers were 'right' despite the findings of the Butler Sloss enquiry and then moves on to posit what appears to be a convoluted political ideology of endemic sexual abuse linked to male-dominated, right-wing family structures which are protected by the police and the judiciary at the expense of the victims, the children.
(Source: http://www.saff.ukhq.co.uk/bcamp.htm)

Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth advocacy

Ms. Campbell's conviction that Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) was rife throughout England and Wales saw her write numerous articles on the subject for newspapers and magazines, most notably for the now-defunct Marxism Today and New Statesman. Her perceived persona as a militant lesbian Marxist radical feminist can cause some confusion when it clashes with her seeming promotion of right-wing Christian fundamentalist "anti Satanist" misogynist campaigns. During the SRA Myth years, the moral craze of the SRA Myth had gripped many editors, leading to formerly left-wing and liberal publications being willing to publish in support of a movement derived from religious fanaticism.

This seeming dualism was highlighted in 1999 when Ms. Campbell and her partner Judith (Dawson) Jones tried to publish their book Stolen Voices - The People and Politics Behind the Campaign to Discredit Childhood Testimony which concerned an alleged conspiracy against those who espoused "recovered memory" therapy. RMT was another obsession driven initially by fundamentalist Christian therapists and psychologists who pushed the theory to justify the concept that satanic abuse was rife. In the shadow of numerous threatened libel writs the book was withdrawn by publishers a day before publication, was pulped and is no longer available.

Even though this therapy has been debunked and recovered memory therapists have been sued for damages inflicted through this kind of therapy, Epstein warns that "according to the director of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, recovered memory therapy is still being practiced." And, indeed, it is! Christian counsellors continue to use various forms of inner healing, recovered memory therapy, and what is called "Theophostic Prayer Ministry," which is a form of regressive therapy in which people experience their recreated past in the misguided hope of psychological-spiritual healing.
(Source: Psychology's misguided ideas - PyschoHeresies Ministries, 2005)

A British court decision about the use of recovered memory therapy can be found here.

Although she has vehemently denied being influenced by Christian Fundamentalism, Ms. Campbell was, and is still largely associated with the language and rhetoric of religious fanaticism from the 1980's and 1990's. Even in modern times, she has declined to discuss the subject of her belief in the SRA Myth and RMT at any length, and remains thus attached to the SRA Myth to the point that a Google search 'Bea Campbell SRA' will return more results with her name than with any other subject associated with her. Her history of association with religious fundamentalism was emphasised by her appearance on television with such militants as former fundamentalist Social Services Director Andrew Croall and her working closely in-hand with Fundamentalist Christian social worker Christine Johnson/Johnstone

It must have slipped Campbell's mind that she sat next to Andy Croall, the former director of Social Services at Nottingham on the TV program After Dark, which discussed the 'prevalence' of Satanic Ritual Abuse and during which Croall made his infamous statement about abortion being a form of ritual abuse. Croall made his Christian fundamentalist world-view clear to all viewers.
(Source: Sample of Beatrix Campbell's Writings about Satanic Ritual Abuse)

Mr. Croall never made any effort to hide his allegiance to fundamentalist views;

The three-day meeting at a Christian centre in Swanwick, a Derbyshire village, has been organised by Christians In Caring Professions (CICP), a group of evangelical Christians who believe in the devil. A confidential letter advising members about the conference, Light After Dark, lays down an entry requirement that delegates should `demonstrate their current involvement in this area (of satanic ritual abuse)'. It is described as an `area of ministry'.

`As you are no doubt aware, the number of reported cases of satanic ritual abuse is on the increase. This kind of abuse is evil in the extreme and, as Christians, we want to be equipped to bring God's healing to those who have been damaged in this way,' it says.

The letter was sent on behalf of Andy Croall, the CICP's general secretary and the former deputy director of Nottingham social services, scene of one of the first satanic abuse inquiries involving 23 children in 1988. He was suspended in 1991 after a televised comment that abortion was the biggest form of child abuse.
(Source: Evangelists plot to keep alive myth of satanic child abuse by Liz Lightfoot, the Sunday Times, 5th June 1994)

Croall's comments about abortion though revealed too much about his beliefs, and he was suspended from his post. Although support by fundamentalist groups he received no support from his professional colleagues, and thus left to join a christian roadshow organisation.

In a bizarre answer to a question in a public debate about whether religion has a role to play in the future of 'progressive' politics, made years after the SRA Myth 'crazy' times, Ms. Campbell OBE makes it even more difficult to understand how she had backed the cause of religious fundamentalists, when later she determines religion has no such role to play in progressiveness. This even though she has probably contributed more to the merger of progressive politics with religious fundamentalism more than any other individual in British history;

In their five minute speeches, not one of them talked about what role religions would play in that progressive future so my hand shot up as soon as the chair, Guardian journalist John Harris, opened the debate to the floor.

Only Beatrix got to answer my question - and that was only because John pushed her. Sadly, her perspective was downbeat and, for the large part, dated. "Religion is about patriarchal domination," she said. "I have great unease about organised religions playing a role in the future."
(Source: Does religion have a role to play in the progressive future? (2008 eb forum submission by 'Willow').

The Broxtowe SRA Myth Scandal

Broxtowe, a village near the city of Nottingham, England, was the location of the first major SRA scandal in the UK. During a joint investigation of multi-generational incest in a family, involving police and social workers working together, the social work team involved, named Team 4, became obsessed with the idea that they were dealing with a case of satanic ritual abuse. The police detectives though remained skeptical, to the point that the relationship between police and social work teams broke down. Prosecutions against the adults for the incest allegations were though successfully pursued, resulting in court convictions.

The Broxtowe Scandal was notable not just for being the first SRA Myth false allegation instance to be seen on British shores; it also established the 'template' against which other SRA Myth allegations in the UK would be made against - notably the families that attracted a false allegation on being satanists were almost always poor or socially deprived and lived in poor housing conditions. The allegations also incorporated a 'fantastic' element, requiring the SRA Myth advocates to believe in magic, or paranormal powers, or the influence of Satan himself.

Ms. Campbell OBE took an active part in promoting the allegations, as well as writing about the events. She was present with social workers involved in the case, before events before the relationship between the police officers and social workers jointly working on the initial investigation fall apart. The entry for Margaret Jervis details the Broxtowe Scandal in detail, and also provides a summary of the subsequent JET enquiry report, that attempted to identify how things had gone awry and what lessons could be learned from the case. Although Ms. Campbell OBE denies that the social worker Team 4 was fundamentalist, it didn't stop her working closely with the Christian Fundamentalist leader of the team, Christine Johnson, as ascertained in an interview (with a solicitor present) with one of the "witches" discovered by the discredited Channel 4 Dispatches documentary;

JOURNALIST: Do you remember the interview with Bea Campbell? The one that was filmed for the Channel 4 program?

JEAN: Yes.

JOURNALIST: So, are you a witch?

JEAN: No. I’ve never been into ought like that.

JOURNALIST: Then why did you tell Bea Campbell that you were?

JEAN: She came to see me at work. She had Chris Johnstone the social worker in tow. I was really angry about it. I’d only just got the job and the last thing I needed were social workers turning up and asking to speak to me. I told them I didn’t want to be in their program.

JOURNALIST: What happened then?

JEAN: Chris Johnstone said that if I didn’t do the interview and say that I’d been a witch, I’d never see me kids again. I was trying to get them out of care at the time. So I agreed to do it. I just thought I’d get me kids back.

JOURNALIST: So then you did the interview?

JEAN: First Bea Campbell took me to a bank and cashed a cheque and gave me £150.

JOURNALIST: If you lied for Bea Campbell, why should we believe what you are saying now?

JEAN: Because now I know the truth. Chris [Johnstone] lied to me about getting me kids back. I was never going to get me kids back. And I were never a witch.
(Source: Broxtowe| Media & The Myth)

Christian Fundamentalism and the SRA Myth

The Christian Fundamentalist obsession with satanic ritual abuse had begun in the late 1960's, expanding into the 1970s and early 1980s with the development of the 'charismatic' church sects. The insistence that Satan himself was walking the Earth, and was being encouraged to present himself in rituals involving the wholesale ritualistic sexual abuse of children, was enhanced from the late 1960s through sensationalist literature, often pornographic, and from modern media, typified by adaptation of Ira Levin's bestselling novel Rosemary's Baby(1967) into a movie directed by Roman Polanski, in which an innocent wife is impregnated after being raped by Satan in a ritual. The obsession grew in intensity during the 1980's when literature from christian fundamentalists in the US was exported to fundamentalist groups in the UK. The US itself had experienced a spasm of moral panic, through it's own SRA Myth, with the adoption of beliefs that Vast Conspiracies of satanists were organised across the nation, sexually abusing children on a huge scale.

A feature of most SRA Myth allegations, notably in the US and later in the UK, is that they incorporate an element of the fantastic, magical, or paranormal. The SRA Myth was partly driven by the Believe The Children movement of the late 1980s and early '90s, requiring SRA Myth advocates to believe absolutely everything and anything a child said. Accordingly SRA Myth 'evidence' ensured that it's adult advocates believed, or felt compelled to say they did, statements that satanists possessed access to spacecraft, jet aircraft, hot-air balloons, teleportation devices, civil engineering equipment not yet invented, the means to resurrect the dead, to inflict terrible injuries without causing death, trauma, or even the victim noticing, to command animals like intelligent sharks and lions, and to be instantaneously in two or more places at once. In the second decade of the twenty-first century such beliefs attract ridicule, but during the 'crazy years' advocates for the 'myth, including numerous academics and newspaper and journal editors, were willing to adopt them.

For the right-wing Christian Fundamentalist lobby, there was no doubt that the satanists and witches covens were world-wide;

After I led Harry, the former high priest of Satanism, to Christ, I began to learn from talking with him more about the extent and organisation of Satanism. He told me that he was not a priest in a local coven, but a member of the council of 50 in a worldwide coven. He shared with me that the organisational structure in Satanism corresponds to the four-level hierarchy of demonic rule under Satan mentioned in Ephesians 6:12. “Rulers” is linked to the royal court of Satanism. There are seven major covens in the world which are presented on the royal court. “Powers” corresponds to host-level priests, and “world forces” to legion-level priests. “Spiritual forces” identifies the circle covens or local covens.

The Satanist organisation is massive and extremely secretive. When you hear of satanic priests or rituals, you are hearing only about activities at the level of the circle coven. However, you need not concern yourself too much with what you see or hear, since the Satanist activity which you read about in the newspapers or which is recorded in most police reports is usually the activity of mere dabblers. It’s what you don’t see that is pulling the strings and arranging events in Satanism. I have counselled enough victims of Satanism to know that there are breeders (producing children expressly for sacrifice or for development into leaders) and infiltrators committed to infiltrating and disrupting Christian ministry.

To illustrate how human and spiritual forces of wickedness work together, ask any group of committed Christians this question: “How many of you have been awakened for no apparent reason at 3:00 A.M.?”...Satanists meet from 12:00 to 3:00 A.M., and part of their ritual is to summon and send demons. Three in the morning is the prime time for demon activity, and if you have awakened at that time it may be that you have been targeted. I have been targeted by demons numerous times.
(Source: The Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson (1990))

The beginnings of collusion between religious fundamentalists & feminism

In the late 1980's the obsessions of right-wing Christian Fundamentalists and previously thought-of-as-Marxist feminism collided gently together. Feminists, since the 1970s had been pursuing their own moral crusade against pornography. In the 1980s the focus changed to the theory that incest - most often between paedophile fathers, and their daughters, was rife within the family. The Cleveland Scandal of 1987, after a few previous false starts, became the focus of such obsessions. The Scandal, in the North East of England, saw professionals - paediatricians, social workers and other medical staff convinced that over a hundred children were being systematically sodomised by their fathers and other males. Extrapolating the number of children who were being taken-into-care (112 in total from just one town) across the nation would have suggested that a sizeable minority of children throughout the United Kingdom were being buggered, exclusively in a family environment, and by males, but with none of the children disclosing it, no-one admitting to it, no mothers or female parents finding out and subsequently killing or seriously injuring their spouses, and no child being taken to hospital suffering from internal injuries as a result. Even without the influence of the religious fundamentalist lobby, the Cleveland RAD Scandal required advocates for the RAD diagnosis to believe in a conspiracy of stupendous proportions.

The Cleveland Scandal depended utterly on a single, controversial theory that by examining a child's anus - with a medical instrument, either by 'brushing' the child's anus or by inserting an object into it - often by force, a paediatrician who believed in the theory could determine by way of the response, whilst observing the rectum, if the child had been buggered in the past. A 'feature' of the The Cleveland Scandal was that, in the case of young girls, it was being postulated by the two paediatricians who promoted the diagnosis, that vaginal rape was of no interest to the fathers and male carers, who preferred instead to anally rape their daughters. The Cleveland Scandal, perhaps predictably, ended with no adults convicted, and a public hearing that mildly criticised the activities of the 'RAD'-obsessed paediatricians (see Dr. Marietta Higgs). £1 million was paid to the community in compensation, with children mentally scarred by the experience of being forcibly removed from their families for a non-existent offence. On occasions, having been sent to foster care, the doctors obsessed with the belief in RAD, continued to visit the children in care, examined them, and determined the foster family, notably the males present, were also continuing the anal rapes, seeking them arrested too.

In December 2008 in a Guardian article, Ms. Campbell reiterated her conviction in the RAD theory, even when she wrote at odds with conventional thought itself published earlier in the same newspaper. She repeated the fact that Dame Butler-Sloss did not conclude that the RAD theory was invalid. Her article also introduced the concept of a huge government conspiracy to explain the failure to secure convictions, a mechanism that even today is routinely used by conspiracy theorists of the Left and Right;

Suggest early intervention and people respond: "But we don't want another Cleveland!" What do they mean? The Guardian said this week that wrong diagnosis was the cause of Britain's biggest child abuse controversy in 1987, in Cleveland.

The Guardian is wrong. The official Butler-Sloss inquiry report into the crisis said there was no reason to doubt the diagnosis. A report signed off by the current chief medical officer of health, Sir Liam Donaldson, reckoned that there was a higher than average rate of diagnostic accuracy by the Cleveland doctors. That report was dropped into drawer at the Department of Health and was never allowed to enlighten us. Official policy is to not know.
(Source: The shame we will not name by Beatrix Campbell, The Guardian 6th December 2008)

The idea that fathers and other males were and are repeatedly and routinely buggering their children did indeed drop into a pond. If Ms. Campbell's OBE's words are to be believed then a sizeable number of children in the UK have been abused in this fashion and continue to be. Indeed it can be assumed that of the hundreds of women sitting as MP's in Parliament at present, a sizeable minority of them were so abused (as the paediatricians examined principally young girls) by their father. To date though they don't appear to have yet quite got around to saying so. As well as MP's, we have to believe that many business women, female journalists, Ms. Campbell OBE's fellow campaigners, and indeed a sizeable minority of all women have been so abused, but once again, haven't as yet reported it.

RAD pretty much died a death after Cleveland. It continued to be practised in Leeds and the West Yorkshire county of England, by its "inventor" Dr. Christopher Hobbs, apparently with the knowledge of various politicians (and it can be presumed Dame Butler-Sloss). During the 1980's numerous criminal convictions were secured throughout West Yorkshire in England, employing RAD. Since Cleveland though no criminal convictions are known to have transpired from its use, and it appears RAD has been relegated to use in the secret Family Courts, where experts are not subjected to peer review, and where medical concepts that would be unable to survive in the wider world of peer review, are able to persist.

Whilst Cleveland was a distinct failure for the obsessional child protection lobby, the next year saw the dual obsessions of the religious fundamentalist minority, sure in their conviction than Satan was abroad, and witches again posed a threat to the moral rectitude of the nation, married up with the obsession amongst the feminist community that incest was rife in British families. The two causes - both having been imported from the US, gently collided, and became one. Ms. Campbell OBE once again became a key advocate for this new conspiracy theory.

A snapshot of the British feminist lobby at the very cusp of its willing collusion with religous fundamentalism, just as the Cleveland RAD Scandal was taking place can be found at the end of the entry for Catherine Itzin (Prof.)

The collusion between religious fanatics and feminists - two groups who would otherwise be expected to be at each others throats - such is the perception of their hatred of one another, came together in 1987-1988 in the UK, and from 1983 in the US. Such a combination required a mechanism for 'linking' - key individuals who could interpret the rhetoric of the right-wing Christian Fundamentalists, and rework it into a form that might appeal to secularists, including people who would willingly describe themselves as liberal or 'left-wing'. Bea Campbell OBE is widely recognised as one such - though not the only one - person, who performed that role.

In recent years, interest in the SRA Myth, and Ms. Campbell OBE's contribution in advocating it has expanded hugely. The increased popularity of the World Wide Web has made it difficult for Ms. Campbell OBE to avoid adverse attention, as can be seen in the Comments section of the URL's for articles published online during recent years in The Guardian newspaper. This had led to a perceived policy of censoring reader responses to her articles by The Guardian web moderators - thus making a mockery of the newspapers concept of "Comment Is Free" and its former reputation as a bastion of liberal radical thought. Many of the censored entries apparently linked her involvement in former scandals and her (perhaps unintended) connections with Christian Fundamentalism. Knowledge of her involvement in the Nottingham Satanic Ritual Abuse Scandal, and her continued support for RAD and other child protection investigation scandals of the last few decades is widely known and easily found through a Google search. There is even, as mentioned at the header of this entry, an internet resource dedicated to the analysis of her pro-SRA articles at Sample of Beatrix Campbell's Writings about Satanic Abuse

There is though no doubting Ms. Campbell OBE's importance in the debate over child protection and family justice in England and Wales over the last few decades. Through her activities and writings, she has contributed, probably quite unintentionally, to the minority view increasingly prevalent in certain sections of society that all women are intrinsically mad, and often the source of "pure evil", and the perception that the State has every right to remove children from mothers, even through force, using theories that are at the wrong end of scientific or moral certainty.

The theory of "pure evil", a key element in both the Cleveland Scandal and the SRA Myth, can trace its heritage too to Christian Fundamentalism. It is a sobering thought that mothers have for many centuries been victims of religious persecution, not least because the bond between a mother and child has traditionally mystified and enraged religious authorities. That very same bond appears to mystify and enrage many feminists, unable to comprehend the bond and emotion between child and woman that they openly detest and regard an obscenity.

The SRA Myth revealed middle-class discrimination against the socially disadvantaged still existed amongst the left-wing and radical elite in the UK. Perhaps not surprisingly it was white, working class families who bore the brunt of the regime of false allegations that the 'Myth years produced. From 1988 to around 1992, eighty-five allegations of the SRA Myth were pursued by social services departments in England and Wales, with or without police involvement. Not a single one resulted in convictions that retained a 'ritual abuse' element in the evidence.

Prof. Jean La Fontaine commissioned to report on the SRA Myth for the then-Conservative government (her report was submitted in 1994) wrote of the relative ease with which an allegation of child abuse can be magnified into the realms of fundamentalist conviction;

People are reluctant to accept that parents, even those classed as social failures, will harm their own children, and even invite others to do so, but involvement with the devil explains it. The notion that unknown, powerful leaders control the cult revives an old myth of dangerous strangers. Demonising the marginal poor and linking them to unknown satanists turns intractable cases of abuse into manifestations of evil
(Source Extent and Nature of Organised Ritual Abuse - by Prof. Jean La Fontaine)

Although ostensibly regarded as an outrageous misogynist (male hater), Ms. Campbell OBE's peculiar combination of radical feminist thought entwined with theories associated with right-wing Christian Fundamentalism to some degree reflect the manner in which the Left Wing and liberal elite in the UK have changed markedly in recent years. Indeed it is often difficult to determine who Ms. Campbell hates more - males or mothers. Invariably it is women who are subjected to her most intense vitriol, invariably mixed-in with a middle-class-driven contempt for those in poverty.

As a self-appointed "moral" voice of the former British Left, Ms. Campbell OBE unwittingly points the way to it's potential for a fundamentalist future. In the US this is manifested itself in the manner that conservative politicians and commentators are finding that they have to take the lead and stand on social issues, in areas of concern that the traditional Left normally dominated and excelled-in. Ms. Campbell OBE's ability to tip-toe between the seemingly intractable pillars of Marxist radical feminism and the Christian Fundamentalist passion for determining evil is perhaps her greatest achievement, and she has crossed those lines so regularly that it seems the border guards on either side take no notice of her. Although she makes no mention of her religion (if she has one) it has to be guessed that she is from a Protestant background, simply because the origins of the SRA Myth stemmed from militant Protestant elements in the US - though she generally writes in support of Republican causes.

An example of her facility for tip-towing between the two opposing pillars of thought, and for employing the language of one in the meaning of the other was demonstrated in her Marxism Today November 1990 article. Ms. Campbell OBE initially determined that fathers were the chief abusers of children and families nothing more than havens for such abuse (a familiar accusation from feminists, who also routinely accuse women with children of being psychotic).

Feminist politics has always linked the empowerment of women with the empowerment of children. But there's a flakey, nay rather fundamentalist feminism around, which has found it as hard as everyone else else to cope with the latest discoveries about the oppression of children. To defend the discovery that the biggest single category of child abuser is the child's father within the family, they and others deny the significance of new evidence which locates child abuse not only within the family but without.
(Source - Page 20 by Beatrix Campbell - Marxism Today (November 1990))

Ms. Campbell OBE's reference to "fundamentalism" was unfortunate at the time - this directed against skeptical feminists and others who weren't entirely willing to believe everything they were being told about non-existent satanic ritual abuse. Throughout the remainder of the Marxism Today article, and indeed in The Guardian and The New Statesman articles of those heady times she submitted, Ms. Campbell made repeated reference to the Broxtowe scandal, in which she had taken a distinct behind-the-scenes part, together with former Baptist minister-in-training and child abuse expert Ray Wyre. During the investigation and in the subsequent report from reports, the following "evidence" of satanic abuse was alleged;

  1. babies being cut out of the tummies of the female members of the family
  2. babies being taken from next door and from across the road and having their heads bashed on the floor babies being thrown on the bonfire
  3. a naughty policeman killing babies
  4. the family having dead babies hung around their necks
  5. a monster getting our babies
  6. babies being stabbed in a balloon and cooked in the oven
  7. a lady and little girl being shot, chopped up and put in the river in a bin (or variant - buried by the river)
  8. Jesus being chopped up and eaten off a silver pad
  9. a swimming pool with crocodiles, sharks and dragon that kill the children
  10. a member of the family putting on a cloak and flying, the children being turned into frogs by the witches
(Source: from the Wikipedia entry for Beatrix Campbell OBE)

All this went beyond the image of Satanic rituals promoted by fundamentalists on the 'run-up' to the SRA Myth. Now monsters and dragons dominated the tales of satanism being presented by social workers as 'evidence' - driven by the stated desire to believe every single thing that children spoke or wrote of, on the grounds that they never lied, never embellished, never imagined. In the US, the McMartin pre-school scandal (see Wikipedia McMartin trial summary) had commenced in 1983, and ran all the way to 1990. The case, which saw lurid allegations of organised ritualised abuse of young children, had also established the template that US allegations the SRA Myth would follow; incredible allegations of gross offences, none with any physical or forensic evidence, involving fantastic events and happenings that required a belief in magic, the paranormal or satanic.

In the US, feminists and other groups willingly combined and colluded with right-wing fundamentalists, plunging the US into a moral panic that impacted on thousands, scared millions, and saw US society and justice provision forever damaged.

(R)ritual abuse, however, throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s ritual abuse was one of the few issues in which premillenial fundamentalist Christians could not only find common ground with feminists who were normally their mortal enemies, but also cooperate on a day to day basis.
(Source: Interrelated Moral Panics and Counter-panics: The Cult Brainwashing Panic and The False Memory/Ritual Abuse Moral Panic by Martin H. Katchen published in Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-First Century (2008) - page 216);

After six years of trials no convictions were achieved in the McMartin case - but by then the SRA Myth had expanded into use across the States, and had jumped across the Atlantic, driven by fundamentalist advocates, to the UK. Through training seminars and conferences, UK Christian Fundamentalists were trained in the discourse of the SRA Myth, which simply enhanced obsessions they themselves had harboured since the 1960's; that Satan was abroad in England and Wales. From the fundamentalist community, as in the US, first the feminist lobby and then professions such as psychiatrists and psychologists, and even some police, judiciary and politicians, joined the 'true believer' cabal. These people, initially numbering in the dozens attended training courses and seminars run by religious fundamentalists. In 1988 it was simply the case of waiting for when the first SRA Myth allegation in England or Wales would be made;

The notion of ritual abuse had surfaced in the United States in the aftermath of the McMartin school case of 1983, and which recurred in a number of other celebrated cases over the next two years, as in Jordan, Minnesota and Bakersfield, California. In essence, it was charged that organised groups of Satanists held ceremonies in which children played a major role. Children were raped and sodomised by large numbers of participants, both male and female, and some infants were mutilated or sacrificed (Jenkins and Maier-Katkin 1992; Hicks 1991). Sacrificial rituals might involve the drinking of a victim's blood or the eating of his flesh. Other rites involved the consumption of urine or faeces. The emphasis on defiling children was said to reflect the view that the most innocent victim was the most satisfying sacrifice to the Lord of Evil. One variant of the story held that women belonging to the cults acted as "breeders" or (the British term), "brood mares", who bred children specifically to be murdered.
(Source: The Devil Rides In - by Phillip Jenkins)

Now in the second decade of the 21st Century, such beliefs seem astounding, quoted surely from the 17th century. But in the late 1980's, indeed all the way through the 1990's, such beliefs were often the norm, including the fantastic tales of rocket-ships and hot-air balloons mentioned earlier, shared equally between religious fundamentalists and feminists. Some subtle differences existed; in the religious fanatics vision of SRA, Satan himself would appear - indeed in the fictional book Michelle Remembers (1980) by psychiatrist Dr. Lawrence Pazder, a book recognised to be a chief driving inspiration for many SRA advocates, readers are treated to poetry from Satan himself.

In the secular version of the 'Myth, sourced from the output produced by the religious fundamentalist community, references to Satan's personal appearance were removed, so are invariably quotes from the Bible. 'Recollections' of witches flying overhead, dragons, monsters, magic and paranormal powers though invariably remained, often to explain the somewhat glaring lack of any physical or forensic evidence.

The collusion intensifies

An interesting exercise whilst analysing the SRA "moral panic" scandal of the late 1980's and early 1990's is trying to discern who was "leading" it. Fundamentalist Christians had a part in indoctrinating secular professionals, but in the case of feminists, not much indoctrination seemed to be required. The Fundamentalist Christian literature of the time echoed much of what feminists were pushing out into the mainstream media, or was it the other way around? This, from Christian writers who were SRA skeptics, and highlighted the intense allegations being made at the time, from two years after Ms. Campbell's Marxism Today article;

A young teenage girl, impregnated during a Satanic ritual, is forcibly delivered of her nearly term baby, forced to ritually kill the child and then to cannibalise its heart as cult members watch. Another girl, a small child, is sealed inside the cavity of a disemboweled animal and "re-birthed" by her cultic captors during a ceremony. A preschool class is systematically sexually, emotionally and physically abused by part of a nationwide, nearly invincible network of Satanic pedophiles and pornographers. A young girl is thrown into an electrified cage with wolves and ritually tortured to deliberately produce a "wolf personality", part of her multiple personality disorder (MPD)
(Source: Bob Passantino Gretchen Passantino "Satanic Ritual Abuse in Popular Christian Literature, Why Christians Fall for a Lie Searching for the Truth" - Journal of Psychology & Theology 20, no 3 (1992))

The stanza above carries many references to terms used in modern child protection social work; "emotional abuse" (not then yet in widespread use, but hugely popular now) and Multiple Personality Disorder still hugely popular now and often employed today in child protection cases. Experts in English and Welsh secret courts have determined that MPD is caused by childhood sexual abuse (notably SRA) but, as its advocates will fight over, it can also be caused, such believers will testify, by alien abduction, or from experiments caused by the CIA/Jewish groups in the past.

The reference to the preschool class had echoes of the McMartin preschool scandal in California from 1983 England had its equivalent of the McMartin scandal, in the form of the Shieldfield Scandal that ruined the lives and careers of Dawn Reed and Christopher Lillie, and during which Ms. Campbell OBE's partner, Judith (Dawson) Jones had once again played a significant part in (though Ms. Campbell OBE neglected to mention this in her articles at the time or since).

Another "feature" of the collusion between feminism and religious fundamentalism referred to an obsession with Freemasonry, as in this extract when Ms. Campbell OBE displayed her willingness to use the same language as that of the fundamentalists;

If grown men are capable of dressing up in pinnies and sharing secret signs with each other in masonic lodges up and down the country, what is so hard about contemplating the prospect of grown men dressing up in daft costumes to invert the meanings of the dominant faith; organising rituals to penetrate any orifice available in troops of little children; to cut open rabbits, or cats, or people, and drink their blood; to shit on silver trays and make the children eat it?"
(Source: From page 21 Marxism Today - November 1990 Seen But Not Heard - by Bea Campbell)

A similar obsession citing Masonry as being the very core of SRA can be found on the contemporary fundamentalist/New World Order web site "The 7th Fire";

"Neil" This testimony by a SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) survivor should give us reason for concern about the possibility of a connection between Freemasonry and Satanic ritual abuse. What is even more compelling is the fact that this testimony is not unique. All over the United States victims are disclosing that Satanic ritual abuse is being perpetrated by Freemasons and that this type of abuse is taking place on Masonic properties.

There is now a rapidly growing awareness among therapists and Christian counter-cult ministries that high percentages of their victims have a connection with Freemasonry.

A Christian minister has worked with about 100 SRA MPD victims and reports that 90% of his victims claim that they were abused by Masonic perpetrators and that over 50% of the actual abuse took place on Masonic properties.

A practicing psychotherapist gives the following report:

I am a psychotherapist in private practice and treat mainly survivors of Satanic cult abuse. About half of the clients I treat report that their fathers were Masons. About half of the others report that a very close friend of the family's was a Mason. They recall going to parties and gatherings at the homes of Masons.

For some time now our ministry has been involved with warning the church about the cancerous anti-Christian menace of Freemasonry. We have also been compiling a record of statements from therapists and of victims like Neil who have testified to a direct connection between FREEMASONRY and SRA (SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE). These testimonies are becoming too numerous to ignore and the study of the Masonic connection in SRA could open up new areas of understanding and prevention.
(Source: the7thfire)

Explanations for the collusion

Which group drove the SRA Myth onwards is probably now impossible to unravel. It has to said though that the two groups weren't the only ones engaged in the process; 'expert' paediatricians and psychiatrists, police officers and newspaper editors also became obsessed with the Myth, whether possessing religious fundamentalist beliefs or not. But only feminism remained true to the alliance; as other groups dropped off, realising they had been duped by a huge moral panic completely devoid of any verifiable evidence whatsoever.

Sociologist Jeffrey S. Victor (Ph.D) studied the "moral panic" of the SRA Myth in detail, writing the bestselling and award-winning book Satanic Panic: The Creation of a Contemporary Legend (1992.) In his later paper "Moral panics and the social construction of deviant behaviour: a theory and application to the case of ritual child abuse." (published in Sociological Perspectives in the Fall edition 1998) he detailed how the two seemingly divergent groups - feminists and religious fundamentalists, managed to cross-pollinate and disseminate ideas between themselves, referencing D. McAdam and D. Rucht's seminal political science tract The cross-national diffusion of movement ideas;

A study of cross-national cultural diffusion between social movements by McAdam and Rucht (1993) offers useful theoretical principles for understanding the cultural diffusion of collective behaviour. McAdam and Rucht's study is particularly important, because moral panics are spread by social movements, at least in part. In the case of SRA accusations, Christian fundamentalist and feminist social movements played a central role. McAdam and Rucht emphasise that the transmission of new ideas from one society to another is more likely, the more similar the culture, social organisation and social roles in the recipient society. Particularly important for the transmission of new ideas between social movements are similarities in language, ideologies and the occupations of activists. Secondly, McAdam and Rucht suggest that there must exist social networks of contact and channels of communication between people playing similar institutional roles in the sending and recipient societies. More specifically, there must first be to be direct, interpersonal contacts. These direct contacts activate selective attention to indirect channels of communication, such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, books, and professional journals.

A contrast with a culture where claims about satanic cult crime have not taken root is useful. In France, SRA accusations being made in American society and nearby England are regarded with ridicule, if they are known at all. Journalists and popular writers are often quite critical of the foibles of American culture and often resistant to what they consider to be cultural fads coming from America. In France, only 17% of the population believe in the existence of the Devil compared with 65% in the U.S., according to opinion polls (Gallup 1982:98). Fundamentalist Protestantism has no political significance. French feminism, which centers its demonology upon a critique of the capitalist elite and socioeconomic injustice, is ideologically quite different from Anglo-American feminism. It is likely that cross-national, personal contacts between people in the same occupations, such as medical doctors, psychotherapists and police, are relatively uncommon, due in part to language and cultural differences.
That difference - in the nature of say French feminism compared to Anglo-American feminism seemingly protected French women and their counterparts in other European countries (with the exception of the Netherlands) from the obsessions that saw British and American feminists fall so easily into the maw of religious fundamentalism. In addition, the narrowing of definition of people regarded by feminists as being 'good' saw evil in society being defined as not just men and male influence, but also women with children, women in relationships with males - indeed anyone who wasn't (and isn't) a true feminist (see Mary Davey).

Collusion between disparate groupings isn't unusual. During the 1970's and '80's the Northern Ireland Troubles saw Protestant paramilitary gangs colluding with the RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) in activities that saw the deaths of suspected Republicans. The collusion between right-wing Christian Fundamentalists and Left-Wing radical feminists (who claimed to be Marxists) didn't see anyone die during the SRA Myth period in the UK, and seeing as no babies or children had actually been sacrificed and/or eaten, there really weren't any deaths in the process at all. In the US, one father, accused of being a child-killing satanist (though with no evidence, no prosecution was attempted) was shot to death in his own backyard.

The collusion of feminist and religious fundamentalist is harder to explain than the temporary alliances made in Northern Ireland, where both sides involved were invariably of the same religious allegiance. Feminists, as mentioned before, could be rightly expected to be at the fundamentalists throats in all regards, any collusion nothing less than impossible. But collusion, substantial documented collusion, did occur, and continues to this day in one form or another. Phillip Jenkins, author of the seminal work on moral panics in Great Britain Intimate Enemies: Moral Panics in Contemporary Great Britain (Social Problems and Social Issues) (1992) discusses some possible explanations;

But the skeptics were to be in a minority over the next few controversial months, and a number of feminists supported the reality of the charges. They did so for a variety of reasons, but above all because of the sacrosanct tenet that children's evidence must be believed. In addition, failure to defend these charges would cast doubt on a generation of assertions about child sexual abuse in general. Without this, the movement would (lose) an effective rhetorical weapon against the unsavoury and dangerous patriarchal nuclear family. Radical feminists therefore formed an unlikely common front with the Charismatics and Evangelicals with whom they disagreed on so many other aspects of social policy.
(Source: From Intimate Enemies: Moral Panics in Contemporary Great Britain (Social Problems and Social Issues) by Phillip Jenkins (1992))

In the US, collusion between right-wing religious fundamentalists and feminists was equally apparent. In veteran journalist Alexander Cockburn's j'accuse article Katha's Silence published in CounterPunch magazine (which he edits) in October 1999, Cockburn takes issue with feminist The Nation journalist Katha Pollitt, and the perceived failure of herself, and feminists as a body corporate to address the collusion between themselves and fundamentalists, and questions how feminists could bring themselves to identify with satan-hunters and the very people who opposed all they stood for;

Katha, these were the years when a column by you in The Nation could have been enormously influential. Why? You know the answer perfectly well, though even today you cannot really bring yourself to admit it. In the coalition powering the satanic abuse persecutions feminists constituted a powerful component, most conspicuously in the form of Gloria Steinem and Ms. magazine. How did feminism, a movement that grew out of the radical passions of the l960s, navigate itself into this demonic alliance? Charges of perverse abuse of children seemed an inviting line of attack in the larger onslaught on patriarchy, sexual violence and harassment. Social workers and therapists--many of them feminists -- became the investigators and effective prosecutors.

Since you had belittled her work, Katha, perhaps you didn't bother, back in l995, to read Debbie Nathan and Michael Snedeker's definitive book Satan's Silence: Ritual Abuse and the Making of a Modern American Witch Hunt. You would have found some very acute analysis of feminism's crucial involvement in the hysteria, plus some well merited condemnation. "It is difficult to explain to justifiably indignant and frightened people that feminist theory and practice are not monolithic, and that many women's advocates abhor that part of the movement that demonises masculinity, forges alliances with the anti-feminist right, and communicates such profound fear and loathing of sexuality that -- as the ritual abuse cases demonstrate -- it is even willing to cast women as demons... It is ...obvious that the anti-pornographers and victimologists are feminism's main contributors to the ritual-abuse panic. Catharine MacKinnon, for instance, has publicly proclaimed her belief in the existence of widespread ritual sex abuse. So have Gloria Steinem and countless psychotherapists, social workers, doctors, lawyers, and writers who call themselves feminists. Indeed, during the past decade, belief in ritual abuse has become so ensconced in this wing of feminism that the arrest, trial by ordeal, and lifelong incarceration of accused women have occasioned hardly a blink from its proponents. They have remained silent as convicted mothers and teachers are sent to prison."
Quoting Debbie Nathan, who with Michael Snedeker, wrote a key book about the moral panic that gripped the US in the 1980s and '90s Satan's Silence: Ritual Abuse and the Making of a Modern American Witch Hunt (1995) Cockburn continued his stilleto-like attack;

"In the early 1990s, someone with Pollitt's progressive-feminist stature and steady national venue could have helped feminists and leftists claim a critical stance on this issue rather than yielding it to the right, who embraced it mainly because they don't like public child care, because they think children are parents' private property, and because they saw a very easy way to discredit feminism (a theoretical and political contributor to the hysteria). Pollitt could definitely have influenced MS. magazine and Gloria Steinem. She might also have saved some children and their caretakers -- many of them public school and childcare workers -- from hard time in bad therapy and behind bars."
(Source: Both quotes from Katha's Silence by Alexander Cockburn, published in CounterPoint, October 26th, 1999)

To Ms. Pollitt's credit, she would write on the subject of the SRA Myth moral panic regularly throughout the early years of the 21st century. Though too late to have had an influence on the actual events themselves, she has nonetheless strived to correct many of the continuing lengthy injustices that were spawned from those years, typified by her February 2002 article for The Nation Justice, Not So Swift. Yet she missed the boat, and had been in a position in the 1980s and 1990s to prevent or at least challenge the injustices and the return to the 'Salem' years.

Other American feminist or lesbian icons engaged with the far-right religious fundamentalists during the SRA Myth years, notably Myra Riddell.

Eight years before Cockburn's article was published, the academic Jeffrey S. Victor (Ph.D) previously mentioned, had also tried to make some sense of the collusion between feminists and religious fundamentalists, pointing-out that the two groups had combined together in the past on 'moral' issues;

The Role of Ideological Preconceptions
In the face of frightening claims about secret satanic cult conspiracies and allegations of ritual abuse, many people simply fall back on their ideological preconceptions and habitual modes of thinking. This is why religious fundamentalists and feminists have been drawn together into a moral crusade against ritual abuse. This unlikely alliance has occurred in the past, in the moral crusade against "white slavery" and in the Prohibition campaign.

Fundamentalists come from an ideological tradition which affirms the existence of secret conspiracies of evil doers, who do Satan's work. Therefore, they are receptive to claims about secret cults, which sexually abuse children in evil rituals designed to "brainwash" these children into the pursuit of evil.

Feminists, on their part, are very much aware of the past hidden victimisation of women and children, as was commonplace in cases of rape, incest and wife beating. They are receptive to claims that children are being victimised in secretive ways, and that their painful testimony is being discredited once again by people who are insensitive to the ways in which women and children have been so often victimised (Nathan, 1991).
(Source: The Satanic Cult Scare and Allegations of Ritual Child Abuse, by Jeffrey S. Victor, published in volume 3 (1991) of the IPT Journal)

Other feminists questioned how on earth the feminist lobby had come to collude with religious fanatics, and, with evidence to justify such collusion hopelessly lacking, had nonetheless entered into the collusion with such enthusiasm. The fundamentalists to a degree can be understood and forgiven; they had simply pursued the obsessions with demonology that they had done so for centuries. Feminists though have no such excuse, and with the collusion continuing even today, remain unable to justify their stance. Janice Haaken, in her tome that investigated the perils of memory and the perception that feminists sometimes have to 'over-egg' issues to get them recognised, was one who was unable to reconcile the collusion of US feminists and religious fundamentalists ;

A number of historians have described the recurring emergence of satanic conspiracies, which appear particularly during periods of social stress, and their deep roots in Christian demonology. Dominant or insider groups often accuse the outsider group of heretical practises that threaten the destruction of cherished societal values. When a dominant group is threatened by a competing worldview, such as those that beset the church during the late medieval period, accusations of demonic practises may reinvigorate institutional authority and revitalise the commitment and loyalty of followers.

While it is not difficult to grasp the function of demonology in such contexts, there has been little attention in the literature to the varying and complex political uses of such subversion legends. In the contemporary historical context, the SRA legend finds a ready receptivity in conservative Christian groups, with their preoccupation with the Prince of Darkness, defence of majoritarian religious values, and the advancement of right-wing politics. Accounts of ritual abuse survivors became standard fare on Christian talk shows in the 1980s, circulated through the expanding cable network channels. These tales of sexual perversion merged as the Christian pornography of the 1980s, riveting audiences with descriptions of moral degradation.

'Less understandable is the receptivity to SRA accounts that flourished in grassroots feminist organisations during this same period. In crisis clinics throughout the country, materials began to circulate on ritual abuse, including elaborate glossaries, checklists of signs and symptoms, and intervention strategies. By 1990, ritual abuse was a standard part of staff training in many feminist crisis facilities throughout the United States. Initially distributed by the Los Angeles County Commission for Women through its task force on ritual abuse, these materials elicited no discernible critical response or skepticism among feminist practitioners. Given the large percentage of suspected female perpetrators of SRA, particularly day-care workers, and the number of feminist "witchcraft" practices implicated in ritual abuse cases, the enthusiastic participation of feminist organisations in circulating news of the "epidemic"is startling."
(Source: From: Pillar of Salt: Gender, Memory, and the Perils of Looking Back by Janice Haaken (2000) page 239, 2000)

Just how close the events of SRA Myth 'crazy years' paralleled the Witchcraft Trials of the 13-17th centuries is discussed elsewhere in this entry. The analogies are so clear that it becomes harder and harder, in particular for many scholars and genuine feminists, to understand how on earth feminists in the 1980s and 1990s in many Western, predominantly white and English-speaking countries, threw their lot in with religious fundamentalists, in a widespread collusion of ideas and actions that persists even today. Although feminist history incorporates periods when it was closely associated with both Fascism in the US and Western Europe, and even National Socialism - Nazism, since at least the early 1970s it was and has been routinely identified as a predominantly Marxist-influenced movement.

As Shermer (1997) has pointed out, the recent concern about satanic ritual abuse is a modern version of the medieval witch crazies. In such crazes, the intermeshing of psychological and social conditions become coupled with a feedback loop that feeds on peope's fears and drives legends and rumour panics in such a way that they come to have a life of their own. Although a variety of commonalities between historical witch crazes and modern SRA accusations have been noted in the literature, some of the most salient similarities include 1) the prevelence of allegations of sex or sexual abuse; 2) mere accusations become equated with factual guilt; 3) the denial of guilt is seen as proof of guilt; 4) single claims of victimization lead to an outbreak of similar claims; and 5) as the accused begin to fight back, the pendulum begins to swing the other way as the accusers sometimes become the accused, and the falsity of the accusations is demonstrated by skeptics (Shermer 1997).
(Source: The Social and Cultural Context of Satanic Ritual Abuse Allegations, by Susan P. Robbins, IPT Journal, volume 10, 1998)

With the colluson between feminism and religious fundamentalism laid bare for all to see, some feminists have desperately attempted to shift the blame for the SRA Myth years and the consequential RMT (Recovered Memory Therapy) scandals that scythed through a generation of American, Canadian, British and Australian middle-class white women in the 1990s. American feminist 'icon' Professor Diana E. H. Russell has taken a less-than-subtle approach, trying to absolve feminism of its responsibility and guilt, by simply blaming 'the therapists'.

Goldstein and Farmer (1993) are two false memory advocates who believe that “aspects of the radical feminist movement” have contributed to the development of “a milieu in which false memories can flourish,” although these authors fail to explain what aspects they are referring to (p. 7). My analysis of the major culpability for the development of false memories is very different from theirs. While these authors blame feminists, I share Armstrong's view that the major liability lies with therapists.
(Source: from the introduction to The Secret Trauma: Incest In The Lives Of Girls and Women, 2nd edition (1999) by Diana E. H Russell)

Unfortunately the amount of evidence facing the feminist community and its full-frontal engagement in the process of promoting the SRA Myth and RMT movement is compelling. The collusion between feminism and extreme far-right religious fundamentalism is well-documented, not helped by the willingness of the fundametalists themselves to repeatedly reference it. The continuing collusion, even into the second decade of the 21st century remains less intense, but equally inexplicable. One explanation, repeated from other sources in these pages, is that feminists desire to challenge the 'patriarchy' through the promotion of the theory that most men are pedophiles, and that the family structure exists only to enable fathers to rape their daughters (see a discussion on this subject under the entry for Catherine Itzin (Prof.)) ensured that the rhetoric of anti-satanism became too tempting for feminists, driving them into the arms of religious fanatics, with whom they were able to find common cause.

In her compelling essay on the impact of the SRA Myth and RMT on women, Canadian engineering professor Paula M. Tyroler examined how feminism, like a bad assassin, had aimed recklessly at men in general, but ended-up hitting women with the shot.

The recovered memory movement has victimized, in horrendous fashion, not only men, but mostly women, the latter group in the name of liberation, empowerment, and healing. Who are the major movers of this therapy gone amuck? When and why did the movement start and how did it proliferate? Above all, why did recovered memory therapy receive such enthusiastic approval from some feminist factions?

To start with, accusations based on supposedly repressed and recovered memories only began to appear in the mid-eighties, and reached epidemic proportions in the late eighties and early nineties. Prior to the mid-eighties, patients claiming that they had uncovered memories of childhood sexual trauma for which they had no previous awareness were rare or nonexistent (Goodyear-Smith, 1995). The outburst of allegations based solely on recovered memories coincided with the publication of several self-help memory-recovery books, all written by women (Bass & Davis, 1988; Blume, 1990; Courtois, 1988; Fredrickson, 1992; Maltz, 1992), and with proliferation of erroneous beliefs in massive repression. The Courage to Heal (Bass & Davis, 1988), the so-called bible of the recovered memory movement, was written by two women with no background in psychology or psychiatry. Probably the greatest irony is the fact that this openly anti-male hate literature encouraged therapy practices which have caused untold suffering to thousands of women.

In War Against the Family, Canadian writer W. D. Gairdner (1993) argues that radical feminism is essentially an antifamily movement. Grossly distorted sex abuse statistics, together with allegations originating in the offices of the recovered memory therapists, provide handy ammunition for the feminist fringes in their fight against the cornerstone of society — the traditional family of origin. Along the same line, Webster (1995) claims that the most disturbing feature of the recovered memory movement is the manner in which it encourages an attitude of emotional coldness and cruelty between generations. According to Ofshe and Watters (1994), recovering memories of abuse has proved a powerful metaphor for the larger goal of exposing the perceived unfairness of the patriarchal family structures of a male-dominated society. The defense of recovered memory therapy became synonymous with the defense of the women's movement.
(Source: from The Recovered Memory Movement: A Female Perpective, by Paula M. Tyroler, IPT Journal, volume 8, 1996, republished with kind permission from the IPT Journal)

A principal difficulty for modern feminists, in the predominantly white, English-speaking Western countries (the US and UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) is that the SRA Myth and RMT just won't go away. If feminism as a body corporate hoped to sneak away from the controversies when it was being realised the damage that was being executed to women, both through false allegations of satanism and the debilitating impact of false allegations generated by RMT, then the effort was in vain; instead of sneaking 'over-the-wire' in the dead-of-night, feminism blundered into a minefield of undeniable quotes from books, magazines and speeches, whilst wearing a flourescent clown costume, with a klaxon running at full blast. Feminist writers Ellen Bass and Laura Davies's The Courage To Heal, now fully-adopted by the religious fundamentalist community probably did the most damage, and with every reprint causes even more damage to feminists attempt to deny their responsbility in history. Worse, even in the 21st century there are plenty of professionals, notably psychotherapists, still obsessed with the SRA Myth and RMT, finding white middle-aged and privilaged 'customers' to trade with. Their efforts only lead to more historical investigations into feminist collusion with the religious fundamentalists, ensuring the subject remains fresh. Rather than consider changing sides and becoming the focus of efforts to reappraise the RMT and SRA Myth movement, feminists, both in the past and even in modern times, try to absolve themselves of any responsbility, typified by Diana Russell's hopeless efforts to divert the blame.

Some feminists, particularly in the US, recognised the danger, even if they were unwilling to quite bring themselves around to querying the existence of SRA. In her compelling essay Feminism's Identity Crisis written in 1993, Wendy Kaminer railed against the 'victimology' obsession of then-modern feminism, which by then was repeatedly portraying women as weak and simple creatures. The threat of the Recovered Memory Movement was recognised by Ms. Kaminer, who acknowledged that feminism had already jumped-in with both feet in their collusion with advocates of RMT. In the spirit of the time though, even she had been taken-in by the rhetoric that SRA was related to pornography (though after three decades no trace of such pornography in any form of media has ever been found in any country). Whlst Diane Russell desperately attempted to deny feminism had had anything to do with the RMT movement, trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes in determining that the therapists had taken thngs a bit too far, Wendy Kaminer was willing to concede that feminists and therapists were working in concert together.

The marriage of feminism and the phenomenally popular recovery movement is arguably the most distrubing (and potentially influential) development in the feminist movement today. It's based on a shared concern about child abuse, nominally a left-wing analogue to right-wing anxiety about the family. There's an emerging alliance of anti-pornography and anti-violence feminists with therapists who diagnose and treat child abuse, including "ritual abuse and "satanism" (often said to be linked to pornography). Feminism is at risk of being implicated in the unsavoury business of hypnotizing suspected victims of abuse to help them "retrieve" their buried childhood memories. Gloria Steinhem has blithely praised the important work of therapists in this field without even a nod to the potential for, well, abuse when unhappy suggestible people who are angry at their parents are exposed to suggestive hypnotic techniques designed to uncover their histories of victimization.

But the involvement of some feminists in the memory-retrieval industry in only one manifestation of a broader ideological threat posed to feminism by the recovery movement. Recovery, with its absurdly broad definitions of addictions and abuse, encourages people to feel fragile and helpless. Parential insensitivity is classed as child abuse, along with parental violence, because all suffering is said to be equal (meaning entirely subjective); but that's appropriate only if all people are so terribly weak that a cross word inevitably has the destructive force of a blow. Put very simply, women need a feminist movement that makes them feel strong.
(Source: Feminism's Identity Crisis by Wendy Kaminer (1993) published in Public Women, Public Words: A documentary history of American Feminism, Volume III - 1960 to the Present, edited by Dawn Keetly and John Pettegrew (2005) page 464)

With feminism in the white, English-speaking nations 'up to its neck' in the RMT fiascos and SRA Myth scandals of the 1980s, 90s and even to the present day, some individual professions suffered body blows to their credibility and reputation.

British social work, traditionally seen as a haven for dyed-in-the-wool left-leaning activists, is also a career that harbours evangelical elements - both often presenting a toxic brew that manages to mix Marxism allied to a distinct view of right and wrong, good versus evil. The British Left, led by feminism, its most vocal 'division' willingly embraced the right-wing Christian Fundamentalist battle against Satan, backed in part through enthusiastic journalists and the editors of periodicals and newspapers like New Statesman, Marxism Today and The Guardian. Child protection social work, the very essence of all that is radical and all that (should) see human badness challenged, acted almost as an entire body politic to join the rush and obsession of the SRA Myth. By-passing the moderate side of modern Christianity, such as that from the various 'recognised' strands of Catholicism and moderate Protestantism - child protection social workers across Britain, arrowed in to associate themselves with the most furtive and fanatical elements it could find; ones that believed in witches, demons, and the prevalence on planet Earth of Satan himself - all in an effort to boost the public perception of the profession;

Jenkins has shown that the satanic ritual abuse panic that flared up in Britain in the late 1980's "offered ideological confirmation of the limitations of liberal theology. Since the 1960s, the dominant faction in British churches has emphasised social and political activism with a left/liberal slant. For Evangelicals and Charismatics, this was a lethal distraction from the critical issues of personal holiness and spiritual warfare. During the 1980s the point was reasserted by a new focus on black magic, cults, ancestral demons, and ritual abusers" (Jenkins, 1992, p.204). Not surprisingly, fundamentalists, evangelical, and charismatic Christian organisations have been at the forefront of the British (and American) satanic ritual abuse panic from its very inception. For the most part, liberal and mainstream Christians found incredible and implausible the charges of satanic ritual abuse that more conservative Christians regarded as believable. In this case, religious conservatives argued from a certain definition of reality - that satanism is alive and well in contemporary society and inflicting evil deeds on innocent children - which advances both their material and ideological interests.

In addition, in Britain in the 1980s, social workers too to gain from the satanic ritual abuse panic both in terms of status and as a result of an increase in public funding for social welfare services. "A child abuse crisis…let to perceptions of a major problem requiring the urgent allocation of new resources: A larger and more specialised child protection establishment would mean more investigation and detection and thus more concern. This spiral effect goes far towards explaining the overall growth [of the number of social workers in Britain] during the decade [of the 1980s]" (Jenkins, 1992, p201). Public opinion polls have found social workers to be at the bottom among all professions in prestige. "The only way to reaffirm the value of the profession was to show that social workers were dealing with truly menacing problems, which they were uniquely qualified to investigate and combat. Exposing a vast and unsuspected prevalence of child abuse thus fulfilled both ideological and professional needs, and fully justified the need for specialised social services agencies" (Jenkins 202).
(Source: Moral Panics: The Social Construction of Deviance (2009) page 68 By Erich Goode, Nachman Ben-Yehuda)

In her paper 'The Devil Goes Abroad': The Export of the Ritual Abuse Moral Panic presented in Volume 3 of The British Criminology Conference: Selected Proceedings, Mary deYoung described how the "child-savers" who instigated the SRA Myth kept the myth running, even in the face of an obvious lack of evidence. Managing to cross the Atlantic with their ideas, they created a mythology that Satanic Ritual abusers permeated every strata of society, in a similar way to how those who doubt the Moon landings have determined that American science and industry faked everything. In the Moon Landing and SRA Myth conspiracy theories, it was being postulated that industry and politics was stuffed full of conspirators willing to take their alleged secret all the way to the grave - even if faking what was being alleged would have been a greater technical undertaking than actually performing it. The "child-savers" skipped the requirements of evidence, or even common-sense, whilst trying to convince all that they were pursuing a genuine cause. Those that persisted in denying the existence of SRA were simply declared abusers or the protectors of abusers and satanists;

It is also true that the American child-savers often side-step the 'gender question' entirely by offering another version of the banality of evil explanation, a version that is especially influential in the European satanic ritual abuse cases that more often are discovered in family and neighbourhood settings than in day care facilities. In this version satanic ritual abusers are robed and hooded every-persons living everywhere: women and men, old and young, strangers and acquaintances, rich and poor, urban and rural, respectable and raffish. Satanic ritual abusers are 'normal looking and carry on normal lives,' insists Pazder (1989). 'They are members of every strata of society' (Pazder, 1989: 39). According to Sexton they also have infiltrated every profession and organisation in civilised society. 'We're not talking about the sleaze bag in the park,' he told a child-saving conference audience. 'We're talking about attorneys, ministers, high-ranking military people, Eagle Scouts' ('Satanic rites' 1998: A-3). This notion of the banality of evil is given an alliterative twist in the panic discourse of Braun(1988), one of the most prominent American child-savers, whose 'Rule of P's' reveals the public persona of secret satanic ritual abusers: physicians, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, principals and teachers, pallbearers, public workers, police, politicians and judges, priests and clergies of all religions, parents and providers of day care.
(Source: The Devil Goes Abroad': The Export of the Ritual Abuse Moral Panic by Mary deYoung)

The renunciation of common-sense, the pillorying of scepticism, and the belittling of those who questioned the incredible claims being made by SRA advocates, became a major feature of the SRA Myth, typified by the activities of former child protection social worker Diana Napolis and her supporters, and Ms. Campbell OBE herself.

The insistence by the likes of some police officers, Crown Prosecutors, forensic scientists and others to question the fantastic and routinely absurd stories they were being presented with - recollecting flying creatures, lions in parks, almost 'run-of-mill' murders, all without a trace of physical or forensic evidence, enraged fundamentalists and feminists alike. Action, not thought! was required by these advocates. Allegations, however absurd were to be taken at face value, not interpreted (as that would invite the possibility that imagination by children was in play) by the authorities. If Satan appeared in an account of a fantastical ritual, then that was what happened, and the alleged offenders should be arrested, charged with murder and more, and jailed at the first opportunity, preferably without the awkwardness of a jury who might wonder where the evidence was.

The return of Spectral Evidence

Although British and American feminism may have similarities, and thus the same vulnerability to religious fundamentalist causes, the legal systems in the two kingdoms was distinctly different. In the US the recovered memory fiascos of the 1990's, mixed together with the SRA Myth allowed for the use of spectral evidence in both civil and criminal courts to be used, on occasions exclusively, to convict or find against a defendant (in 65% of cases, a woman). Spectral evidence - the testimony of a victim or witness through dreams or visions ("I saw uncle Jack and Aunt Wilbur dressed in witches cloaks advancing towards me in my nightmare") harks back to its extensive use during the Salem witch trials of 1692. Spectral evidence was the primary source of evidence that ensured most of the women accused would be convicted in the normal court system of Massachusetts. By late 1692, nineteen women had been hanged and one man, Giles Cory, had been tortured to death for refusing to enter a plea, and there were dozens of men and women in prison awaiting their trials. The witchcraft trials finished when doubts were raised about the use of spectral evidence, with Increase Mather, an influential minister, making it clear he disagreed with its utter reliance. In the US there remain men and women incarcerated on the basis of spectral evidence collected and accepted during the SRA Myth and recovered memory craze of the 1990's.

Even though it is the historic home of spectral evidence, relating back to the times of the mass killings of women in the Bury St Edmonds witch trials, spectral evidence was not allowed to be used in England, Scotland and Wales during the SRA Myth craze, not even in the family court system, which, as today, has vastly reduced standards of allowable evidence.

Spectral evidence was collected on occasions by child protection police officers and social workers, most notably through the use of fundamentalist expert psychologists. In the Broxtowe Scandal, the diaries of the children were read by their foster carers and their dreams interpreted as evidence of involvement in satanic rituals with witches present. However in the absence of any corroborating evidence, the Police, Crown Prosecution Service and (in Scotland) the Crown Office, were reluctant to pursue prosecutions based on spectral evidence alone. It should be noted there is no statute law preventing the use of spectral evidence, just that it's use is severely limited because of the echoes with the witchcraft trials of centuries past.

Nonetheless a key element of the demands of the "child-savers" of years past and today is that the children should be heard - particularly that their dreams and visions, interviews under duress using suggestions and threats, or misinterpretations of simple childhood events - should be always accepted as being evidence of satanic abuse. Children who failed to provide such indications on demand, were simply designated as being too scared to come forth. For some child protection police officers and social workers, they felt were being hamstrung because their enemy was the supernatural;

Today's witch hunters also see themselves as seeking persons living in the visible world who draw upon the invisible. Lieutenant Larry Jones of the Boise, Idaho police, and very much a believer in the existence of a Satanic cult conspiracy, advises:

When confronting those criminals who are led or controlled by supernatural evil beings, philosophies or motivations, traditional police tools are not effective (Smith & Watalad, 1989, p. 100).

There are criminals of this world, according to Jones, who are so aided by supernatural beings of the invisible world that traditional police tools, even if previously proven effective, will not be effective against them.

This line of thinking seriously undermines public confidence in the ability of public authorities to investigate and ultimately solve crimes with Satanic overtones. Furthermore, it opens the door for employment of unproven or questionable methods in the search for the devil's own. The danger lies in that one finds what one seeks. The "success" of extraordinary or questionable methods to unmask previously unidentified servants of Satan helps explain the "failure" of more traditional methods to do so. This has the additional effect of legitimising the methods employed.
(Source: Burn The Witch! (If We're Wrong, We'll Apologise) by Terry L. Kern, Volume 7 1995 Journal for the Institute of Psychological Therapies

The investigative journalist Richard Webster's book The Secret of Bryn Estyn (2005) emphasised the manner in which social workers, traditionally viewed as secularists, were pursuing a religious cause, this time about a moral panic that about child sex abuse in care homes that engulfed first Wales, and then the rest of the UK;

(from the "blurb") Although both journalists and lawyers played a major role in driving this modern witch-hunt forwards, the ideas and fantasies out of which it grew developed within the profession of social work. The book traces the origins of these ideas and sets them in a much broader historical context, arguing that the modern child protection movement is a revivalist movement, rooted deeply, for all its apparent secularism, in an ancient religious tradition.
The "failure" to accept evidence from supernatural sources, and instead the insistence by prosecuting authorities and Courts in the UK that evidence be present of actual abuse having taken place in SRA cases proved to be the ultimate undoing of the SRA craze. Had the English, Welsh and Scottish courts been willing to accept spectral evidence, then the SRA Myth "moral panic" might have intensified even beyond even the most disturbed imagining's of feminists and Christian fundamentalists.

In the US, the willingness to accept the most bizarre stories and recollections, however unlikely, took hold amongst both feminists and liberal-leaning prosecutors and law enforcers. In the US, the Grand Jury system enables citizens to conduct investigations into alleged offences, widening the scope of opinion and enabling citizens to take part in initial investigations to uncover evidence for prosecution or otherwise. In 1991 the then San Diego Grand Jury investigated the nature of SRA Myth allegations, at that time causing obsessional behaviour amongst prosecutors and 'experts' in the region;

"In October, 1991, a Grand Juror was present at a meeting of the San Diego Commission on Children and Youth when a report on ritual abuse was adopted. This report, entitled Ritual Abuse Treatment, Intervention and Safety Guidelines, was the result of a task force effort and made numerous recommendations for handling ritual, and, of particular concern to the Jury, satanic abuse. The following definition of "satanic" appears in this report.

'Satanic - Satanists may infiltrate other types of cults, or remain separate. Satanic cults may range from an extra-familial collection of methamphetamine abuses who torture for excitement, to decades old, multi-national sects, with established political systems, revenue mechanisms, etc., which indulge in the deification of Satan. Numerous cults exist which have sophisticated suppliers of sacrificial persons, from kidnapers through "breeders" (women who bear children intended for sexual abuse and sacrifice).'

Within the week Jurors were present at a dependency proceeding where a referee was presented a detention petition involving allegations of satanic behavioural abuse. The referee followed the recommendations in the social study which were almost verbatim from the recommendations made for handling these cases in the Commission on Children and Youth report. The children named in the petition were placed in confidential placement with no family contact whatsoever. They were also placed with a therapist "well-versed" in ritual abuse.

Citizen complaints of social workers pursuing satanic ritual abuse cases began to come to the Jury. Four families were from the same church congregation; the other complaints were unrelated. In one case the County Counsel filed a petition actually alleging that the child would be sacrificed on his birthday. All of the cases tested rational credulity. Each involved the same set of social workers, therapists, and detectives. At this time, all cases with which the Jury is familiar have been terminated. The emotional cost to the children and families cannot be calculated. In at least two cases, lawsuits against the County have followed.

Jurors contacted expert witnesses across the country. The ritual abuse report was sent to various experts for evaluation.

Police detectives involved in these investigations, members of the task force who wrote the report and an involved therapist were interviewed. Jurors attended a conference workshop by another therapist who served on the task force which prepared the report and was being used as a recommended ritual abuse therapist. Witnesses were asked to provide a factual information or evidence they had available which would substantiate the existence of satanic ritual abuse in San Diego County or elsewhere. No such information or evidence was provided. The Jury found that there is no physical evidence of satanic ritual child abuse in San Diego County. There is evidence and considerable professional testimony that the existence of satanic ritual abuse is a contemporary myth perpetuated by a small number of social workers, therapists, and law enforcement members who have effected an influence which far belies their numbers. These "believers" cannot be dissuaded by a lack of physical evidence.

The Jury had extensive contact with Ken Lanning, head of the FBI Behavioural Sciences Investigation Unit. Mr. Lanning has spent ten years in nationwide search for reliable evidence of satanic ritual abuse. He has found none. It is his position that if satanic ritual abuse were occurring his unit would have found some concrete evidence during their exhaustive search.

Mr. Lanning advised jurors that epidemic allegations of satanic abuse frequently follow conferences where social workers and therapists are exposed to a "survivor" or speaker on the subject. Jurors attended one of these sessions at a national conference on child abuse held locally and coordinated by the Center for Child Protection. "Survivors" told about their abuse in detail. One "survivor" had memories of sexual abuse on the day she was born. This same survivor reported memories of her mother's attempts to abort her. Another "survivor" told a detailed story of satanic ritual abuse which included a large number of prominent citizens from her hometown .
The alleged satanic abuse cases which have surfaced nationwide during the past ten years share many common elements. No matter how incredible the allegations, the "believers" believe them. No physical evidence is found. The "believers" have complex theories to explain the absence of physical findings and evidence. The "evidence" presented is the testimony of children. The children testify to fantastic tales which can not be confirmed. The children have spent a considerable time with therapists. Most often, religious fundamentalism is an element. Frequently, a "survivor" or someone who has "memories" of having been ritually abused as a child is involved either as the therapist, the social worker, the prosecutor, or the reporting party. Criminal trial juries find it hard to believe that children can tell such incredible stories if nothing has happened to them. They find themselves faced with either believing the children are lying or the perpetrator is guilty. In some cases they have chosen to believe the children. Another option is to choose to believe that the child's narrative memory has been contaminated by the therapy.

Of particular interest is the information the Jury received about the Little Rascals pre-school case in North Carolina. Eighty-five percent of the percent of the children received therapy with three therapists in the town; all of these children eventually reported satanic abuse. Fifteen percent of the children were treated by different therapists in a neighbouring city; none of the children reported abuse of any kind after the same period of time in therapy.
(Source: San Diego Grand Jury Report on Childhood Ritual Abuse

Broxtowe, satanism, Salem & witchcraft

The allying of feminists with fundamentalists sometimes took a more direct course. By way of example, Bea Campbell OBE's partner, Judith (Dawson) Jones, and the former manager of Team 4, the social services child protection team who became obsessed with satanic ritual abuse during the legitimate child sex abuse enquiry in Broxtowe, Nottinghamshire apparently crossed from one group to another without hesitation;

Ms. Dawson does not refer to her own beliefs, if any, but she has appeared on a video-tape produced by the Evangelical Alliance, a fundamentalist Christian organisation with one million members in Britain. Published in July and called Doorways to Danger, the video warns adults and children of the dangers of dabbling in the occult, from Ouija boards and tarot cards to witchcraft and black magic.
The most enlightening insight into what happened in Nottingham, and possibly elsewhere, is contained in the 650-page report complied by in inquiry team of police and social workers set up by the Chief Constable and Director of Social Services. It is a damning indictment of the interviewing techniques and leading questions used by social workers.

Professors John and Elizabeth Newson, psychologists who were asked by assess the techniques used, concluded that one 17-year-old girl "was led to confabulate" a story that she had taken part in Satanic sacrifices. The girl later said the story was totally untrue and that "the only knowledge that she had, had come from social workers, that she had been pressurised, that the social workers would not take no for an answer".

The report concluded: "The social workers who already believed in Satanic abuse could by this method convince a child that she was a murderer and that she was guilty of cannibalism and Devil Worship...It is a sobering thought that in the 17th century [she] could have been burnt as a witch with inquisitors using identical methods."
(Source: Satanic inquisitors from the town hall - by Rosie Waterhouse, Independent On Sunday, 7th October 1990)

The 17-year-old was 'Mary' who was inflicted with three months of social work "therapy" in an effort to get her to confess to being a witch and taking part in satanic rites. In the mess of the social workers obsessions, they had confused witchcraft and satanism, and bundled them both together in a similar fashion to that practised by the accusers in Salem, at the end of the 17th century. In the extract from the JET Report a little further below, the desire to get a confession was such that all common sense and reason on the part of the social workers was dropped, as their obsessional beliefs in pursuing what they were convinced was a young woman before them who was a satanist and witch, took over all thought and reason.

It seems to us that the whole purpose of the therapy is to prove that [Mary] was involved in Satanism and to find out who further she would implicate. The questioning moves from establishing that she has killed and eaten babies and likes drinking human blood to questions about the adults involved and a Church, whether special days were used, whether special clothes were worn, whether prayers, words, or chants were used. It appears to be finally established to the social workers' satisfaction that all this has happened because [Mary]'s family are involved in 'Devil Worship'. The work appears to have all the elements of an interrogation; leading and limited choice questions (e.g. you killed at least one baby, more than one, 3?, 30? How many?) Statements make her believe that she had already admitted something, the sudden demand for 'a name' and "the Church", 'names' to catch her off guard are also employed. The questioner appears to have no doubt that the person being questioned is involved and the task is to make them "confess" by any means available. It is reminiscent of MacFarlaine's attitude in the McMartin trial when she calls for unconventional interviewing methods that "do whatever it takes to get children to talk". However, to believe [Mary], the social workers have to accept that seven murders and acts of cannibalism had taken place in the front room of a semi-detached house on a council estate to coincide with access visits without anybody noticing and that a social worker must have been implicated.

Crucially, it appears the social workers had confused satanism with witchcraft. Or had they merged the two deliberately? Ms. Campbell OBE herself had demanded to know if Mary was a witch, though rather than having her tortured on a rack, she simply offered money for a 'confession.' Yet the social workers in Team 4, through their interviews with children, and in their accusations, had seemingly stepped back in time to the 1690's. Witchcraft and Satan, they believed, abounded throughout the country, and it had to be addressed;

"I am particularly concerned that in the course of their disclosure interviews the social workers involved appear to have offered the children a whole vocabulary for describing their experiences which serves to transform their accounts into apparently plausible description of witchcraft practices".
(Source: both quotes from The JET Report, Part 4)

A feminism primer

Criminologist Phillip Jenkins, quoted earlier, wrote of how feminists and the liberal Press came to collude with the right-wing Christian Fundamentalist lobby, highlighting the assistance the right-wing religious fundamentalist community received from the former liberal-leaning Press;

(The Guardian) that at the height of the Rochdale controversy in 1990 published a sympathetic account of American therapist Pamela Hudson. This noted that since her pioneering work in southern California in 1984, no less than six cases had been proved in the United States, where ritual abuse rings had been preying on nursery schools. This statement appears to be simply groundless, as no such organised abuse has ever been accepted by an American court, but the claim is indicative of sympathy toward the ritual abuse theorists.
(Source: From Intimate Enemies: Moral Panics in Contemporary Great Britain (Social Problems and Social Issues) by Phillip Jenkins (1992))

The collusion persists

How far that 'feedback' would have continued is speculation only. By 1993 though in the UK, the hopeless lack of evidence to back the 'Myth was preying on too many professionals consciousnesses and their integrity. The need to accept magical events and paranormal powers, ranging from the ability to fly, possession of spacecraft and the means to turn inanimate objects into frogs and toads became too much for many, and quietly or not, they dropped off from the consensus in support of the 'Myth. Perversely some sections of society who would have been expected to realise they'd been 'had' remained to the death. With Directors of Social Services banning their staff from SRA training sessions, and from having anything to do with religious fundamentalist advocates of the 'Myth, and with virtually no police Chief Constable ever having been comfortable with the theory, only the editors of The Guardian, Community Care and more obscure publications were willing to advocate for the fundamentalist view.

Feminism stuck with it, never 'officially' breaking the collusion, to the point that the 2001 guide Child Sexual Assault: Feminist Perspectives edited by Pat Cox, Sheila Kershaw and Joy Trotter, incorporated the essay Satanic Ritual Abuse - The Challenge For Feminists by leading Edinburgh feminist and SRA Myth advocate Sarah Nelson. Dr. Nelson, a research fellow in the sociology department at Edinburgh University, contributed further to the attempts by the feminist and religious fundamentalist community to kick-start the SRA Myth, contributing another essay (The Orkney “Satanic Abuse Case:” Who Cared About the Children?) in support of the hopeless and embarrassing-for-the-authorities Orkney SRA blunder in the collection Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-First Century: Psychological, Forensic, Social, and Political Considerations (2008) edited by Randy Noblitt and Pamela Perskin Noblitt. The volume included contributions fro secular, feminist and religious fundamentalists, including The Use of Prayer for Inner Healing of Memories and Deliverance with Ritual Abuse Survivors by pastoral counsellor and professor Thomas Michael Ball, Patterns in Mind-Control: A First Person Account by Trish Fotheringham, Out of the Shadows: Re-envisioning the Debate on Ritual Abuse by Michael Salter, an Australian social worker, and the gem Terrorism is the Ritual Abuse of the Twenty-first Century by Israeli psychotherapist Frances R. Yoeli and Greek psychologist Tessa Prattos.

Perhaps most importantly, Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-First Century: Psychological, Forensic, Social, and Political Considerations includes Dr. Sandra Bucks history of the British RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support) organisation, established by Ms. Campbell OBE's partner Judith (Dawson) Jones, fundamentalist Christine Johnson and others, to promote this new 'Myth to the remainder of Britain's social workers and other professions, after the Broxtowe scandal.

The SRA Myth though, in the face of a hopeless lack of evidence for it's existence, was to change. How it changed is discussed in the next section.

(See also Dianne Core, Rt Hon. Virginia Bottomley MP, Ray Wyre, Rev. David Woodhouse, Dr. Lawrence Pazder, Dr. Sara Scott, Tim Tate, Linda Gordon, Dr. Mary Jo Bane, Christopher Booker, Joan Acocella", Dr. Darren Oldridge, Ken Livingstone, Colin Cramphorn, Lindsey Read)

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Beatrix Campbell (OBE) & the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth - Part 3

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Another extended Index entry, concerned with the history of the RAINS - Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support organisation in England and Wales can be found under Dr. Sandra Buck. This provides more detail about the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth allegations that were made in England and Wales from 1987 to the early 1990's, and in 2003 in Scotland.

This is 'living' Index entry, and is often updated by a number of individuals as new data is received and added.

Beatrix (Bea) Campbell (Mary Lorrimer, OBE - Order of the British Empire)

Section headings

A summary of three versions of the SRA Myth

The SRA Myth can be traced through both history and geography. For those who study the subject there appear to be three distinct strands of the 'Myth with subcategories to reflect national 'flavours'. Below is a summary of the three major versions of the Myth;

Classic SRA

This was the original incarnation of the Myth, which can trace it's history back through the 1960's and 1970's, and to a significant degree, all the way back to the end of the 17th century.

In the 1980's Christian fundamentalism found a willing listener through the agency of feminism, both in the US and UK, who from the 1970's onwards had been obsessed with the subjects of pornography and incest. There is no evidence though that US and UK feminists exchanged ideas in a formal fashion; rather it appears both groups received their rhetoric and indoctrination from their own nationalist religious fundamentalists. In the UK the organisation R.A.I.N.S (Ritual Abuse Information and Network and Support) obtained Christian fundamentalist material and rendered it available to social workers, police officers, psychologists and other 'experts' in an effort to boost belief in the Myth. R.A.I.N.S is still in operation in the UK (see Dr. Sandra Buck), staffed by religious fundamentalists and feminists, albeit with a smaller membership than in the 1990's. 'Classic' SRA was pushed through numerous academic journals and magazines and newspapers in the UK, including The Guardian (notably) Marxism Today, Community Care and The New Statesman. Skeptics were declared to be satanists and/or pedophiles.

In the US the Classic SRA Myth resulted in numerous arrests and even convictions, though in the total absence of physical and/or forensic evidence that anything criminal took place. Examples of the 'Classic' version of the SRA Myth include the Mcmartin day care scandal that resulted in the longest and costliest trial in US history, and still gained no convictions, and the prosecution of the Armirault family.

'Classic' SRA entails belief in some magical or paranormal abilities on the part of those accused by those who advocate for its existence. These abilities include teleportation, 'magical' healing, the ability to fly, reincarnate and turn inanimate objects into living creatures. In addition the alleged satanists were accused of having access to hot-air balloons, jet aircraft, spacecraft and ocean liners. Satanist also were alleged to command intelligent sharks and other creatures. On occasions the so-called satanists/pedophiles were attributed with the abilities to magically appear in two places at once - and indeed belief in this facility by prosecutors and investigators and even US juries was required when those accused had cast-iron alibis of not being somewhere where alleged satanism was taking place. Most of these allegations were generated as interrogated children were encouraged, or on occasions threatened, to construct allegations against the accused. In the absence of anything actually having happened (i.e. any abuse) such children felt compelled to employ their imagination to address the sometimes abusive interrogations. The Believe The Children movement of the 1980s and '90s ensured that absolutely anything, however absurd, would be believed. In addition the use of suggestive or 'leading' questioning of children was rife. In the US case of Kelly Michaels, believed by many to have been falsely accused and prosecuted solely because she was a lesbian, this form of questioning was rife;

INTERVIEWER: It would be okay to tell me the truth if she did try to bother you just so that you can show me how she might just try to hurt these other kids. 'Cause the more we know, the longer she will stay in jail. You understand...? What were some of the other stories that she used to scare the kids? That they wouldn't tell anybody. Did she tell them she would hurt their parents or something? Do you know if she said that?
CHILD: Yeah INTERVIEWER: You know that's not true...The police put her in jail. Because she was hurting you, you know. That's why I really need your help...And you will be helping to keep her in jail longer so that she doesn't hurt anybody else.
CHILD: It's scaring me.
INTERVIEWER: That's okay. Believe me, she's not going to coming out of jail. She's not going to be hurting you guys anymore...
CHILD: I didn't get hurt.
INTERVIEWER: No, maybe you didn't; maybe you fought her off. Maybe you really didn't hurt then. Maybe you saw your other friends getting hurt and you didn't like it very much, you know.
TREACY: Did Kelly ask the kids to look at her private parts, or to kiss her private parts?
CHILD: She made me. She made me, but I couldn't do it. So I didn't even really do it. I didn't do it.
TREACY: Did is smell good? CHILD: Shhhh. TREACY: Did it taste good. Did it taste like chocolate? CHILD: Ha, ha. No, I didn't even do it. TREACY: You Wee Care kids are so scared of her. CHILD: I wasn't. I'm not even... TREACY: But while you were there, were you real scared? CHILD: I don't know. TREACY: What was so frightening about her; what was so scary about her? CHILD: I don't know. Why don't you ask her? TREACY: Did she drink the pee-pee? CHILD: Please, that just sounds crazy. I don't remember about that. Really don't.
(Source: From The daycare ritual abuse moral panic pages 69-70 and page 73 2004 by Mary De Young)

A further feature of the Classic SRA Myth is that Satan also appears in person on occasions, typified by his appearances in the fictional book Michelle Remembers (1980) by psychologist Dr. Lawrence Pazder, believed by many religious fundamentalists, feminists and SRA 'survivors' to be word-for-word absolute truth.

A twist with the British 'Classic' SRA Myth is that the accused 'satanists' came almost exclusively from poor or disadvantaged communities. In the UK, the Myth was promoted heavily by professionals, notably social workers, priests, psychiatrists, therapists and police officers. The US version was more 'grass roots', driven by the Religious Right, and supported by liberal and leftist elements, notably from the feminist community.

In the US version, the magical or paranormal abilities are more pronounced. Satanists have access to rocket ships, and the normal rules of physics and medicine do not apply. As mentioned, alleged Satanists have the ability to be in two places at once, although rather than rob banks or overthrow nations they appear to only be interested in child sex abuse. The Classic version of the Myth, saw Spectral Evidence allowed by the US criminal courts resulting in prosecutions using this form of evidence. In the UK no convictions of alleged satanists were ever secured, although the Pembroke scandal incorporated elements of the Myth false allegations, the prosecution was unwilling to refer to it as a satanic ritual abuse case.

Quite early on the 'Classic' version of the SRA Myth was embellished with two further elements; RMT (Recovered Memory Therapy) and MPD/DID (Multiple Personality Disorder, known now as Dissociative Identity Disorder). This tacking-on of theories and additions to the SRA Myth were confined to the US version initially. Only with the take-up of the second version of the 'Myth below, did British advocates begin employing MPD/DID and RMT to patch the problems with physical or forensic evidence that was glaringly missing. None of the UK SRA Myth false allegation scandals - including Broxtowe, Ayr, Orkney (South Ronaldsway) Congleton, Bishop Auckland (see Dr. Camille de San Lazaro) and Rochdale contained any trace of RMT or MPD/DID, although in later years SRA Myth advocates would (and still do) claim that satanic rituals would see children's personalities fragment and split into separate (multiple) personalities. Further detail about the 'Brit' advocates for the SRA Myth with MPD/DID/RMT and Mind Control can be found in the extended entry for Dr. Sandra Buck.

The 'classic' version near enough died out after 1994 in the UK, but made a resurgence in 2003 with the Island of Lewis Scandal, that has remained the last recorded use of the SRA Myth by British social workers. In some institutions in Scotland, particularly at Edinburgh University, the Lewis Scandal is a source of great pride in the knowledge that Scotland was the last location for a false SRA Myth allegation in Europe. In the UK the primary sources for indoctrination into the SRA Myth came either from attending courses at the fundamentalist organisation The Reachout Trust (see Maureen Davies and Rev. David Woodhouse or through courses/seminars and conferences organised by the fundamentalist/feminist 'Myth promotion group R.A.I.N.S.

The Classic version of the 'Myth, once again minus RMT/MP/DID was exported to Australia and New Zealand through enthusiastic promotion from former trainee Baptist priest/sex therapist Ray Wyre. Michael Hills paper Satan's Excellent Adventure in the Antipodes - IPT Journal, volume 10 1998 documents the export of the Myth 'down under'.

The 'Brit sub-version of the 'Myth also made it to The Netherlands, Norway and notably, West Germany (see Rainer Möllers). Once again religious fundamentalists and feminists drove these national 'Myths, and in the case of West Germany, feminists acting on their own. It isn't immediately clear how these groups were indoctrinated into the SRA Myth.

Mind Control SRA

In this version, all of the attributes of 'Classic' SRA are retained, but with the addition of Mind Control. From 1992 onwards Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder and RMT became deeply embedded into the 'Myth on both sides of the Atlantic. From the inception of the Mind Control version of the SRA Myth, 'official' involvement in the SRA Myth dropped off a cliff, as it became harder to find supporters willing to accept the increasingly wackier claims of it's advocates. The Mind Control version of SRA was again promoted by religious fanatics in the US, but this versions can trace its genesis from the profession of psychology.

The addition of the Mind Control element to the 'Myth had been around, in a peripheral form since the late 1980's, but in 1992, one particular obsessive crystallised the idea and sold it to likewise easily-convinced peers, leaving their profession forever associated with daftness;

Psychologist Corydon Hammond of the University of Utah has lectured on what he believes to be the Satanic techniques of mind control. He claims that a team of Nazi doctors had been conducting mind control experiments in concentration camps. They came to the US after the war to secretly continue their experiments for the CIA. They allegedly programmed and tortured children on army bases across the US. At this time, the CIA, NASA, the Mafia, Hollywood and some business leaders are part of a massive, tightly controlled Satanic network which is gearing up to rule the world. He asserts that children are programmed from age 3 to teenage years; this involves disorienting noise, flashing lights and electric shocks. He believes that alters are created to perform specific functions. Programmed is done in layers; some are:
  • Alpha layer is general programming
  • Beta controls sexual behaviour including knowledge to make kiddy-porn
  • Delta are assassins and are responsible for slashing
  • Theta are psychic killers; through mental energy, they can cause another person to develop a malignant brain tumour
  • Omega self-mutilate and commit suicide
  • Gamma provide misinformation and create confusion
  • Zeta has information to produce snuff films
(Source: Mind Control / Programming by Satanic Cults)

During the 1990's thousands of American women attended fundamentalist or feminist therapists who declared they had been satanically abused during their childhoods, and the trauma of the abuse had led to repressed memories. The healing of the apparently horrific injuries incurred was apparently put down to either Satan being so kind as to do this, or God, or the remarkable healing ability of young children. This version of the SRA Myth attempted to deal with the glaring lack of evidence for the Myth that the 'Classic' version was vulnerable-to, and in this regards it was very successful. In the end though a series of multi-million dollar civil lawsuits (see Court decisions about recovered memory therapy) by women who realised they had been manipulated by therapists resulted in it been driven into the backwoods of modern psychology and conspiracy theory dogma, though not before some criminal convictions were obtained. Most of these were later overturned on appeal, with the 'evidence' of recovered memories/spectral evidence being the sole means of convictions. As with the Classic version it was passed to US feminists and onto fundamentalists in the UK who in turn shared it with feminists there.

In the US, the CIA and American government were alleged to be the source of the huge Mind Control conspiracy, through alleged historic experiments going back decades. In the UK it was impossible to pursue this pretence, so the Mind Control originators were determined to be once again, poor and disadvantaged community members, performing their mind-control conspiracies on run-down council estates, in living rooms with paper-thin walls, whilst struggling to live on benefits.

Having been introduced as a new version of the SRA Myth, by fundamentalist therapists, the US feminist community took to the Mind Control theory extraordinarily easily, although once again the supposed cunning ability of the satanists has to be questioned if so many people are able to say they have been 'mind-controlled'. In the US, members of the government, the CIA, the Israeli secret service Mossad, Bob Hope, Henry Kissinger and many others were accused of being the leaders of and instigators of a huge mind control conspiracy.

Mind control is the cornerstone of ritual abuse, the key element in the subjugation and silencing of its victims. Victims of ritual abuse are subjected to a rigorously applied system of mind control designed to rob them of their sense of free will and to impose upon them the will of the cult and its leaders. Most often these ritually abusive cults are motivated by a satanic belief system [only on the surface.] The mind control is achieved through an elaborate system of brainwashing, programming, indoctrination, hypnosis, and the use of various mind-altering drugs. The purpose of the mind control is to compel ritual abuse victims to keep the secret of their abuse, to conform to the beliefs and behaviours of the cult, and to become functioning members who serve the cult by carrying out the directives of its leaders without being detected within society at large."
(Source: Report of the Ritual Abuse Task Force Los Angeles County Commission for Women)

The mind-control techniques alleged don't appear to be too swift. In 1992 the feminist-religious fundamentalist grouping that comprised the Ritual Abuse Task Force Los Angeles County Commission for Women alleged that they were being poisoned by satanists, whilst they met at county hall! See Some on Ritual Abuse Task Force Say Satanists Are Poisoning Them Government: Skeptics scoff at claims that subcommittee is being attacked with diazinon fumes--even in county meetings. By Aaron Curtiss, Los Angeles Times, December 1st 1992

This version persists, to the detriment of the 'Classic' version, and is the one most commonly encountered. It is preached to Metropolitan Police officers in the UK, and in organised courses for UK Local Authorities and social service departments, even in 2010, often entirely or part-paid from public tax-payers money. The most vocal of proponents for this version of the Myth in the UK are Valerie Sinason and Norma Howes. This conspiracy theory has made considerable headway into modern Left and liberal dogma in both the US and UK, although it's origins are distinctly right-wing. For the feminist lobby this version of the 'Myth was near-perfect, in that it assists the 'victimology' advocates who prefer to have women seen as doe-eyed, dopey perpetual victims of a huge patriarchal conspiracy inflicted upon them by wily evil/satanic males.

An Index entry about the two leading advocates for the Mind-Control version of the 'Myth in Great Britain in the early 21st century can be found at SRA Myth True Believers in the public eye - Dr. Valerie Sinason & David Icke"

In the US, the Left's belief in the Mind Control version of the SRA Myth is represented best by Alex Constantine, whose Web site Alex Constantine's Blacklist exhibits an overarching conspiracy theory that, well, the CIA are simply responsible for anything bad that happens in the world. Mr. Constantine, who has written for publications such as LA Weekly, Hustler, Z magazine and High Times is, like David Icke, a 'real' conspiracy-theory published author. His book The Covert War Against Rock (2000) determines that the CIA murdered near enough every rock star who has died in the past including Hendrix and Brian Jones, on the grounds that they were fearsomely anti-fascist, but had just kept such passions unannounced (and not apparently attracted by a life of easy access to drink and drugs). He is also the author of Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A. (1995) and it's sequel Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America (1997). Such is the attraction of his conspiracy theories that he was contracted to present two BBC productions, one on the John Kennedy assassination and another on the death of Jimi Hendrix. Mr. Constantine also manages the The Anti-Fascist Encyclopaedia which incorporates a lengthy section on 'Satanism', much of which appears on ultra-right Christian Fundamentalist web sites that advocate for the SRA Myth.

In 'Constantine World' the CIA is engaged in a Vast Conspiracy to take over the world, and one of it's most cunning of cunning plans, easily able to match the most devious James Bond SPECTRE cunning plan, is to use Satanic Ritual Abuse to create legions of Mind Controlled children.

Ritual abuse, trauma-based mind control of young children, is real enough - but media that quote pedophile advocates and CIA mind control operatives without identifying them as such, all the while censoring out the victims and their supporters, filling the gap with libellous and cruel smears of both - aren't real at all.

For 20 years, the mere mention of RA has been sufficient grounds for "mainstream" media rejection of anything a victim has to say. The blackout on legitimate RA reporting has left the public completely ignorant of mind control issues.

Like others who have investigated RA, I've been forced to work around a press that remains completely one-sided and disingenuous in its support of child rapists and torturers. The cynical games played by the press to discredit victims of RA constitute an organised cover-up. It draws heavily on the tactics of Holocaust denial.
(Source: Alex Constantine Blacklist - Ritual Abuse)

In Constantine World the infamous McMartin Day Care trial, the longest and most expensive criminal trial in US history that resulted in no convictions, is actually part of the CIA Vast Conspiracy. For an unspecified reason the CIA decided that the best place to put a Mind Control centre, wasn't in some offshore location, or deep in Mid-West rural obscurity, but rather, on the very side of a busy US urban Highway, passed by 77,000 vehicles each day;

In January 1996, the full-grown director of a support group for ritually abused children in Los Angeles (she has worked closely with the families in the McMartin case) discovered firsthand what happened at the preschool when the local mind control team targeted her for torture from a remote source. The experience began with a splitting headache, "like needles" boring into her cranium. The attack continued for seven or eight hours. She was reduced to screaming and crying and took to bed. When she closed her eyes, her head was filled with images of figures in robes moving in a circle. She opened her eyes and the figures still swarmed in the darkness in front of her. She switched on the light. The image was still there.

She wasn't hallucinating. And the McMartin children weren't suffering "false memories." These days, the images -- frequently combined with an electronic form of hypnosis -- are projected to the brain's visual pathways, received with perfect clarity.
(Source: McMartin Preschool Revisited, Part Two, by Alex Constantine)

One of the reasons the McMartin false allegations had failed was the somewhat glaring lack of evidence. To get get around the problem that the abuse of over 300 preschool children in a daycare centre built on the side of a Highway was going to be difficult to explain in the face of parents routinely dropping by to leave or pick-up children, together with courier deliveries, the idea was promoted that the daycare centre was actually buttressed with a huge SPECTRE-like network of underground tunnels. Despite the fact that prosecutors had been unable to find any trace of tunnels, and despite the somewhat glaring problem that no apparently abused child had been able to simply point to the entrance, or that a child being picked-up would have inadvertently yelled "Mummy, mummy! Come and see the tunnel!" it was realised by SRA advocates, including some of the parents, that the tunnels would have to be found. As a result a UCLA archaeologist, Gary Stickel, Ph.D was contracted to search for the tunnels in 1990, aided by some of the parents, and apparently just before the site for the Daycare centre was to be demolished (which would conveniently prevent anyone else performing another similar survey).

The resulting report, from Dr. Stickel, informed the world that tunnels had been found (see McMartin Archaeological Investigation). Psychologist Dr. Roland Summit, also from UCLA, although not an engineer or archaeologist or anything vaguely connected with surveying or building work, determined that the report from Dr. Stickel was definite confirmation that the tunnels existed and so everything alleged in the Mcmartin case was true.

Advocates and skeptics about the SRA Myth looked forward to a comprehensive photographic history of the excavations. After all as an archaeologist and knowing that the excavations would settle the question about the tunnels once-and-for-all it was a given that he would have produced a superb montage of photographs. In addition the accompanying parents would have probably carried a range of cameras, ranging from simple instamatics to full-blown SLR's.

Regrettably Dr. Stickel apparently had forgot to secure that kind of evidence, and with the site demolished, it wasn't possible to go back and correct that error. Some photos were produced, to willing believers of the 'Myth, but in the two decades that have passed Dr. Stickel and other SRA Myth advocates have been unwilling to publish even these photos on the 'Web;

Unlike the SRS final report, Stickel's report lacks any indication that each step of the excavation process was sequentially photographed. The nearly total absence of this critical documentation makes it difficult or impossible to examine purportedly important and supposedly in situ (found as is) artifactual evidence to validate its authenticity. The few photographs of alleged artefacts that now exist are of such poor quality that their value as evidence vanishes.

¥ A purportedly in situ photograph of a sandwich wrapper with Walt Disney character on it, dated 1982/83, offered by Stickel as proof that a tunnel once existed under Ray Buckey's room and was later filled in after the McMartin case broke, does not actually show the wrapper in situ.

¥ An old rural mail box, allegedly found under classroom #4 by Stickel's excavators, and which purportedly came from a neighbouring house that was demolished in 1972, is also offered as strong evidence that the supposed "secret room" area was filled in by unknown persons after the construction of the school. No photograph of this item in situ is presented in Stickel's report.

¥ Four large pots full of artefacts dating long before the school was built, one of which Stickel refers to as like a "cauldron" and a "good Halloween prop," are not shown photographed in situ.

¥ A set of photos (Stickel, Fig. 32a, 32b) offered to illustrate soil variations (supposedly evidence of a filled in tunnel leading in the past to a hypothetical cavern under Ray's room) are too dark to pass as meaningful documentation. Stickel admitted to his APSAC conference audience in San Diego that the photos are too dark to show any soil variation but he uses them as evidence anyway.

¥ Another photo of the soil underneath a supposed concrete tunnel "arch," said to have been found beneath a wall foundation dividing classroom #4 from classroom #3, is also too dark for clear viewing. Yet Stickel states, "I wish you could see it better," and proceeds to offer it as evidence of incriminating soil variations.

¥ A set of photos (Stickel, Fig. 34a, 34b), taken at the end of one of the alleged, but purely hypothetical, tunnels under the classroom #3 next to Buckey's (Room 3, Trench 1S4) is presented to show soil differences. But no soil differences are apparent in the photos; one dark photo (Stickel, Fig. 34a) does contain apparent shadow intrusions, but the other (Stickel, 34b) is pitch dark.

¥ Another photo (Stickel, Fig. 35), of a supposed tunnel support post, is nothing but a large black space — nothing is visible where the post allegedly sat except pitch black. Stickel introduced this photo to his APSAC audience as evidence, stating "Boy, this one [photo] looks like a UFO photograph. . . . If you could see it a little bit better, and hopefully in the report — there is a post here. And this post was found precisely at this location (points to a map). . . . I think it was a support system for a crossways tunnel."
(Source: (page reproduced in it's entirety) Photographic Documentation of the MTP Archeological Procedures, IPT Journal, Volume 7, 1995)

In Constantine World, the little inconsistency of having no meaningful evidence to present is of no consequence; the allegation has been made, it must be true; allegations suffice for evidence - the evidence is the allegation itself.

As with Ms. Campbell OBE, Mr. Constantine's triumph is to be able to present ultra-right-wing conspiracy theories lifted from the Christian Right, to a willing and receptive Left-Wing audience. He hasn't though limited his support to just the extreme Religious Right; 'shit-house-rate-crazy' conspiracy theorists such as Diana Napolis, jailed for stalking Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Stephen Spielberg also receive his blessing (such as MIND CONTROL: EM "Non-Lethal" Weapons Target/Programmed Celebrity Stalker Diana Napolis vs Satanist Michael Aquino, San Diego Union-Tribune, etal.) and Mr. Constantine, like Ms. Napolis, reckons he's been under electronic attack for a decade. In addition he attempts to perform something that lay people struggle with; to present the CIA as being chock-full of cunning, all knowing, extraordinarily smart individuals, possessing advanced (and possibly Nazi-derived) high technology, who are able to conceal their nefarious activities in a world of digital mobile phones with cameras. This conflicts with the routine stories of daftness and lack of judgment, notably by senior CIA managers, that suggests the organisation is chock-full of dozy morons. Pushing the ultra-right's agenda though causes Mr. Constantine no sleepless nights. Even the MTP project, to find the hidden tunnels at Mcmartin, had some 'dodgy' connections that he was willing to ignore;

During the course of the MTP, Ted Gunderson, the former FBI agent who coordinated that project, had political ties to right-wing groups that espouse bizarre conspiracy theories to further their political agendas. Gunderson's credibility as an objective participant is severely diminished by a reported past history of questionable or false claims (see Conclusion). Gunderson's credibility is clouded further by an apparent conflict of interest due to a romantic association between himself and Jackie McGauley prior to and during the project.
(Source: Site Contamination By Manhattan Tunnel Project, IPT Journal, volume 7 1995)

Even a former FBI agent didn't quite get around to ensuring the 'findings' were sufficiently photographed.

Such concerns weren't going to trouble Mr. Constantine though, and anyone who doubts the 'evidence' is an obvious satanist and/or paedophile.

The opportunity came in April, 1990 with permission from the new owner of the preschool to search for the tunnels before he demolished the building and redeveloped the property. These soiled but solid citizens managed to find what the district attorney had disclaimed: solid, scientific evidence that someone had not only dug tunnels under the preschool, but also had taken the trouble to try to undo them.
(Source: Alex Constantin's Blacklist - Ritual Abuse)

The tunnels were't actually found, but Dr. Stickel reckons he found definitive evidence that tunnels were present, and it has to be assumed that either magic or Satan was involved in filling them in without any neighbours, who after the allegations about events at the abandoned Daycare Centre, would be expected to notice the presence of a mechanical digger that would have to be used for quite some time to fill in the numerous and substantial (but unfortunately un-photographed evidence of even the traces) tunnels that were alleged, let alone the somewhat vast quantities of soil that would have to be delivered.

Bearing in mind that many of the conspiracy theories promoted by Mr. Constantine are lifted directly from ultra-right sources, it might be conceived that the Left would, at least occasionally, perhaps protest that he doesn't represent modern Left thought.

Such though is the nature of the modern US Left, that Mind Control conspiracy theory has been almost entirely adopted by the modern Left elite as being absolutely and unquestionably true, and there is not a single instance of opposition to Mr. Constantine from any other significant individual who would identify themselves as being 'Leftist' or 'liberal'. Mr. Constantine's work in advocating for the SRA Myth is routinely reprinted on ultra-right Christian Fundamentalist web sites, such as HenryMakow.com - exposing feminism and the new world order. As with Ms. Campbell OBE, he has managed the seemingly impossible; to engage the Left with the ultra-right, so that ultra-right conspiracy theories pierce into the heart of the Left, burdening it with a baggage of religious-inspired paranoia that renders rational thought impossible and betrays the primary role of the Left - to challenge fascist thought and assaults on the socially disadvantaged.

Examples of how the paranoid delusions of conspiracy theories that first infected the Right wing, and then passed, effortlessly via conduits such as Ms. Campbell OBE and Alex Constantine on to the body politic of the Left, and then, enhanced, back to the ultra-Right can be found on the Henry Makow site mentioned above. Rather than having deconstructed the SRA Myth, the Left in the US and UK encouraged it to prosper, and in doing so, have fed the bizarre fantasies of a new generation of ultra-right True Believers, whose ranks seem to be forever growing and incorporate delusions that make even those of David Icke look (relatively) tame. On the Henry Makow site, amongst such 'creative' (sic) works as The Devil's Work: Feminism and the Elite Depopulation Agenda and the The Myth of Nazi Persecution of Gays is an article that perhaps crystallises the essence of what Mr. Constantine and Ms. Campbell OBE have managed to achieve.

In Is New Oz PM Head of Satanist Lodge? by Henry Makow (Ph.D) in true 'Nigel Tufnell' mode, everyone is "turned up to 11". Makow rages that new(ish) Welsh-born Australian Prime Minster Julia Gillard is a lesbian, Communist and Satanist, all in the same sentence, and equally worse "Gillard voted for legalising the abortion pill RU486 and for stem cell research, which both became law", which it seems, in ultra-right religious circles, is about as low as you can go.

And so, day by day, the bizarre world of Web-hosted conspiracy myths continues to grow, a visual legacy of Ms. Campbell OBE's work throughout the last three decades, and Mr. Constantines throughout the last two.

Belief in the Mind Control version of the SRA Myth entails taking-on belief in the entire worldview that accompanies it. In this world, 'victims' of the SRA Myth can be fully-programmable robots, easily tasked to turn into highly-trained killing machines, crack espionage spies, determined suicides, or simply enthusiastic sex slaves, with just a word. Accordingly SRA Myth therapists and advocates for the Myth reckon it is vital to avoid the risk of accidentally triggering a Mind Controlled subject; for fear that they will instantly turn into a mindless automation;

The Trigger-Word doctrine is perhaps the most pernicious of the rumours surrounding the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth. Anyone believing in SRAM must, perforce believe to an extent in 'trigger words'. Trigger words which enable Satanists to stop therapists from getting at truth which doesn't exist from children who don't know anything. Trigger Words which stop adult victim impostors from telling all the truth (and therefore justify their inability to provide checkable evidence to prove their fantasies). Trigger Words which stop pro-Sramists from talking to anyone who is not entirely aligned with their own beliefs in case they are struck dumb or insensible by 'Trigger-Words' from Satanic Sympathisers (leading to a complete rejection of any pro-Occult lobby information and a one-way passage of biased anti-Satanic data).

So prevalent has this ridiculous belief become that in the latest 2009 Satan Seminar one of the key pro-Sramists Sue Richardson, originator of CAUSE (a protection group for the clinicians who were publicly abominated for their idiotic and dangerous activities which caused the Cleveland Scandal in the mid 1980s and which was a fore-runner of the SRAM) and long-time member of RAIN (the Ritual Abuse Information Network) makes sure to pacify other believers by actually stating on the overview of her keynote lecture on Trigger Words and Mind Control that no actual examples of triggers would be used in her lecture. If she didn't give this assurance then of course no other pro-SRAMists would attend for fear of being turned into Satanic Zombies in their seats by exposure to them!

Their belief in the possibility of trigger-words means that one is constantly supposed to be susceptible to influence by conspirators whom one can't identify and by the very nature of the lies surrounding the SRAM could be colleagues, policemen, doctors, lawyers etc. These people may say or show you something which you cannot immediately identify as dangerous but which may turn out to be a 'trigger-word' or symbol which will not only bend your mind but may even lead you to your doom. And if any genuine occult group or association attempts to contradict a social worker then they consider that they have provoked one of the 'Satanic Outreach' organisations then their paranoia soars to new heights with every statement and action they take.
(Source: Satanic Trigger Words and Post Hypnotic Suggestion - SAFF)

For SRA Myth advocates and feminist and religious fundamentalist psychologists and therapists specialising in treating 'survivors', the cunning perpetrators of Mind Control appear to have a stunning range of options available - though the vast majority of those accused of SRA are socially deprived and invariably somewhat short short of finances;

Day Three: Recognising the Patriarchal Paedophile Cult;Recognising Spiritual Evil and how it interferes with the therapy process; Recognising Dissociated and Disembodied Foreign Human Spirits and Installed Personalities.

The therapist will be introduced to the Patriarchal Paedophile Cult [PPC] with a brief history, and understanding of basic theology, typical control of personalities and some guidelines for recognising PPC in a client. Since PPC is much more complex than either TSor MFC, considerable material will be given concerning the eradication of identity and the steps necessary to allow liberation from its control and point the path toward the co-creation of the self.

Differentiating between these various systems is necessary as most often more than one system exists within a client and each must be handled differently. What is helpful for the removal of one system may reinforce the control of another group and result in deeper bondage.

The therapist will be introduced to the fear-producing arena of spiritual evil within understanding that eliminates the terror of dealing with it. Understanding how it interferes with the client, the therapist and the therapy process is essential to diminishing its effect so the healing can continue.

The therapist will be introduced to the very complex field of dissociated and disembodied foreign human spirits including their level of attachment to the client, how they can interfere with therapy and ways in which they can be successfully disentangled from the authentic humanity.

The therapist will be introduced to installed personalities [programming alone in charge of the body without humanity involved], the types of them that have been encountered, how they are installed and guidelines on deactivating and removing them.

The therapist will be presented with a diagnostic tool to differentiate between authentic human personalities, spiritual evil taking over the body, foreign human spirits in possession of the body, and installed personalities.
(Source: Agenda for Mind Control Programming Seminars With Steve Oglevie, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia March 5th-8th, 2010)

Initially 'Mind control' and MPD/DID SRA advocates were generally hostile to alien abduction advocates who also employed the same rhetoric. However by the end of the 1990's the two groups had begun to combine, perhaps due to the influence of TV shows such as The X Files. This assisted in getting the current version of the SRA Myth, detailed below, to a wider audience. Once again anyone who denies or questions the existence of this version of the SRA Myth is declared a satanist/paedophile and/or government stooge. This version of the Myth has some supporters in the secret court judicial system in the UK, which allows testimony from 'experts' engaged in advocating for the SRA Myth, and MPD/DID. It isn't clear how many politicians, notably in the Labour Party, believe in it, or how many Metropolitan Police officers, who have attended training courses promoting it, actually come away with a thorough belief in its existence, or if any such belief extends into the alien mind-control variant of the Myth. Belief in the Mind Control version of the SRA Myth is believed to be rife amongst the social work community in the UK, typified by the publication of articles promoting the 'Myth in 2005 by the social workers online (previously in print) publication Community Care.

Having adopted the 'Classic' version, then the 'Mind Control' version, then (marginally) the alien abduction version of the SRA Myth, the next step-change in belief in the 'Myth would require a jump so high that the Left and liberal elite would struggle to demonstrate whole-hearted support. Realising that right-wing conspiracy theorist David Icke was in essence pursuing the same theories that he himself was presenting to the Left, even Alex Constantine tried to emphasise that he wasn't willing to follow the same route, though his support for Diana Napolis indicates he is more than halfway there already;

I have felt, since first hearing of Mr. Icke, that he was put out there to discredit me specifically. His conspiracist sci-fi confabulations, or "research," tracks my own themes (mind control, political assassinations, fascist globalism, etc.) in a grossly distorted form.

He boosted my writing on the Simpson case whole, for instance, and mixed it up, defiled my research, with "Lizard Aliens." He's a repulsive parody of myself ...

I've attempted to read the capricious, wrong-headed "research" of David "Jesus" Icke, and found it an amateurish omelette of used conspiracy theories concocted by the John Birch Society and other far-right groups to discredit legitimate research on fascism, which is inherently conspiratorial. Most people, dumbed down by "mainstream" media, can't tell the difference, and Icke takes advantage of that fact to peddle stupid, far-right conspiracy theories and "alien" invasions.

Icke - who took up conspiracy writing, c. 1990 - about the time the CIA silenced me with constant harassment, torture and death threats - is tailor-made to cast a pall on my own field, my own work, and he's been doing it for years. - AC
(Source: David Icke is a Neo-Nazi (Part Three): My Shadow, or the "Turd in the Punch Bowl" - Alex Constantine, 26 April 2009)

Through his copious support of the SRA Myth, Mr. Constantine can legitimately call himself a True Believer in the presence of Christian Fundamentalists.

And it is David Icke's (perhaps the 'spawn' of Alex Constantine and Ms. Campbell OBE taken to an inevitable conclusion) version of the SRA Myth that will be discussed next.

Lizard SRA

This is the 'full blown' version of SRA, with all of the attributes of the Classic and Mind Control Myth predecessors. In this version though the Mind Control is being performed by humans and aliens either by proxy, or, in its most extreme form, through full-sized 12' lizards (or reptiles to be precise). Major public figures are considered part of the 'Illuminati' and are part of a huge alien-driven conspiracy to enslave humans (it is never explained how anyone escapes to relate their stories). Satanists are being constantly battled-with in an enormous confrontation that somehow escapes the attention of those with camera-equipped mobile phones. Key public figures are either actual aliens or under their control, and engage in SRA either as tradition, or to inflict their control on children. Those accused include Tony Blair, George Bush Jnr, Barack Obama and Elton John. Satan also appears regularly, an ally to the aliens.

This version originated from within the alien/reptile conspiracy lobby beginning in the early 21st century, but the seeds for it came from the perception that the Mind Control version of the SRA Myth had been adopted so enthusiastically by the Left in both the US and UK, that really 'anything goes'. Diana Napolis can also be recognised as a facilitator for this theory, managing to first adopt the Classic SRA Myth, then the Mind Control version, before finally moving to the alien conspiracy version in all its glory. Many feminist web sites advocating the SRA Myth continue to refer to Ms. Napolis as an 'expert' in the field of SRA/Mind Control. The modern conspiracy theorists can trace their legacy to a combination of the long-standing Lunar Landing doubters, and the 9/11 conspiracy theorists, whose beliefs, particularly the anti-Semitism one of 9/11 being caused by a combination of the CIA and Mossad, have been enthusiastically endorsed by the modern Left. Indeed in the last two decades the Left has it appears, become more amenable to adopting a number of modern conspiracy theories whose origins began with the 'wing-nut' right-wing community, or directly from religious fundamentalism.

The 'lizard' version of SRA represents the first instance when the feminist conduit through which extreme right-wing conspiracy theories were able to pass effortlessly onto the general body of Leftist and liberal persuasion, may have encountered some resistance. The 'victimology' majority of the feminist community have, in the main, openly endorsed this version of the 'Myth, following preliminary preparation for it from sources such as feminist academic Jodi Dean, whose 1998 book Aliens in America: Conspiracy Cultures from Outer-space to Cyberspace allied 'shithouse rat crazy' theories as being genuine symbols for the fight against repression and patriarchy. Using the alien abduction/12'-high lizard version of the SRA Myth, 'victimologists' can portray women not only as victims of a patriarchal, male-dominated society, but also now as victims of a vast global and galactic, satanic alien conspiracy against them.

Once again anyone who denies or questions the existence of this version of the SRA Myth is declared a satanist/paedophile and/or alien or (additionally now) under the command of aliens/12'-high lizards. It should be noted though that the feminist community has little control over how this version of the Myth is generated and promoted, though it seems likely that the likes of David Icke will make some efforts to engage with them in the future, perhaps recognising that they are perhaps the most willing section of society to take on conspiracy theories from unusual sources.

And I got a call from a lady in America who is the head of Parents Against Ritual Abuse. And I was talking to her, again, not about shape-shifting reptilians, but about the ritual abuse of children in America, and she said during this conversation, "Do you know, about 12 of my clients have actually reported that, during the rituals, they've seen the participants turn into reptiles." And, she said, "I've always taken it to be that they're dressing up to confuse them."
(Source: The Biggest Secret - An Interview With David Icke - 1999)

Encouraged perhaps by the wild imaginings of the religious fundamentalists and feminists, the conspiracy theorists see no reason for restraint, enabling the SRA Myth to remain, as it was in the 1980's and 1990's, unchecked;

When the Chitauli gets sick this way, a young girl, a virgin, is usually kidnapped by the servant of the Chitauli and is brought to the underground place. There the girl is bound, hand and foot, and wrapped in a golden blanket, and is forced to lie next to the Chitauli, the sick Chitauli, week after week, being well fed and well cared for, but kept bound hand and foot, and only released at certain times to relieve herself. It is said that after the sick Chitauli shows signs of getting better, then the human girl is manipulated into trying to escape. She is given a chance to escape, a chance which is really not a chance. Then, when the girl escapes, she runs, but she is pursued over a long distance underground by flying creatures which are made of metal, and she is recaptured when she reaches the height of fear and exhaustion.

Then she is laid on an altar, usually a rough rock, flat on top. Then, she is cruelly sacrificed, sir, and her blood is drunk by the sick Chitauli, which then recovers. But, the girl must not be sacrificed until she is very, very, very frightened, because if she is not frightened, it is said that her blood will not save the sick Chitauli. It must be the blood of a very frightened human being, indeed.

Now, this habit of chasing a victim was also practiced by ordinary African cannibals, sir. In Zulu-land, in the last century, there were cannibals who used to eat people, and their descendants, even today, will tell you, if they trust you, that the flesh of the human being who has been frightened and made to run over a great distance, while trying to escape, tastes far better than the flesh of someone who was simply killed.

How do they do it? Well, sad to say, there are sexual rituals involving demonic beings known as sucubus and incubus. These reptilian beings densify during the slaughter of a young virgin girl, no older than 12, but menstruating. That's the reason for the growth hormones in milk - to produce more menstruating young women in western countries. It was getting tough - as the CIA continued its Satanic expansion of itself into every town, city, and hamlet in the North and Southern Americas, to fill the needs of the Beast. Plus, keeping their own undead here, requires a whole catalogue of young children.
(Source: Human sacrifice quotes - URL references removed)

Unlike the Mind Control version of the SRA Myth, the 'lizard' variant hasn't made any perceivable impact amongst the US and UK judiciary, politicians, or bodies such as the Metropolitan Police force in London. The themes of "Satanic child abuse Mind Control" though, promoted by both 'modern' feminists and religious fundamentalists has certainly been adopted by the lizard conspiracy theorists - and indeed David Icke has presented on the subject himself, with a lecture entitled Satanic Child Abuse Mind Control (14 YouTube videos);

A good example of the 'battle' with the seeming never-satisfied satanists from the current generation of advocates is detailed in the Internet posting below;

Closing Satanic Killing Fields

By Don Croft http://educate-yourself.org/dc/closingsatanicfields23oct03.shtml Oct. 23, 2003

Last week, Laozu came over to tell us that a lot of bad ch'i was coming off of Tomer Butte, which borders the southeast part of our valley. It's one of the peaks he can see from where he lives, ten miles to the west of us. Carol and I figured that the satanists, whom we'd driven away from all the other vortices in the region, were now going there to do their ritual murders.

We made arrangements with Diane Johnson, who owns the Latah County Landfill next to Tomer Butte and owns a cloud-buster, to access the little mountain from the landfill, as the butte was surrounded by private land. It's quite pretty and typical of many of the buttes in the American Northwest: long, gentle grassy slopes topped with a craggy, pine-covered peak.

I figured that we'd find some evidence of satanic activity somewhere near the top and I wasn't disappointed. There's a mound of earth and charcoal that Kelly said was the focal point and source of the strongest DOR and he buried several of his water-based, water-energised Towerbusters strategically to vector that energy back to it's pristine, vital state.

As far as we can tell, he's developed the best use for energised water to date. In each deployment he's brought vortices to a level of vitality that we've been unable to achieve with simple originate. It remains to be seen what relative effect his devices have when they are the primary gifting tech because in each case except yesterday's he's gifted vortices which others had already gifted with ordinary orgonite.

As we were walking back down the mountain to the truck Kelly could see that the two energies were vying with each other for dominance. I was a little surprised that there was so much resistance but then I realised that the now totally defeated satanists in Moscow were trying hard to maintain that DOR field. We'd taken away all of their other ritual sites and other real estate assets and freed most of the trapped spirits they were tapping for DOR.

By the time we'd gotten back to the paved road leading back to Moscow (not to be confused with the town of that name in Russia) he started laughing out loud and I knew that the vortex had entirely reverted to a healthy spin and was vital again. Kelly's a very reliable energy sensitive.

Carol was tracking our efforts from town and knew exactly when Kelly had done the trick. She said that particular mound of earth and charcoal near the summit is where they cremate the bodies of their victims. There'd been a fire there very recently.

I bet your town has as many of these murderous cretins per capita as ours does. The biggest concentration of satanic covens is in the Bible Belt, by the way, because fundamentalists, perhaps because they're 'already saved,' and have no discernible consciences frequently indulge in blood sacrifices when not spouting gibberish and resonating rhythmically against their pews.

As I see it, run of the mill satanists are bad enough to work directly for MI6/CIA and NSA but not disciplined enough and are usually dope addicts. Without an army of these mayhem generators in their thrall the secret police agencies would be dead in the water, so we all need to take care of business locally. Satanists are easy meat for even a Succor Punch, of course.

Do you have a clue how dirty this world order is? Now that Cbswork has joined us on EFF perhaps we'll get some fruitful lessons again.

(Source: Closing satanic killing fields by Don Croft)

A lengthy discussion about the continuing belief in the SRA Myth and dissociaton/MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) which is claimed by almost exclusively white, middle-aged women born into privilage in the Wester World - and the psychotherapy professionals who foster such beliefs can be found at Dr. Valerie Sinason & David Icke - RAINS Part Three, Dr. Valerie Sinason & David Icke - RAINS Part Four and Dr. Valerie Sinason & David Icke - RAINS Part Five

Does she still believe?

Does Ms. Campbell OBE still believe in the SRA Myth? That question can't be answered with certainty - she is unwilling to be interviewed on the subject and chooses her public engagements carefully. When she is interviewed by journalists, it must be presumed that either it is agreed beforehand that she will not respond to questions on the subject, or the interviewers are of a nature not to pursue the questions that virtually any other journalist in the world would give their eyeteeth to ask - such as Kirsty Wark. Ms. Campbell OBE is perhaps only too aware that a "question from the floor" might see someone only too versed in the collusion with religious fundamentalists.

One sizeable clue to the question though was provided in her August 2009 article for once again, The Guardian; Jaycee Lee Dugard and the kidnapper's narrative. Once again the article required severe censorship of the readers public commentators by The Guardian editors, but included some comments about both the poor quality of writing by Ms. Campbell OBE, the inherent racism displayed in the article, and the fact that The Guardian had ever commissioned the piece;

Is this, like, a bad example from a creative writing workshop at a community college?
It's a fucking abysmal article, written in an nanosecond, without thought or structure or any respect towards its readers' intellect or understanding, tagged together by an ego so far up its own arse it needs a soil stack out the eye socket to see if its raining or not.

You know it too don't you. It's fucking awful.
(Source: Sample of uncensored public comments about Jaycee Lee Dugard and the kidnapper's narrative by Beatrix Campbell, published in 'Comment is Free' The Guardian 28th August 2009)

Deep within the article though Ms. Campbell OBE wrote;

The great child psychiatrist Roland Summit once said that the only person besides the perpetrator who needs to keep the crime secret is the victim.
(Source: Jaycee Lee Dugard and the kidnapper's narrative by Beatrix Campbell, published in 'Comment is Free' The Guardian 28th August 2009)

The 'great' child psychiatrist Roland Summit was a leading advocate of the SRA Myth, having been involved in the scandal of the McMartin pre-school "test run" for false allegations of SRA in the USA. His principle contribution to the SRA Myth was to the Believe The Children campaign, which insisted that anything a child said, however preposterous, should be believed as being nothing other than truth - in effect mirroring the 'believe the children' obsession of the Salem witch-trial advocates;

Summit is a prime believer in organised widespread satanic ritual abuse. Despite the complete absence of any objective evidence from police investigation of the McMartin Pre-school case, and the acquittal of all accused, he has published articles arguing that satanism really was practiced there, and that the tunnels existed despite the police's inability to locate them. In the last decade he has been one of the primary professionals endorsing the viewpoint that "children never lie about abuse" and has close associations with the "Believe the Children" organisation.
(Source: Satanic Media Watch And News Exchange - Quotes on Roland Summit)

Referencing Roland Summit, so strongly associated with the SRA Myth, even in the knowledge that many online Guardian readers would indeed "google" his name, may not have been a wise decision. Yet it revealed both the continuing obsession by Ms. Campbell OBE with advocates of the SRA Myth, and perhaps more importantly the possibility that The Guardian editorial board and trustees are themselves still entranced by the religious fundamentalist obsession with SRA. There is no evidence that The Guardian monitor Ms. Campbell OBE's writing - for minimum journalistic standards, accuracy, and in particular to prevent The Guardian being used as a vehicle for pushing religious fundamentalist theories long proven false. Whilst Ms. Campbell had declared Professor La Fontaine and Dr. Elizabeth Newson as being willing promoters of paedophilia, due to their flimsy (and denied) association with the thoughts of a vague academic, how would Ms. Campbell OBE respond to the charge that she still trumpeted a child psychologist who had appeared in a video for a right-wing christian fundamentalist group, with a less than conventional attitude to the burnings and hangings of women in the witchcraft trials of the 13th-17th centuries? Her response isn't yet known.

An insight into how seemingly secular "experts" and feminists became entwined with the extremist religious fundamentalist community, in the case below including the aforementioned Roland Summit, was described at length by Keir Cuhulein (his real moniker being Canadian Police Officer and pagan Wiccan official Detective Constable Charles Ennis) who attended a huge presentation by leading Christian Fundamentalist pastor and media personality Bob Larson (he appeared on Oprey Winfrey's show when she was briefly a firm advocate for the SRA Myth) on the 27th of April, 1991, at the Glad Tidings Temple in Vancouver. It was billed as a screening of his new video In the Name of Satan.

In the past, Robert Larson, whose 'shows' were attended by feminists, recruited to give validity to his claims that Satan walked the Earth and was being helped by Satanist engaged in ritual abuse of children, had given an insight into the nature of the fundamentalists that the feminist community had chosen to collude with, in his 1989 book Larson's New Book of Cults:

"An estimated 9 million women and girls met death by fire between the years of 1300 and 1700 for practising witchcraft. In the eighteenth century, 19 suspected witches were killed in Salem, Massachusetts. Despite such extreme countermeasures, the occult rituals of witchcraft are widely practised today around the world. No longer threatened with death, witches enjoy a degree of respectability in America's lenient New Age society."

It appears the feminists and secular "experts" such as the 'great' Roland Summit, who appeared in Larson's films were quite happy to appear, as long as it helped their own agendas;

Bonnie Bell, the backup host for Larson's Christian radio show "Talk Back", was the first person to appear on the stage, wearing a black dress with a pattern of pink hearts on it. Bell had worked for Larson for 5 and a half years at that time. It was Bell that started the ball rolling: Larson did not appear until after the video was shown, in order to capitalise on the tape and make a dramatic entrance. Bell began by announcing that this was Larson's 17th presentation of this movie on this tour. Bell then called up a volunteer from the audience, who displayed the following books and tapes by Bob Larson while Bell did a sales pitch for them:

  • Larson's video tape Metal Mania.
  • Larson's video tape In The Name of Satan.
  • A video tape of Bob Larson's latest Satanism Symposium.
  • The Bob Larson Live video tape.
  • Larson's book Tough Talk on Tough Issues.
  • The latest edition of Larson's Book of Cults.
  • Larson's book Satanism: The Seduction of America's Youth.
  • Larson's book Straight Answers on the New Age.
Bell informed the audience that these books and tapes were on sale in the lobby and joked that "Christians were supposed to buy books on Satanism," indicating Larson's books. I noted that Bell implied to us that the version of In the Name of Satan that we were about to see was an abbreviated version, stating that "the full length version will be on sale in the lobby." This proved interesting, in light of what happened later.

Next Bell introduced the sponsor of Larson's Vancouver appearance, the owner of radio station KARI, a Christian radio station based in Blaine, Washington.

Bell then stated:

"What you are about to see is not a theological statement on Satan. What you are about to see was designed and produced as a teaching video. Many of the police officers you will see in this video are not Christians. We don't want you looking for Satan behind every doorstep."

Bell then contradicted her opening line about theological statements by making the following pronouncement, which brought cheers from the audience:

"God is going to war, folks! There is a few skirmishes left!"

At this point they started the video In the Name of Satan. One of the most notable features of this In The Name of Satan, as compared with similar videos produced by other organisations, is that while in most others the name of the person speaking on screen is identified with subtitles at least once, this was not done in Larson's video. This would make it difficult for those unfamiliar with the speakers in this film to identify them and verify their stories. Most of them were easy for me to identify however. Besides Bob Larson, the following individuals appeared in this film:

  • Laurel Rose Wilson, better known as "Lauren Stratford," a notable fraud discussed elsewhere in this series. Wilson/Stratford, based in Bakersfield, California, is the author of the discredited book Satan's Underground.
  • Sergeant Randall Emon of the Baldwin Park (CA) PD. Randy's name has come up repeatedly in this series as he used to be very active in disseminating information on occult crime. He has since recanted and no longer supports Satanic conspiracy theories. Emon was the only police officer who appeared in this film, which is interesting if you recall Bonnie Bell's earlier remarks about the number of Christian police officers in this video. In this video he states: "Satanism is as addictive as a narcotic."
  • A "ritual abuse survivor" verbally identified as "Esther." I'm pretty sure that this was Esther Cantella, author of the tape "A Witness for Healing" who appeared on the 8 March 1990 "Inside Edition" television show. Cantella appeared in a seminar in Colorado on 6/7 October, 1989 with the next two individuals on this list.
  • Linda Young, RNC, BSN, a therapist at the Columbine Psychiatric Center who appears to be related to the next person on our list. Young appeared in the aforementioned seminar with Cantella and Dr. Young in 1989. In this video Linda makes the statement: "Most of the world won't believe these people. But I believe them."
  • Dr Walter C. Young, a psychiatrist at the Columbine Psychiatric Center. Walter appeared with Linda Young and Esther Cantella at the aforementioned Colorado seminar in 1989. Dr Young has appeared in films by Cavalcade Productions, who we discussed in an earlier article in this series.
  • Myra Riddell, vice president of the Los Angeles County Commission for Women and chairperson of the LACCW's Ritual Abuse Task Force. This "Task Force" includes in its membership such people as Lauren Stratford's therapist, Lyn Laboriel (who last I heard continues to believe Wilson even though she has been revealed to be a fake) and the next person on our list, Dr. Gould. Riddell states in Larson's video that she believes that Satanists are setting up preschools in order to recruit children.
  • Dr. Catherine Gould, a California based therapist who has authored a list entitled "Signs & Symptoms of Ritualistic Child Abuse" which has appeared in countless manuals on occult crime that I have seen over the years.
  • Dr. Roland Summit, a therapist who appeared in Geraldo Rivera's awful special "Exposing Satan's Underground" TV special. Summit is based in Torrance, California, at the HVD/UCLA Medical Center. Summit's name appeared on Larry Jones's "File 18" subscriber list and has appeared in two of "File 18's" newsletters. The LACCW, mentioned above, supports Summit.
(Source: Evangelists [4] published 11th November 2002 in Witchvox)

Though his empire has somewhat diminished, Bob Larson continues to preach, with a radio show and his own TV production company. Here he is, exorcising the 'demon of homosexuality' from a seemingly willing volunteer;

Another, perhaps reasonable means of evaluating if Bea Campbell OBE still believes in the SRA Myth, even in the 21st Century, is to determine if she still associates with its advocates. Two examples in recent years suggest that her continued belief in the religious fundamentalist vision of evil rife in the nation remains as consistent and strong as ever, despite the constant references to her association with the obsession in amongst comments from Guardian Online subscribers.

The 13 October 2006 saw an event sponsored by Community Care - no stranger to past advocacy for the SRA Myth, and reconstruct a charity with no previous known enthusiasm for the fundamentalist message. A New Era in Safeguarding Children? Research, debate and reflection was held at The Camden Centre, London. The list of speakers included;

  • Jan Horwath, profession of child welfare at Sheffield University
  • Beatrix Campbell, journalist and activist
  • Graham Hopkins, practice editor, Community Care
  • Camila Batmanghelidjh, director of Kids Company
  • Renuka Dent, director of The Bridge Consultancy
  • Barry Raynes, director of Reconstruct
  • Norma Howes, psychotherapist
(Source: A New Era in Safeguarding Children? Agenda)

The list over seven names contained about as distinct a contrast as could be reasonably expected; indeed it is difficult to understand how Camila Batmanghelidjh, who has highlighted the cover-ups that occur when children in care are abused, could have possibly have managed to be in the presence of Ms. Campbell OBE.

Nonetheless the list did have a bias in one particular fashion; it included two of the most public of supporters for the SRA Myth; Ms. Campbell OBE herself, and, discussed already Norma Howes. Ms. Howes commitment to the SRA Myth is extensively documented in publications and online. A example of her enthusiasm for pursuing 'satanists' is detailed in a summary by the Sub-culture Alternative Freedom Foundation (SAFF) of attenders of the 2001 'Satan Seminar' (actually called 'The Dark Side of the Rainbow - confronting ritual abuse in the twenty first century', held at Reading University in September 2001);

Ms. Howes was a key organiser in the first Satan Seminars in the early 1990s and is a leading member of RAINS. In Spring 1990 at the height of the Satan Scare she gave this professional opinion to a child protection unit involved in a case thought to have Satanic connections:

'It is now known that satanic practices involve the physical, emotional and sexual assault of children taken to meetings. If the family is involved in any way in these activities the children are clearly at risk'.

Outcome: The case was dropped. It turned out that the family concerned were completely innocent, the meetings they attended were for Morris Dancing!

Speaking about one of her first Satan Seminars, (also held in Reading) , Norma Howes gave an interview in March 1990 which was published in God's Word Now', a religious missionary tract intended for distribution in the street by members of Prophetic World Ministries, a wacky fundamentalist Christian group fronted at that time by Andrew Boyd (a key figure in the campaign to try to establish the idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse and regular contact of Valerie Sinason and Maureen Davies [ Maureen glowingly reviewed Boyd's book on Satanic Abuse in a fundamentalist activist's magazine] ). Under the headline CHILD VICTIMS OF BLACK MAGIC RITUALS, we are treated to a list of circumstantial evidence (all of which were disproven in the course of time) and then Howes, billed as 'the conference organiser' is reported as saying::

' The conference reacted with a sense of overwhelming horror. We were stunned.''
(Source: Quotes from The Keynote Speakers at the 2001 Satan Seminar)

It seems inconceivable that with a list of key speakers published in advance, Ms. Campbell OBE didn't both to check the nature of her co-attendees, or didn't think, 'hang on, how's this going to look?' Nor for that matter did Community Care, with it's past history of support for the religious fundamentalist-derived Myth have any misgivings of having the event feature two of the 'leading lights' of the SRA Myth.

In March 2010, having only recently slipped in a reference to the 'great' Roland Summit, Ms. Campbell OBE didn't hesitate in referencing another, more recent advocate of the SRA Myth; Dr. Liz Kelly, in an article dismissing the Stern report into the issues of rape convictions and the perceived problems with false allegations. Ms. Campbell OBE was dismissive of the report, quoting the Professor of Sexualised Violence at London Metropolitan University, and Director of the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit (CWASU);

She has done a disservice to the ministers. This could have been a great moment, says sexual violence expert Professor Liz Kelly – a moment to match Sir William Macpherson's critique of institutional racism in the police. It has been squandered.
(Source: Stern morphs into Pollyanna - The Guardian online, Comment is Free, by Beatrix Campbell OBE, 16 March 2010)

What Ms. Campbell OBE failed to mention was that Dr. Kelly too was an advocate for the SRA Myth, and has declined to date to retract her opinion. In 1997, by which time the only people still trumpeting the 'Myth were the most fanatical 'burn-the-witch!' elements from the religious fundamentalist community, and the most committed of colluding feminists, Dr. Kelly, together with Kate Cook had taken exception to a paper by health Director John Paley entitled ‘Satanist abuse and alien abduction: A comparative analysis theorising temporal lobe activity as a possible connection between anomalous memories’ that details parallels between SRA 'victims' and alien abduction 'victims' Unusually their response The Abduction of Credibility: A Reply to John Paley, was published in the same volume of The British Journal of Social Work at the very point in time that even that publications editors was starting to suspect that they'd been 'had' by the fundamentalists. The abstract for Dr Kelly's paper neatly summarises the author's views;

This response takes issue with John Paley's paper ‘Satanist Abuse and Alien Abduction’ (this issue) in a number of areas: his definition of Satanic ritual abuse (SRA); the parallels he draws between SRA and alien abduction; his assertions that there is no evidence of SRA and that accounts of SRA can be viewed as urban legends; and his ‘temporal lobe connection’ conclusion.
Naturally it would be unfair to state that Ms. Campbell OBE was even aware of Dr. Kelly and Ms. Cook's paper and their support (at least at the time, or anytime since) for the religious fundamentalist-driven obsession, and that she has never had any SRA-derived communication with Dr. Kelly, ever, in the past. If that is the (quite reasonable) case then it perhaps highlights the propensity the feminist community had during the SRA Myth years in colluding with the fundamentalist sector, and just how difficult it is to avoid referencing its supporters, even amongst academia.

Dr. Liz Kelly had previously co-authored the 1993 papers Organised abuse: a review of the literature and Demons, devils and denial: towards a feminist understanding of ritual/satanic abuse (Trouble and Strife, 22; 33-3) and Beyond Belief: Beyond Help? (Child Abuse Review Vol.4, No. 2. 1993)
all with leading 'Satan Hunter' Dr. Sara Scott whose collusion with religious fundamentalists at the time of the height of the SRA Myth craze was enthusiastic and anything but 'hands-free'.

After Broxtowe, Ms. Campbell OBE's partner, Judith (Dawson) Jones worked for a short time at the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit (CWASU), supervised by Dr. Kelly.

Journalism & facts

A frequent criticism of Ms. Campbell is that she frequently opinions without reference to facts. In November 2009 though she attempted to write an article that depended hugely on a specific document. For several decades she has written about Northern Ireland, notably with huge support of republican viewpoints. The ongoing peace process is overseen by the IMC - The Independent Monitoring Commission. The IMC produces regular reports of its activities and the progress of the parties that it monitors, notably paramilitary groups. In The Loyalist threat to Northern Ireland - by Beatrix Campbell, The Guardian 5th November 2009 Ms. Campbell determined that the IMC's most recent report had concluded;

So, is peace in Northern Ireland still threatened by the republicans?

No, says the IMC.
She then proceeded to write about how the report detailed that the republican paramilitary were no conceivable threat to the peace process.

Unfortunately the report said no such thing, and a host of Guardian online readers promptly took the time to examine the report and detail precisely what it said. Here about the republican paramilitary group, the Real Irish Republican Army;

2.35 We conclude from this that both factions of RIRA remain in a state of heightened activity; that they are at present determined and ruthless; and that they will not hesitate to use violence, particularly but not only against members of the security forces, and will not hesitate to kill. They are committed to undermining the peace process and community-based policing and present a very serious threat.
(Source: Page 14 of 22nd report of the IMC

Though Ms. Campbell attracted an huge amount of deadly-precise opposition, The Guardian, having seemingly allowed it's editorial and journalistic standards to decay so badly in publishing the article, came in for equal critical comment. Once again the commitment The Guardian has persisted-with in it's relationship with Ms. Campbell remains extraordinary, even when it seemingly leaves the newspaper in the gutter of news publishing. Whether by design or due to a technical snag, the Guardian CIF web site is only able to display 50 of the total 106 comments for this article, ensuring that the brief appearance of Ms. Campbell OBE herself, compelled to return to CIF, in a somewhat hopeless attempt to defend her work, is unavailable for viewing.

Ms. Campbell's brief dalliance with 'fact' has few precedents in the past. In her version of the 1987 Cleveland Scandal Unofficial Secrets (1988) - the moment perhaps when child protection in England and Wales took a turn for the worse it would never recover from, the 226 pages of the book are remarkably light on attributable facts. Indeed, lacking an Index and a Bibliography (two 'cardinal sins' for a journalist to commit) the book has a somewhat unastounding 20 notes in all, including one referring to one of Ms. Campbell's own articles, another to a Guardian article, that might have been written by her, and one ibid. Strangely, in the 'Acknowledgements' section, Ms. Campbell's claims the book draws from interviews and 'evidence from the Butler-Sloss inquiry' which should make the notes pages copious (you only need to quote the page number of the inquiry report, or the date and from whom the evidence was heard by the inquiry). For a book that discusses the nature of the facts in the then fresh-in-the-mind Cleveland Scandal, it seems remarkably light on references to...facts. To compound things, there are no footnote/note marks in the text, leaving the reader to try to guess which of the rare notes at the end of a chapter refers to which salient section they might have just read.

Although referring to sickening (and utterly manufactured and untruthful) allegations of mass sexual abuse by buggery of at least 110 Cleveland children, Unofficial Secrets does though paint a picture of a less complicated form of 'patriarchal' sex abuse, when it is simply to be taken on trust (in the absence of footnotes) that men are evil and the paediatricians in the case are true heroes. And even in 1987, with political power still nine years away, the Labour Party hadn't yet given away to the overpowering entreaties of the feminist/religious fundamentalist 'child save' lobby;

The local Labour Party, the dominant political presence in Cleveland, was divided between the traditionalists and the modernisers, the right and the left, and the split over sexual abuse mirrored that division. Middlesbrough MP Stuart Bell was building his constituency into a fortress against a radical wing emerging in the party. The campaigners against child abuse were associated with a challenge to unseat Bell, a right winger, from his safe Parliamentary sear. The local Labour Party never took the debate outside its own ranks, and the elected members of the Labour-controlled county council left the skirmishes to their employees in social services.

Within a year though and those lofty concerns about whether someone was 'left-wing' or 'right-wing' or a 'moderniser' or a 'traditionalist' went out-of-the-window. With the Broxtowe Scandal of that next year (see Judith (Dawson) Jones) then you were either against Satan or for Him.

And there was no middle ground, no 'I think I just need to study the evidence and make up my own mind'. The ceaseless flow of propaganda from right-wing fundamentalists in the US struck a chord, both within their counterparts across the Atlantic, but also with the feminist community; here finally was something that would prove one-and-for-all the inherent evil, no...the Satanic nature of males, families, and the women who had betrayed the feminist cause by continuing to live in such structures, continue to bear and bring-up children, and still, horror upon horrors, continued to live and fight and sometimes even like and love, males. For much of the time the Biblical elements were edited-out, but not always; it was possible for feminist and religious fundamentalist to work together, to root-out witches and satanists, and if sometimes the talk and writings of goblins, the Devil, pentagrams and witches made a few moderate fundamentalists a bit uncomfortable, then that was a fair price for rooting out Evil. Certainly the language of the 'true believers' leading the fight against SRA - namely the bulldozer-like nature of the Christian Fundamentalist Right Wing, never shied away from moderation. Throughout the 'Myth years, the religious fundamentalist community supported by its enthusiastic foot soldiers - the feminist community, who would otherwise have been expected to violently oppose any suggestion that they had become entranced by those who included amongst their number, fanatics who would be quite happy to see the smouldering remains of burnt women in each and every English and Welsh community marketplace.

Women as 'Perpetual Victims'

In 1998 at least one academic, Susan P. Robbins, saw the early signs that a new form of feminism - so-called '3rd wave' feminism that would address some of the burdens that Ms. Campbell OBE's generation of feminists had saddled women with. The feminist vision of females are being 'perpetual victims' - constantly bamboozled by wily 'satanic' males who run rings around them, as they desperately struggle against the evil machinations of the other sex who are constantly plotting to find more and varied ways of abusing them, was starting to grate on many feminists - who identified with the vision of women as dynamic, hugely capable and enterprising - and who weren't going to be either downtrodden or be seen to be downtrodden by the 'other sex'. The theory of MSBP sees a vision of simpering women, desperate to gain the attention from (mostly male) doctors, to the point that they will poison, injure or choke their children, or inflict diseases or conditions on them through means not yet understood by medical science (such as autism - see the entry for Bruno Bettelheim). In the secret court system, women are routinely accused of mental illness - but with no calls for mental health services to be expanded to accommodate for the seeming huge range of 'problems' that women seem prone to.

The bestselling book by leading feminists Laura Davis and Ellen Bass The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (1994) had a fairly simple premise; if you were a woman and felt bad about yourself - then in all likelihood you had been sexually abused by your father when you were young, and you'd forgot all about it (and best to pop down to a therapist who would tell you this). Suddenly new generations of women who thought of themselves only as victims were generated, as feminists openly embraced Sigmund Freuds psychoanalysis in a manner that his advocates could never have imagined.

In the US, the vision of women as nothing more than 'easy' victims of abuse or guile has expanded into huge industries concerned with publishing guides, seminars and TV shows on how women should refer to themselves as 'victims'. University Women's Courses curriculums are predominantly obsessed with the presentation of history in the form only of women as being merely victims of cunning males, and rather than the image of women as being strong, determined, intelligent and brave, we are now presented with the widespread image of women as being 'woe is me'.

Yet the ideal of a '3rd-wave' of feminism was appealing;

More recently, a newer "third wave" of feminism has produced scathing critiques about feminist theory and practice that is rooted in the concept of victimisation (see Kaminer, 1995; Robbins, Chatterjee, & Canada, 1998). Requiring women to assume the role of the "victim," a person who is perpetually in recovery, has been criticised for being disempowering as well as being a suppression of women's rights to sexual, psychological, and economic freedom. Nonetheless, "victim feminism," as it has been dubbed, was an integral part of the recovery culture that emerged in the 1980s.
(Source: The Social and Cultural Context of Satanic Ritual Abuse Allegations - by Susan P. Robbins, IPT journal, Volume 10, 1998)

In reality 3rd-wave feminism never left the runway, and is today perhaps best described as 'feminism wearing a skirt'. The vulnerability to religious fundamentalist rhetoric remains as before. Instead, as a body corporate 'modern' feminism entered a spiral of decline - presenting women as just daft subordinates, dependent on 'positive discrimination' legislation to make it into any boardroom position, hopelessly unsuited to cope with the modern world because of the huge disadvantages patriarchal history has burdened them with.

In response many women, particularly those running their own businesses or engaged in the upper echelons of corporate life, find themselves unable to find anything appealing in modern feminism that isn't grossly insulting (see Naomi Wolf, Gloria Steinem). An alternative form of '3rd wave' feminism, that has managed to respond to the modern world, and perhaps managed to address feminisms increasingly well-documented collusion with religious extremism, has yet to emerge.

Marxism & religious fundamentalism

Throughout this Entry it hasn't perhaps been recognised that the question as to whether Ms. Campbell OBE believes in the SRA Myth, is essentially worthless. She may, quite rightly, believe whatever she wishes to believe, or not. That it be suggested that a supposed revolutionary Marxist be disallowed from advocating religious fundamentalist views is in itself an abuse of her rights, whether she genuinely shares such beliefs or not. Continuing belief by the feminist community in the SRA Myth is now so well embedded that few worry about the evidence issue. It seems unlikely the movement will be able to shake off it's continuing collusion with the religious fundamentalist factions, and the two elements of extremism will continue to cross-pollinate each other for the foreseeable future. Such is the embedded belief in the SRA Myth that 'feminist' publishers have no issue in advertising their support for it, mixing it in with subjects that might make religious fundamentalists blanch;

Press Gang Publishers
1723 Grant Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5L 2YC, CANADA; (604) 251-3315
"Publishers of lesbian and feminist writers...Founded in 1975, we take pride in the diversity of our books ranging from women's history to sexual politics, psychiatry to sexual and ritual abuse, censorship to lesbian erotica, women and the law to union organising and unlearning racism."
(Source: Women's Studies and Gender Studies Publishers - Women's Studies Section Association of College & Research Libraries American Library Association).

As in the 1980's and 1990's Women's Studies courses continue instructing women in the religious fundamentalist-derived SRA Myth, sometimes removing the Bible references and accounts of spacecraft owned by satanists or Satan turning-up for a public appearance, sometimes not.

An indicator as to how devotees to the SRA Myth continue to promote their beliefs using public facilities, you can simply visit the medical services offered to students. In Leeds, in the north of England, the Leeds Student Medical Practise provides the contact details for normal counselling organisations (rape, sexual health etc) plus;

SAFE 01722 410889 National helpline for survivors of ritual abuse (Mon-Sat 6-8pm)

As remains the case with all advocates of the SRA Myth, no one inside nearly three decades has been tempted to simply take a digital camera, a shotgun and a map, and drive to where one of these apparently regular satanic gatherings takes place, and gets some Pulitzer-Award-winning pictures. Despite her connections in the media, Ms. Campbell, just like Valerie Sinason referenced earlier in these Pages, felt compelled to write and speak on the subject, but was never quite compelled to address the skeptics and doubters in the only true way possible; with a photograph.

It may be sufficient to say that the collusion between feminists and religious fundamentalists was nothing more than a temporary expedient alliance that happens to have extended into modern times; a convenient merging of two otherwise disparate groups over a common cause. Feminists might say that a collusion that began in 1983 until now (2010) of 27 years length is hardly evidence of a permanent engagement. Fundamentalists were, and remain, convinced that Satan is abound in the world, and it is their lives' work to challenge Him when and wherever He is, or likely, to appear. Feminists believe, then and now, in the inherent evil of males, families, and women who engage in relationships with males, have children, and form and often lead, families. For a time, from 1988 to at least 2001, and perhaps all the way to modern times, both groups have agreed not to disagree on one aspect; that SRA is rife throughout the United Kingdom and US, and the somewhat glaring lack of evidence is nothing more than the work of Satan/a patriarchal conspiracy (delete where applicable). In the end, feminists, though a little sensitive about the subject, might say (though paraphrasing them is perhaps unjustified) that they 'saw a chance, and have gone for it' - that the collusion with religious fundamentalism was and is no more than a convenience. A cynic may say or write that on the subject of exposing the evil of the patriarchal system, radical feminists will do whatever is needed, conjoin with whoever and whatever, adopt any viewpoint, listen to any far-fetched tale or allegation, misrepresent any fact, produce any number of false statistics, engage with misogynists who wouldn't look out-of-place in the 17th century...do whatever it takes to win. On the basis on their documented collusion to date, that viewpoint is at least worth consideration. Conceivably it may explain the perceived tendency for feminists to decline to address the issues of the abuse of women in Islamic countries.

Gauging the nature of those people that the feminists collude with is easy to discern, what is harder to fathom is why on earth feminists would wish to have anything to do with them in the first place;

This subject seems to be in the news more and more. We are anti-abortion and pro-life. Unfortunately, there are many other sins beside abortion that can make a person have problems with their relationship with the Lord. Many ministries condemn those who commit abortion above other sins, yet never touch the other sins, such as gossip, lying, homosexuality, or membership in secret societies. We minister to survivors of Post-abortion depression and those suffering from the guilt from the sin.

One of the types of abortion, Partial birth abortion, has been in the news lately and we are thrilled that there has been some progress made in stopping it, but we have a long way to go so keep that issue in your prayers. 90% of babies aborted are normal. When an "oops" happens and the baby's head pops out, the doctor must deliver the baby alive, drown it, or let the child die from exposure or neglect. Many young mothers are lied to and do not know that they carry a live baby from conception and they are told it is just a "blob of tissue". As Christians we know otherwise. We also believe that a person can be forgiven for making the mistake of abortion if they go to Jesus with a sincere heart.

(Isaiah 44:24 KJV) Thus saith the LORD, thy redeemer, and he that formed thee from the womb, I am the LORD that maketh all things; that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself;
(Source: Ritual Abuse Free)

Ultimately the SRA Myth is perceived as a failure by both groups, an opportunity lost. In the US hundreds were jailed, routinely with bizarre 'evidence' that in the vast majority of cases didn't survive appeals or the introduction of forensic technology such as DNA tests. Dozens though are still incarcerated, invariably those who were already too poor to pay for decent lawyers. Some are gay men, the original target group for the first advocates of the SRA Myth, before even the feminist community had become engaged.

By way of contrast though, in the UK, the institutions of the police, Crown Prosecution Service/Crown Office and criminal justice system proved themselves up to the task, and resisted the drive to a return to the 1690's. No individual was convicted throughout the SRA Myth years for satanic ritual abuse or any charge that incorporated such evidence of any such act. It isn't quite certain at what point the feminist community in the UK would have unshackled itself from the alliance; at what point it determined that things had gotten just too far out-of-hand. Although perhaps the establishment of the ISA counts as the ultimate victory for the colluding groups, the most extreme of fundamentalists never had the satisfaction of even managing to burn even one woman for witchcraft in some provincial English town square, and that that guilt, fortunately, doesn't rest upon the consiousnesses of either group.

Ms. Campbell OBE deserves recognition is that she has stuck to her beliefs and principles over the decades, even in the face of vitriolic opposition - which she and her supporters from either side of the dogmatic fence, might be inclined to say includes this Entry itself.

She has stuck to her principles, and her revolutionary and republican convictions.

Nearly all the time.

Order of the British Empire controversy

In June 2009 Ms. Campbell's Marxist credentials suffered when she chose to accept an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in what was the last batch of honours dished-out during New Labour's reign in office.

Trying desperately to justify how a supposedly Marxist lesbian, republican radical feminist came to accept an honour from a supposedly vicious, patriarchal and overwhelmingly white-male dominated Establishment, Ms. Campbell chose to write for The Guardian, with an online piece entitled Why I accepted my OBE on June 16th. The Guardian readers comments following the piece, as well as being copious, managed to mix vitriol directed against Ms. Campbell's "treason" and enormous humour- such as speculating if what every marxist lesbian republican really wanted was a "good frock" (in which to curtsy to The Queen). Perhaps not surprisingly the editor of the online edition of The Guardian chose to close the comments section rapidly as the vast majority of online visitors tore into the newspapers freelance writer in embarrassing fashion - but too late for her now to be routinely referred-to as "Duchess". Some commentators chided the Comment Is Free editors for encouraging/allowing Ms. Campbell OBE to expose herself through the article to such ridicule. The vision of Ms. Campbell (in her best frock) accepting her honour from the Queen was too much for many to bear, but the article was voted 'Best Thread of the Year' for 2009 by CIF's own subscribers, and the comments comprise a sort of compendium of work of great comedy writers-in-the-making.

In addition to the obvious support for Ms. Campbell OBE by the Labour Party, who else would count her as a true friend? Well, the somewhat short list would include the chairman of PACA - Professionals Against Child Abuse - an otherwise anonymous group comprising professionals concerned with child protection, worried that the seemingly constant stream of scandals and allegations of unprofessionalism are preventing the real issue from being addressed; that child abuse is rife in Britain and the government needs to do more and spend more, in dealing with it.

Looking for a suitable writer upon which they could rest their hopes of favourable treatment in the Press, PACA no doubt conducted a thorough investigation into which journalists could be sure to sway public opinion, and perhaps encourage greater confidence in the child protection process and the professionals, who since the Cleveland Scandal of 1987, have been blighted with the charges of zealotry and obsession. With an eye to ensure that their cause would be heard dispassionately and that they had chosen a writer whose merits would reflect well upon them, they chose...Bea Campbell OBE;

Beatrix Campbell is a writer of great wisdom and talent. She has written perceptively about child protection “scandals” for many years, certainly since the problems that arose some years ago in the north east of England. Her comments in this article triggered by the tragedy of Baby P are very relevant and could be used to guide those in positions of influence.
(Source: Professionals Against Child Abuse 2008 - External Article by Bea Campbell)

Bearing in mind the controversy surrounding Ms. Campbell's perceptive writing, particularly concerning the SRA Myth, it isn't immediately clear if PACA incorporates fundamentalist religious views amongst its membership - but certainly any organisation willing to endorse her record in saying she has written perceptively about child protection “scandals” for many years does run the risk of attracting that enquiry.

Who else could she count on as being an ally? Well the conspiracy theory community have incorporated the SRA Myth with huge enthusiasm, finding that the 'Myth, enthused about still by religious fundamentalists and feminists alike is an already proven formula that requires no reference to evidence. Indeed the extreme conspiracy theory section of society have a simple strategy to deal with non-believers; they simply condemn such people as being satanists, pedophiles or alien 12-foot reptiles in disguise, or under their command. Such a ploy isn't so far removed from the tactic of simply accusing an SRA Myth skeptic of being a paedophile and/or satanist. It seems reasonable that Ms. Campbell and the feminist/religious fundamentalist community could call David Icke a friend;


Staggering as it may seem, all of the above are massively widespread all over the world. It is happening in your community now, I don't care where you are. I, and others, have been highlighting this for years and now, as you will see on this site, the scale of it, and the famous people involved, are coming to light at last.

Partly these rituals and abuse networks are to do with traumatising people, especially children, but it is far more than just that. Follow the Illuminati-reptilian bloodlines from the ancient world to now and they have ALWAYS taken part in human sacrifice ceremonies and blood-drinking. The sacrifices to "the gods" in the ancient accounts were literally sacrifices to the reptilians and their hybrid bloodlines. The story of the blood-drinking Dracula is symbolic of these reptilian "vampires". One of the locations of this reptilian group would appear to be the star-system known as Draco and "draconian" certainly sums up the Illuminati.

To hold their human form, these entities need to drink human (mammalian) blood and access the energy it contains to maintain their DNA codes in their "human" expression. If they don't, they manifest their reptilian codes and we would all see what they really look like. "Oh, my God, Mr. President, do you always eat your breakfast from across the room?".

From what I understand from former "insiders", the blood (energy) of babies and small children is the most effective for this, as are blond-haired, blue-eyed people. Hence these are the ones overwhelmingly used in sacrifice, as are red- haired people also, it appears.

This is why people like George Bush, Henry Kissinger, and a stream of the other Illuminati "big names" are exposed in my books and on this site as reptilian shape-shifters who take part in human sacrifice and blood drinking. The two go together. There also appears to be a very significant emphasis among the Illuminati-reptilians and their offshoots with paedophilia, which is rampant on this planet.

I would emphasise also before I end here that I am exposing certain reptilian GROUPS behind the Illuminati, not the reptilian genetic stream in general. There are many of reptilian origin who are here to help humanity to free themselves from this mental and emotional bondage. Indeed, every one of us has a body with much reptilian genetics, including part of the brain called the R-complex, the reptilian brain. It is merely a matter of degree.
(Source: excerpt The Reptilian Connection from ...and the truth shall set you free by David Icke (2004))

The merging of the Recovered Memory community and obsessions of conspiracy theorists has already taken place, whilst maintaining the elements of the original SRA Myth, including the Vast Conspiracy idea, 'pushed' by Ms. Campbell OBE, that somehow the Freemason community is deeply engaged. This from a leading conspiracy theorist admired by David Icke, Henry Makow, with his interview with 'survivor' Mary Anne;

On Sept. 21, 2008 Mary Anne said that tens of thousands of children will be sacrificed that night (the autumnal equinox) in Illuminati ceremonies. The children are bred for the purpose or kidnapped. Satanists believe they gain power from killing. Often they rip out the heart and eat a piece of it. They prefer it to be still beating. At Easter, they kill adults.

There are also sexual rituals involving young children. They are believed to increase power, and create fear and solidarity in members.

[A troubling error. Mary Anne let me refer to this as the "Vernal Equinox" when it is the "Autumnal Equinox."]

Illuminati members live double lives. At night they engage in these Satanic rituals. By day they are found in all walks of life: medicine, education, psychology, therapy, banking, law, law enforcement, government, technology, military, charities and religion.

They are everywhere. The worst are in the news on a daily basis posing as leaders.

They are the elite of Freemasonry. They are generational Satanists, which means you have to be born into it. You can't join. Their children are evaluated and trained. Mormons and "Nation of Islam" have parallel beliefs, she said.

The world has been divided into ten regions. Different groups are in control of North America. They are related to the Crowns of Europe.

Many Jews have a prominent role but the Illuminati is not predominantly Jewish. Muslim, Christian, Mormon, Wicca, Pagan and New Age groups all play a role.

She said 80-90% of the House of Representatives and %100 of the Senate belong to the Illuminati.

Mary Anne said she was sexually abused by her own family from an early age. In spite, or because of this, she was groomed to be a prominent political figure. She worked closely with many world leaders and was sexually abused by them. She was tortured when she refused to carry out assassinations.

All religions are infiltrated and controlled by the Illuminati. The Vatican is rotten at the top. The future "Anti Christ" will be a Pope. All countries, including Russia, China and Iran, are controlled by the Illuminati. "You don't say no."

The Illuminati is behind the homosexual agenda, AIDS, and the sexual revolution. They foster anything that is in rebellion against the Christian God.
(Source: Children Sacrificed by Illuminati --Defector "Mary Anne")

Amongst the feminist community, Ms. Campbell OBE is still an iconic figure, despite her association with religious fundamentalism and the promotion of the SRA Myth and other causes that have negatively impacted on women, particularly women with children. The organisation Feminism in London thinks enough of her that they invited her as a keynote speaker in the opening session of the Feminism in London 2009 gathering, and also in recognition of the her appointment as Commissioner to the Board of the Women’s National Commission (WNC) though the WMC, not having contributed anything positive to the lives of the UK's women was wound-up in 2011 by the Coalition government. In addition to Ms. Campbell (OBE) another keynote speaker was Susan (Suzie) Orbach - most famous for being suspected as the source of the psychobabble Princess Diana had produced in televised conversation during her period of greatest stress, but also hugely associated with the DID/MPD/SRA Myth movement. Indeed in 2006 in Commercial Street, London, Ms. Orbach chaired a round-up session with Valerie Sinason and others, at the The John Bowlby Memorial Conference - Trauma & Attachment, which also included contributions from leading Mind Control SRA Myth advocate Sue Richardson (mentioned earlier) whose history in child protection goes back to being the child abuse consultant appointed by Cleveland social services department, just in time for the infamous 1987 Cleveland RAD Scandal (it was she who decided the best thing to do was remove the children whose rectums had been examined by Dr. Marietta Higgs and Dr. Geoffrey Wyatt from their families). Such is the obsession with the right-wing Christian-fundamentalist-derived SRA Myth, that it is virtually impossible for any feminist conference to avoid even accidentally inviting an SRA Myth advocate, albeit if they are now 'getting on' a little in years.

By way of illustration the list of speaking guests for Feminism in London 2010 included Jill Radford, described as a radical feminist and member of the Campaign to End Rape. She has recently retired as Professor of Women’s Studies and Criminology and Director of the Section for the Study of Gender Violence at the University of Teesside.... She is also co-author of Demons, devils and denial: towards a feminist understanding of ritual/satanic abuse with leading SRA advocate and True Believer Dr. Liz Kelly, published in now-defunct feminist periodical Trouble & Strife, volume 22 that itself had enthusiastically adopted the ultra-right fundamentalist-derived 'Myth. Ms. Radford though hasn't written sufficient a body of work in support of the 'Myth to be able to call herself a True Believer.

Feminism in London 2011 was cancelled, apparently due to logistical difficulties. By way of compensation to the feminist community Fem 11 organised by an ad hoc organisation called Feminista is scheduled to be held at The Quakers Friends House in Euston Road, London for one day on 12 November 2011. The organisers, contemplating all of the possible speakers to invite to the event, decided it best to invite as guest speakers Shami Chakrabarti of UK charity Liberty (notable for its wholesale abadoning of women abused by the UK justice system) and...Beatrix Campbell OBE. It isn't by any means clear why the Fem 11 organisers, with UK feminisdm truly in the doldrums, not least because of its inability to shake off the accusation that it is simply anti-male rather han pro-women, would even dream of wanting to invite Bea Campbell as a guest speaker. Her association with everything that is reprehensible about UK feminism is almost universal, to the point that her invite may have been a deliberate attempt to sabotage the event, or at least 'put the boot in' to UK feminism a little more. However Ms. Campbell is a consumate public speaker, conceivably having gained much of her rhetoric from her dealings with religious fundamentalism. Her invidtation though does point at the paucity of talent in UK feminism, and its continuing dependence on faded and spent individuals from previous generations.

Fem11 - Feminista 11

Whilst Ms. Campbell's partner Judith (Dawson) Jones saw no difficulties in giving her time to a Christian Fundamentalist video production, Ms. Campbell OBE herself never blanched at the thought of working with religious fundamentalists (see Page One of this entry. Moderate religious publications, such as The Third Way (not to be confused with the Labour Party's same term) were privileged to interview her in 1999, and her image adorned the front page;


Although professing to not have a religious bone in her body, Ms. Campbell's inclusion in the edition, concerned one subscriber in a later letters page, but caused absolute joy for another;

I was excited to receive a copy of Third Way with a picture of one of my heroes on the front: Bea Campbell. She is a wonderful example of the provocation and inspiration a genuinely compassionate and insightful person can give when not tied to supporting or preserving a religious institution.

It's also good to be reminded that there are so many people who are not Christians who can appreciate the contribution that Christians and Christianity make to society. Thank you (and her) for allowing us dignity where we don't allow it to ourselves, through our paranoia about being a minority and our subsequent feelings of exclusion and unloveableness. Her truthfulness allows God to bless me.

I'd like to thing I'm part of a Christian community that is just as forthright, compassionate, uncluttered and free of the defences that encroach then you think you have to sustain power. Reminds me of Jesus.

Andy Thornton, London
(Source: Letters to the editor, page 7, Third Way magazine, July 1999)

It seems likely Ms. Campbell OBE will attend the 2010 Feminism in London event in October, and it seems highly unlikely that any 'awkward' questions will be asked of her, both from the floor or in the social gatherings and workshops that take place. The 2009 event was notable for side-stepping the issue of fundamentalism, an issue increasing twisting the feminist movement, and once again focusing on a historic tendency for feminism to collude rather than oppose religious fundamentalists (see Kate Allen and Naomi Wolf). It is worthwhile speculating if a curious individual attending the booksellers stands at the event would be able to track down any publications advocating for the SRA Myth (unfortunately one of the co-authors of this entry did attend in 2009, and the answer was 'yes'). For the moment, through documented contributions to religious fundamentalist publications, web sites and conferences - the complicity between religious elements and feminism continues unabated. Indeed even after a year in investigating the subject, the editors of this Site still receive enormous amounts of material on the collusion, and there is an equal amount of material about such established and continuing collusion in the US which has been barely published yet. A planned extended entry, tentatively titled From Rocket Ships in the Schoolyard to Camp Delta will include this subject for discussion, and how it changed the judicial and human rights landscape of the US. As the SRA Myth transforms again, this time with the assistance of the David Icke-inspired 12'-high lizard crowd, it can be anticipated that fantasies of worldwide ritual torture conspiracies will continue to prevail amongst feminists, diffusing down to the rest of the left and liberal elite, though with less avid enthusiasm than in the past.

As previously discussed at length, having tried to foist an incredible tale of Vast Conspiracies onto a not necessarily unwilling Left and liberal elite, it isn't entirely surprising that the SRA Myth should fit in perfectly with the 'right-field' conspiracy theorists, and it's worthwhile just revisiting this facet;

In a fashion, supporters of David Icke and Beatrix Campbell OBE have to be recognised for their dedication, if for nothing else. Both individuals share a similar passion; to expose the idea that the world we live in is just a mere shadow of reality, that scratch below the surface and Vast Conspiracies are discernible. This though cuts both ways; our understanding of the Left, of feminism, and liberal concepts we associate with 'modern' times were challenged by the 'crazy' years. For Ms. Campbell, she inhabits a world with an unbreakable conviction that at least a sizeable minority of men routinely sodomise their children (Cleveland); whereby inter-generational covens of witches and satanists conspire to meet in secret and ritually abuse tens-of-thousands of children a year, with the assistance of senior police officers, Directors of Social Services and the judiciary (the SRA Myth); that women routinely deliberately injure and kill their children to gain attention from medical staff, and manage to inflict conditions like leukaemia, autism and spina bifida through means yet not understood by medical science, but which were perfectly understood in the 17th century (MSBP). And finally, that two workers in a busy nursery managed to take children out to their homes and repeatedly sexually abuse them, without anyone noticing, including their 'victims' themselves (The Shieldfield Scandal). David Icke in the meantime simply wishes to insist that mankind is controlled by 12-foot high alien reptiles (plus all the stuff advocated by Ms. Campbell OBE).

It isn't easy to determine if the current generation of feminists look upon their older peers with either awe and respect for their collusion with religious fundamentalists, or with shame and incredulity. What can be said is that there are no new faces amongst the current generation of feminists, willing to publicly endorse the 'Myth, either in writing or from a public stage. The 'old guard' persists with their views and these aren't challenged, suggesting that belief in the religious fundamentalist message of the SRA Myth continues amongst the young feminist community, though with less enthusiasm than in the past. In Wales and England some universities, inclined towards a 'pseudo/crank science' curriculum continue to teach MPD/DID as part of student social worker degree, ensuring the 'Myth lives on amongst some NQSW's (Newly Qualified Social Workers).

As mentioned previously, a pursuit that consumes much of the time of feminists, particularly the lecturers and management of Women's Studies courses is how to curtail the desire for women to engage in free thought and expression. Such pursuits are frowned-upon, principally because it is felt that free-thinking women are invariably enticed by a patriarchal society, and thus engage with evil, satanic males, or worse, create and lead families, thus continuing the patriarchal tradition. Only by limiting the facility for women to think freely, to prevent them from being able to construct their own arguments and conduct independent research is it felt that feminist women can ensure their freedom from patriarchy.

The result though of this strategy is that feminism has become stifled, sandbagged by its own limited vocabulary, a distant and bitter shadow of the movement that produced dynamic confident women of the 1960's and '70's. Reading a feminist text, or listening to a speech by a feminist (invariably accompanied by the de rigour standing ovation from fellow feminists) can be a stifling pursuit, as each of the buzz-words are ticked-off, and delivered in sufficient quantity: patriarchal, evil males, inclusive, gender, abuse, oppression...The self-enclosed world of feminism has had an unintended consequence; the current and quite likely, following generations are seriously short of charismatic leaders and inspirers. Having banished free thought and expression, limiting them to tightly defined boundaries which broach no revision or challenge ensures that feminism is moribund, unable to react to the worlds changing events. For the most part, feminist impact upon society has seen little more than an unplanned desire to impose a medieval view of women; portraying them as simple, easily confused and constantly victimised doe-eyed angels, always out-foxed by wily males, in a world that they have no control or proper comprehension-of. This is a total corruption of the feminist ideal, but perhaps the most obvious result of its continued dalliance with religious fundamentalism.

Philosopher Christina Hoff-Sommers, loathed by feminists, not least because of her contention that they are impacting negatively on both feminism and women themselves, fears that feminism's intellectual diversity is diminished.

Marxism Today's submission to christian fundamentalism

The journal/magazine Marxism Today stopped publishing in 1991, finishing its history under editor Martin Jacques in embarrassing fashion. Becoming enraptured with the message from the ultra-far-right religious fundamentalists, whose image of society would make Margaret Atwoods world of The Handmaids Tale look tame, the publication fell off the precipice of radical Left-wing thought and headed due-Right. At least one reader though wasn't happy about how British Marxism had been hijacked by Ms. Campbell OBE, and wondered how an obsession driven by religious fundamentalists had made headway in Britain;

Abuse Of Faith
Bea Campbell's article on ritual child abuse (MT November) presents only one side of the story. She says nothing about the 18 foster parents who did not report any signs of ritual abuse from the children in their care, or the intensive forensic investigation that did not turn up a single trace of human or animal sacrifice. Campbell talks about the inquiry's' need to believe' that there is no sub-culture of Satanic abuse in Britain. I would like to know why Campbell needs to believe in something for which there is about as much physical evidence as there is for flying saucers.

Over the last two and a half years, the ritual abuse myth has been rising in Britain, and there is no doubt whatsoever that it emanates from the US Christian right via international fundamentalist information networks. In America,the ritual abuse allegations focussed on day-care centres, but so far no physical evidence has been produced to show that satanic abuse rings have been making use of these centres - all the evidence has consisted of the 'disclosures' of very young children who had been through months of therapy with people who firmly believed in ritual abuse.

It has taken this time for the idea of satanic abuse to become established in Britain. It generally takes about that long for American cultural ideas to penetrate to Europe. Had ritual abuse rings been operating in Britain before 1987-8,details and hints of it would have been circulating for years beforehand. Instead, the current British scare has all the appearance of a transplanted myth, with the confirming 'proofs' appearing only after the details had been made part of public knowledge through tabloid reporting.

'Believe the children' is Campbell's entirely understandable gut reaction to satanic abuse. But gut reaction simply cannot be trusted! I wish that she showed some of the honesty and insight of Simone Weil, who wrote: 'I know that if at this moment I had before me a group of 20 young Germans singing Nazi songs, a part of me would instantly become Nazi. This is a very great weakness...'. Justice is not served by wild emotionalism- just ask the Guildford Four.#

Val Dobson, Lancashire
(Source: From page 12 Marxism Today, January 1991 - from microfiche)

A repository of Val Dobson's intermittent writing can be found on her site at newoomh and includes her work ranging from examinations of witchcraft, to the risk inherent to the British Greens because of their association with David Icke.

Phillip Jenkins, quoted before in this Index entry, also noted the willingness of a British Left publication to roll over and play dead for the ultra-Right religious fundamentalist message;

Another defence of the ritual claims appeared in the rather inappropriate setting of Marxism Today, a popular left-wing journal. Campbell was writing for an audience that had struggled to accept claims of widespread child abuse, and that now gagged at the prospect of accepting satanic rings as culprits. However, the charges had to be taken seriously, or else we would be challenging the truth of what children were saying (Campbell 1990).

In defence of the charges, she asserts that satanism is often not taken seriously, and thus only provides abusers with a more exciting setting and justification for the crimes: "Satanic rituals in a secular culture like ours aren't taken seriously. Anyone who respects children's accounts of ritualised abuse isn't taken seriously either." After all, the occult was commonplace in the culture, in the form of heavy metal music, horoscopes, and New Age shops. Her linkage of these phenomena with satanic abuse reflected (no doubt unconsciously) the connections so frequently made in the religious press.

But throughout her writing, Campbell knowingly or otherwise repeats the charges from the fundamentalist literature, most strikingly the alleged claims of human sacrifice made by Aleister Crowley, as great a charlatan and practical joker as an occultist (Symonds 1973). She is left defending the truth of human sacrifice and ritual abuse in the Nottingham case and elsewhere, and excoriates the police for their failure to pay attention: "All the progress of the 1980s in transforming the way children and women witnesses alleging sexual crimes have been treated by the police has been undermined by the notion that the child witnesses should be treated as if they were the culprits and not the victims...Once again the problem of policing has confounded the struggle for children's rights" (Campbell 1990). The appropriation of left and feminist rhetoric in such a cause is striking, but it was not untypical.

The breadth of media support-and the odd coalition of religious and radical groups that now emerged-created an atmosphere conductive to the rapid spread of ritual abuse accusations.
(Source: pages 175 and 176 of Intimate enemies: moral panics in contemporary Great Britain - 1992, by Philip Jenkins)

For still-genuine Marxists and political commentators alike, Martin Jacques sudden committment to the cause of christian fundamentalism during the final year of Marxism Today remains unexplained to this day. Quite likely as editor he became enraptured by the SRA Myth, and put aside the natural skepticism that the role of editor requires. It isn't certain how far Marxism Today would have strayed had it continued - would articles on exorcism, interviews with leading US evangelicals have slipped into its pages? Some commentators found some mirth in the subject, though with a serious edge;

"And if the fire starts going out, she said we can use some back-copies of Marxism Today…’

Others noted Jenkins' observations about how seeming committed secularists embraced the most extreme of religious views, most notably US authors Derek Davis and Barry Hankins. Pope Benedicts visit to the United Kingdom in September 2010 exposed the issue again; whilst secularists are only too willing to declare religion dead in Great Britain, many remain unwilling to explain or apologise for the willing and documented collusion secularists, left and liberal-leaning intellectuals and one particular campaigner and journalist in particular had engaged in. Whilst banishing belief in God, the effort to demonise families, women with children and males appears to have left a distinct belief in satanic evil lingering;

So, we have the seemingly strange situation of quite secular feminists sometimes appearing to take seriously the claims being made by anti-Satanists with whom they appear to have very little else in common. Jenkins tell of a feminist scholar writing in a Marxist journal who treats quite seriously objective claims by Christian fundamentalists about the action of Satanists in child care centers. Such occurrences are illustrative of the many forces and movements that flow together to help form the Satanism scare.
(Source: Page 74 - New religious movements and religious liberty in America - 2003, by Derek Davis, Barry Hankins)

In the same month - September 2010, the former liberal and leftist daily newspaper, The Independent revealed an editorial tendency that demonstrated that secularist opposition to religion - notably the Catholic Church, often acted as vehicle for the simple continuation of the blood libel tradition against whichever religion is out-of-favour at the time. In a comment of the 8th September, using the vehicle of the Pope's visit and the marriage difficulties of soccer player Wayne Rooney, Julie Burchill made every effort to demonise all Catholics, rendering her attack not on the management of the Church, or even its historic institutions, but rather on anyone who is a Catholic;

But if one is a Catholic, then surely double-speak and duplicity are second nature. A Church which rails against abortion and then spends decades covering up the most appalling degree of child abuse obviously has no problem with holding two opposing ideas at once – and at least the opposition to termination now makes perfect sense, with hindsight. All those unborn children that could have been molested – what a waste!
(Source: Do visits from ex-Hitler Youth members make me uneasy? Is the Pope Catholic? by Julie Burchill, The Independent, Wednesday, 8 September 2010)

By the mid-1990's the British Left had been rendered an intellectual basket-case, twitching only sporadically in abject indignation only every-now-and-then, and normally with a rhetoric of religious intolerance it had inherited from it's dalliance with the ultra-right religious fundamentalists. In the US, the situation was near-identical; the SRA Myth having wreaked it's havoc, destroying concepts of civil liberty and a conviction in the Rule of Law, whilst saddling the American Left and liberal elite with a charge that still sticks today - that they had willingly conspired in bringing forth the abuses of Salem in 1692 into the modern age. Lumbered with the baggage of it's allying with fanatical fundamentalism, the Left on either side of the Atlantic now stand routinely accused of one again being beguiled by religious fundamentalism - this time of the Islamic variety.

For the most part though, young 'leftists' have no comprehension of how their older peers willingly listened to the siren calls of religious fundamentalism in the 1990s. Those that do know of it are understandably reluctant to discuss the subject.

In the UK, some of those on the Left weren't and aren't so willing to be sucked-into belief in the conspiracy. Living Marxism magazine, changed names, folded after a libel case and now lives in the guise of sp!ked...and all of it's incarnations had and have absolutely no time for Ms. Campbell's imaginings, and Martin Jacques vulnerability to the fundamentalist message;

It ought to be said that even at the time not everyone was convinced. Notably, regular spiked contributor Dr Michael Fitzpatrick challenged the myth of Satanic ritual abuse in the pages of Living Marxism. In many ways, 'Satanic abuse' was a classic moral panic, and transparently so, but it was given special impetus by the peculiar political character of the child abuse issue. While concerns about the occult might seem more in keeping with religious conservatism, especially coming from the USA, in fact the uncovering of child abuse had become a feminist, even left-wing cause, and the idea that sinister things were going on behind the closed doors of the family had a certain resonance even beyond the lunatic fringe. The former Communist and noted feminist Beatrix Campbell wrote a series of articles and made a Channel 4 Dispatches programme promoting the myth more enthusiastically than any American evangelist group or salacious tabloid.
(Source: A full stop to the Satanic panic, by Dolan Cummings, 12th January 2006)

In some quarters, particularly in the UK, there are those who will claim that the Left and feminism broke apart long ago. Unfortunately even a perfunctory view of any leftist periodical or journal reveals that the Left, in its many varied forms, is utterly subservient to the dominance of feminist rhetoric and thought.

Christian Fundamentalists are by default forgiven for their part in the 'Myth years, as their studies in demonology are a traditional activity going back centuries. The ultra-right religious fanatics only did what they are expected to do, and which they have a history of for centuries across Europe and the former 'Colonies'. In the end their pursuit of Satan in all his perceived guises is no more and no less than 'tradition'.

For the feminist community, belief in the 'Myth is still embedded deeply within its psyche, and until its advocates pass away, it is unlikely that it will be sufficiently challenged or purged from within. Explaining its continued persistence in feminist literature and core belief remains a mystery that only they can determine. For lay-persons, and those whose political awakenings came after the 1980's and early 1990's, even the concept that feminism could have had anything to do with religious fundamentalism is hard to grasp. Rather though than it being simply two political and social constructs travelling down the same route like railway tracks - never touching one another, it was instead, and remains so, an active and seemingly thriving relationship, with active communication between the two groups (such as through R.A.I.N.S). For feminism, the relationship with ultra-right-wing religious zealots has given them a rhetoric and dictionary of evil that remains applied today. For the religious militants, so ultra-right-wing that the likes of even the most militant Republican Party 'card carriers' feel distinctly uncomfortable with them, the relationship with feminism has given them a comprehension of politics and a knowledge of media manipulation whose currency has proven invaluable.

In addition to the wider implications of how the political and social history of the US and UK and other Western nations have been influenced by the collusion of those who would otherwise declare themselves as 'leftist' or 'liberal' and those who would be unashamed to describe themselves as right-wing religious fundamentalists, the SRA Myth raises other issues;

In the past it was conceivable to say that the societies of Western Europe from the 13th to 17th centuries were hopelessly patriarchal, driven by vicious and religious strive that punished women and sought to constrain intellect and feminine nature. That view now seems hopelessly obsolete - in the late 20th century and early 21st century, all the way to even now in time, it can be demonstrated that our society continues to be vulnerable to religious militancy, and indeed the very communities and individuals who would be expected to challenge the return of the Witchcraft Trials, can easily be the very people who will turn traitor and betray women and men to collude openly with those who would bring back the sight of smouldering stakes early in the morning. The Witchcraft Trials that engulfed Western Europe and the American Colonies required the collusion of intellectuals and even secularists (or at least not deeply religious) to gain a foothold. The SRA Myth years and the continuation of the moral panic that spawned it was similarly 'blessed'. Scratch not very deep below the surface and our historical peers are waving back at us.

The well-documented collusion of feminism with ultra-far-right fanaticism also draws attention to the now-constant observation that the modern Left are too easily enraptured with the extreme religious fundamentalism represented by radical Islam (see the entries for Kate Allen, Kay Hymowitz and Naomi Wolf). The thought that the collusion of the Left with Christian right-wing religious fundamentalism during the SRA Myth years and beyond, paved the way for the now perceived collusion of the Western Left with Islamic right-wing religious fundamentalism is perhaps best addressed by political scientists, and beyond the scope and ability of this web site's editors.

Earlier in this entry, the subject of 'what if?' is discussed, with reference to speculating what might have occurred had a Labour Party government been in power at the height of the SRA Myth years. Another 'what if?' to contemplate is what if Ms. Campbell OBE had taken a different tack with the SRA Myth? It's a difficult scenario to envisage, particularly because her partner Judith (Dawson) Jones, embarked on a series of seminars and training sessions for police officers, social workers and psychiatrists, immediately after the Broxtowe Scandal, whilst at the same time co-starting R.A.I.N.S (the group of feminists and religious fundamentalists who continue to advocate for the 'Myth). Yet what if Ms. Campbell OBE had decided that she personally wasn't going to follow the religious fundamentalist line? What if she had written and campaigned, in her bombastic style, to lead feminists and the Left in Britain from the siren-like voices of the ultra-right religious militants? What if she had persuaded the social work profession and others that Britain doesn't necessarily have to follow America at every opportunity, and this was one instance when the nation could go its own way?

How then, 23 years after the SRA Myth emerged in the UK, would Ms. Campbell OBE be viewed? Having an Order of the British Empire granted to her obviously suggests she is well thought-of by the Establishment, or at least by the Labour Party, now out-of-office, but what if she had made a stand, instead of becoming the ultra-right's faithful puppy?

Is it possible that few would have been able to contest with her - knowing that she had single-handedly fought the religious fundamentalists? Would, in time, she have made a long-term peace with the Labour Party? Have been offered a safe constituency seat...climbed through the backbench's, into Cabinet...her agenda for women's rights enacted, simply because she had secured her place in history already as a 'saviour of the nation'? We, and she, will never know. She chose a course...to collude with, rather than oppose the ultra-right religious militants, and it's impact, none positive, can still be felt today. At the very least the obsession with the SRA Myth distracted attention from real child abuse, made real abuse seem minor, petty, compared to the 'sexy' imaginary battles with satanists.

Perhaps in some alternate universe Beatrix Campbell is hailed as a hero, the very essence of rebellion and dogged opposition, and she bathes in the glow of a grateful nation. In our universe, regrettably she is seen by many as a Colluder, a Collaborator.

Ms. Campbell OBE was selected by the Green Party to contest the leafy, "chattering-classes" London retreat of Hampstead and Kilburn in the 2010 General Election, perhaps emphasising her middle-class heritage to the ultimate degree. The selection was particularly odd as feminism is often identified for its anti-science posturing, which it shares with religious fundamentalism. A key feature of this anti-science stance is the rejection of modern scientific research and reasoning methodologies, and the conviction that evidence is a patriarchal concept, best avoided. Whilst feminists may be bound to crank/pseudo science, it seems unusual that The Green Party should ally itself to an individual so associated with a movement that passionately rejects science, with the same fervour that anti-climate-change supporters profess. An extended entry about the feminist rejection of science can be found at the entry for Patricia Gowaty.

Ms. Campbell OBE gained over 700 votes, or 1.4% of the votes cast, losing her deposit. The Green Party though did enjoy some success, having it's leader Dr. Caroline Lucas elected to Parliament for the Brighton constituency. All told the Green Party lost £164,000 in candidate deposits. It isn't clear if Dr. Lucas is a believer in the SRA Myth, or what her opinions are about the War on Science, being conducted by both religious fundamentalists and feminists. It isn't clear what potential Green Party voters thought of about ms. Campbell's OBE's candidature, but searching 'Google' with the text 'Beatrix Campbell Green Party satanic' suggests that her past had finally caught up with her.

Why I turned from red to green

Ms. Campbell's Order of the British Empire was conferred for service to "equal opportunities", though it is uncertain who nominated her for it, and who indeed, male or female, has benefited from her apparent commitment to said "equal opportunities". In the UK a selection committee draws up a shortlist of nominated candidates, which then forwards its recommendations to the Cabinet Secretary who, in turn, submits the list to the Prime Minister for submission to The Queen. In the case of Ms. Campbell OBE it can be presumed that even a perfunctory search of Google was made, revealing Ms. Campbell OBE's part in the Broxtowe Satanic Ritual Abuse Scandal, the Shieldfield Scandal involving her partner, Judith Dawson Jones, her support for Reflex Anal Dilation, and her support for the MSBP/FII theory used against women. It is also safe to presume that the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown was aware of these "difficulties" with Ms. Campbell, but nonetheless approved her inclusion.

Whilst the granting of an OBE was contentious in itself, it does perhaps reveal more about the engine at the heart of Labour Party social care policy, and its attitudes to women (certainly those with children) whilst it was in office until May 2010 than were ever intended to be revealed. In addition to Ms Campbell, another 'leading light' of the SRA Myth was honoured in 1999 in the form of paediatrician Dr. Camille de San Lazaro OBE who has perhaps managed to inflict almost as much damage on her profession as Dr. Marietta Higgs.

Ms. Campbell OBE's Debretts Authorised Biography is posted online here.

The acceptance of Ms Campbell's 'gong' also exposed another question; having spent years determining that the Establishment were comprehensively covering-up satanic ritual abuse, through the agencies of satanic Chief Constables, judges, Police doctors and politicians, why on earth would she wish to join the very same Establishment?

(See also Dianne Core, Rt Hon. Virginia Bottomley MP, Ray Wyre, Rev. David Woodhouse, Dr. Lawrence Pazder, Dr. Sara Scott, Tim Tate, Linda Gordon, Dr. Mary Jo Bane, Christopher Booker, Joan Acocella", Dr. Darren Oldridge, Ken Livingstone, Colin Cramphorn, Lindsey Read)

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Beatrix Campbell (OBE) & the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth - Part 2

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Please note this entry, examining the career of the British journalist, campaigner and activist Bea Campbell OBE, was originally located in the Surnames C Index page. It's length, thanks to the enormous amount of submitted material to the Site, has required it to be moved to its own section, and it is now split across three pages, only the first of which is shown in the menu.

This entry is also a placeholder to discuss the nature of the SRA Myth and the apparent collusion of feminists and religious fundamentalists during the 'Myth years of the late 1980s and 1990s, to recent times. This isn't the only dedicated page devoted to Ms. Campbell and the subject of SRA - see also Sample of Beatrix Campbell's Writings about Satanic Ritual Abuse

Another extended Index entry, concerned with the history of the RAINS - Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support organisation in England and Wales can be found under Dr. Sandra Buck. This provides more detail about the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth allegations that were made in England and Wales from 1987 to the early 1990's, and in 2003 in Scotland.

This is 'living' Index entry, and is often updated by a number of individuals as new data is received and added.

Beatrix (Bea) Campbell (Mary Lorrimer, OBE - Order of the British Empire)

Section headings

12-foot high lizards

In recent years belief in the SRA Myth has extended to the conspiracy theory community. This is perhaps a natural progression; during the 'crazy' years, notably in the US, a belief in magic and the paranormal took hold briefly amongst those who would have other described themselves as leftist or 'liberal', but who would otherwise baulked at the thought of taking part in a religious fundamentalist obsession. Nonetheless the association with religious militants throughout the 1980's and '90's left a discernible mark on those liberal and leftist elite that can be still felt today. The subject of how, for instance, the legal system in the US was changed, perhaps permanently, by the SRA Myth is to be addressed in a forthcoming Index entry, tentatively titled From Rocket Ships in the Schoolyard to Camp Delta.

In 1992 it was still possible to talk about the SRA Myth as actual, indisputable fact, without too much ridicule. With feminists thoroughly entranced and with the Left and liberal elite like-wise similarly engaged, the somewhat glaring lack of evidence could be glossed-over as being simply the result of Satan being at his most cunning, or, as promoted in the UK, a conspiracy of Police Chief Constables and politicians (who would always be Conservatives) working hand-in-hand to ensure convincing evidence was never secured. SRA Myth advocates though haver never bothered with the task of securing any evidence, and asking for such evidence is a sure-fire method to be accused of being a satanist/paedophile.

Even so, in 1992, a wider conspiracy theory to accompany the SRA Myth, this time using the mechanism of 'Mind Control' was being seen amongst it's advocates in the UK. This from the Christian Medical Fellowship, that has a current membership in Britain of over 4,000 doctors and around 900 medical students;

The belief in the demonic, or indeed our belief in God is therefore not delusional. It is possible that some symptoms of mental illness are actually demonic in origin. Voices heard in the head commenting on the sufferer in a hostile way, could perhaps be demons. That is not to say that such people are necessarily possessed. The devil's legions are all around us. It could well be that a biochemical problem in the brain causes an individual to be sensitive to a dimension we are not. This is speculation, and the alternative view that such phenomena are the product of a sick mind is certainly possible from this verse.

All this talk of the occult and supernatural may sound very unfamiliar. We like to think such things are just superstition, and from the past. This very obvious work of Satan is still prominent today, however.

It is said that 250,000 Britons describe themselves as witches or pagans today. This could well be an underestimate, since such groups are clandestine by their very nature. Groups often involve important people, and in spite of highly illegal activity, are rarely brought to justice. The CMF quarterly Newsletter of July 1989 reported on a conference held by the Association of Christian Psychiatrists at the Royal Society of Medicine. This conference examined the controversial issue of child satanic sexual abuse. 'All of the speakers were able to talk from first hand experience with cases of ritual child abuse in which multiple physical and sexual assaults, the use of drugs, brainwashing and inverting of normal values (psychological abuse) and child and animal sacrifice featured consistently.'
(Source: The Battle for our Minds - the Supernatural and Mental Illness, by Adrian Warnock, Christian Medical Fellowship (reprint from Nucleus - the CMF's student journal, October 1992))

Christian fundamentalist therapists and psychologists provided much of the energy for the ever-more-bizarre Myth allegations being made, as it became harder and harder to keep the whole edifice of the 'Myth in the air. A general feature of Myth allegations, promoted heavily by Ms. Campbell OBE herself, was that anyone who denied the existence of SRA was by default themselves part of the conspiracy. This tendency to accuse those who deny the existence of the 'Myth, let alone anyone who professes even the slightest scepticism, can trace it's legacy back to the Witch Trials of the 17th century. At the very genesis of the 'Myth years, beginning with the famous McMartin daycare Scandal of 1983, the scene was already being set by the major protagonists to enable the most bizarre and implausible allegations to be accepted as God-given fact. Roland Summit, described by Ms. Campbell OBE as the 'great Roland Summit', a local child psychiatrist who had catapulted himself to national media fame through the expediency of introducing a satanic element into the McMartin Scandal (in a similar fashion to Ray Wyre's introduction of right-wing Christian Fundamentalist demonology to the Broxtowe social workers in Nottinghamshire in 1988) made it clear that left-field (or rather, extreme right field) thinking was the only way to deal with the huge conspiracy of satan-worshipping that was apparently engulfing America;

In all of his appearances, Summit wore his die fixed on his sleeve. Having already laid the foundation for believing anything children said with his "child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome", he now set about extending it to the more improbable stories of day care ritual abuse. Summit's message was not based on child development theories and research, therefore it rarely invited questions about children's developmentally-based ability to be truthful or to resist suggestion. Rather, it was all about belief. By elevating belief over empiricism, he exhorted audiences to abandon critical thinking and healthy skepticism, and in doing so, encouraged a kind of moon-eyed gullibility.

A sample of his comments at various ritual abuse conferences that were all of the rage during the 1980s illustrates this point. At one, he urged his audience to believe that lack of evidence is really evidence of ritual abuse by insisting that the inability to prove satanic conspiracy is behind the day care cases is due to the conspirators' skills in "creating paralysing, calculated confusion and mind control" of their young victims (Summit 1987). In another, he admonished mental health clinicians to believe that conspiring law enforcement officers may hide evidence of day care ritual abuse to protect satanic providers. "Any investigation that you might prompt on behalf of your client needs to be channeled as much as possible to trusted individuals," he asserted, although he hastily expressed regret for the comment when confronted on camera by a sceptical documentarian (cited in Earl, 1995, p124). And in another venue, he urged conferees to believe the ritual abuse allegation made my mentally unstable individuals like Judy Johnson whose fantasies fuelled the McMartin Preschool case, because they are able to discern what those with logical and analytical minds simple cannot - a conspiracy of evil. "Eccentric, alienated, unsocialized and paranoid personality types are needed to ferret our allegations," he explained. "It takes somebody paranoid to continue to express suspicion" (Summit, 1989).
(Source: Page 44 The day care ritual abuse moral panic, by Mary de Young)

But accusing those who expressed scepticism and doubt to be satanists and pedophiles wasn't going to be a strategy that would survive long, and would see such accusers rapidly propelled to a civil court for slander and libel. Thus another element was added to the 'Myth. In response to the core problem of there being no evidence to support even a single meeting of a cabal of satanists sacrificing and/or abusing children, it was determined that the reason the evidence was lacking was because of an extraordinary conspiracy of politicians, police officers, security officers, doctors, journalists and judges were not only taking part in the satanic abuse, but were also suppressing and hiding the evidence. And not only that they were employing Mind Control techniques to ensure the conspiracy persisted across decades and centuries (conveniently allowing some of there former captive victims to survive their abuse, write books, establish web sites...)

In 1984 MacFarlane warned a congressional committee of scatological behaviour and animals being slaughtered in bizarre rituals which children were forced to watch. Shortly after the United States Congress doubled its budget for child-protection programs. Psychiatrist Roland Summit delivered conferences in the wake of the McMartin trial and depicted the phenomenon as a conspiracy theory, suggesting that people skeptical of SRA were part of the conspiracy. By 1986 Carol Darling, a social worker, argued in a grand jury that the conspiracy reached the government. Brad Darling, her husband, gave conferences about a satanic conspiracy of great antiquity, now permeating American communities. By the late 1980s therapists or patients who believed someone had suffered from SRA could suggest solutions that included Christian psychotherapy, exorcism and support groups whose members self-identified as "anti-Satanic warriors." Federal funding was increased for research on child abuse, with large portions of the funding going towards child sexual abuse. Funding was also provided for conferences supporting the idea of SRA, adding a veneer of respectability to the idea as well as offering an opportunity for prosecutors to exchange advice on how to best secure convictions (with tactics including the destruction of notes, refusing to tape interviews with children and destroying or refusing to share evidence with the defence). Had proof been found, SRA would have represented the first occasion where an organised and secret criminal activity had been discovered by mental health professionals.

In 1987, Geraldo Rivera produced a national television special on the alleged secret cults, claiming "Estimates are that there are over one million Satanists in [the United States and they are] linked in a highly organised, secretive network." Tapings of this and similar talk show episodes were subsequently used by religious fundamentalists, psychotherapists, social workers and police to promote the idea that a conspiracy of satanic cults existed and were involved in serious crimes. In the 1990s, psychologist D. Corydon Hammond publicised a detailed theory of ritual abuse drawn from his hypnotised patients, alleging they were victims of a worldwide conspiracy comprised of organised, secretive clandestine cells who used torture, mind control and ritual abuse to create alternate personalities that could be "activated" with codewords and were trained as assassins, prostitutes, child sex workers] (who were used to create child pornography) and drug traffickers. Hammond claimed his patients had revealed the conspiracy was masterminded by a Jewish doctor in Nazi Germany, but who now worked for the Central Intelligence Agency with a goal of worldwide domination by a Satanic cult. The cult was allegedly comprised of respectable, powerful members of society who used the funds generated to further their agenda. The patients' lack of memories (and the failure to find evidence for their claims) were cited as evidence of the power and effectiveness of this cult in furthering their agenda. Hammond's claims gained considerable attention, due in part to his prominence in the field of hypnosis and psychotherapy.
(Source: Wikipedia article 'Satanic Ritual Abuse' - visit link for actual citations)

By the first third of the 1990's the most extreme wing of the christian fundamentalist right in the US had passed this new version of the SRA Myth, now tinged with mind-control and brain-mangling capabilities, onto their equivalents in the UK. They in turn had passed it on to the feminist community, who in turn passed it on to the rest of the intellectual Leftist elite, ensuring that the entire SRA mind-control myth was adopted by some and despaired-at privately by others. In Britain, efforts to paint a picture of the MI5 and the local police as being the chief shakers-and-movers in this huge Mind Control conspiracy proved somewhat difficult, so as with the original 'Classic' version of the SRA Myth, with its flying witches and dragons and goblins mythology, those at the margins of society; the dispossessed, the poorly housed, the unemployed and those in poverty, were blamed as being the cunning masters of Mind Control. The poor were therefore envisaged practising their home-acquired skills with hypnosis, drugs and ritual abuse, through the thin cold walls of British council estate homes.

In the summer of 1994 Prof. Jean La Fontaine's report, commissioned by the Conservative Government in 1991, entitled The Extent and Nature of Organised and Ritual Abuse was delivered to the then Health Secretary, the Rt Hon. Virginia Bottomley MP. Overnight the SRA Myth became just that, a myth. With the exception of the most fanatical and committed religious fundamentalists, Ms. Campbell OBE and other die-hard colluding feminists, and of course publications including The Guardian, Marxism Today and The New Statesman who hung on in their support for a little bit longer, the 'Myth was pretty much struck down in the UK, leaving just a few more scandals, including the Island of Lewis in 2003, to get over. A primary factor in the 'Myths demise was the almost unequivocal decision by the nations' Directors of Social Services to prevent their social workers and associated professions from liaising with religious fundamentalists, attending joint fundamentalist/feminist conferences, or from receiving training/indoctrination from fundamentalist groups. The contribution of the Directors' has never really been appreciated in the UK, but acting through the community of their own professional bodies, the Directors exerted their control over the social worker profession, at a point when many English and Welsh social workers in particular had become lost to reality, dreaming obsessive dreams sparked by fundamentalist propaganda.

At the point of the 'Myth's demise from widespread belief, in 1994, it was frozen in amber, left with the Mind Control 'add-on module' tacked-on to the original witches-and-demons 'Classic' SRA Myth. For the remainder of the 1990's it was this version of the 'Myth that would be willingly believed by a core of religious fundamentalists and feminists.

Even academia and its belief in the SRA Myth, took a bit of a dip in the mid-to-late 1990's, as more journals published papers looking back on the sociological reasons for the 'Myth, making obvious comparisons with the witchcraft trials of the late 17th century.

The SRA Myth though, just wouldn't die. For religious fundamentalists, the belief in Satan is a core tenet, and indeed Hollywood had perhaps contributed more than any other influence (more even than the Bible) to the conviction that Satan was abroad in the world, adding to their general consensus belief that the world was increasingly turning evil. Feminists, embedded in the Women's Studies departments of leafy, lazy suburban middle-class universities, weren't too willing to let the 'Myth go either; the question of it's existence was simply meaningless - SRA had to exist because, well, men, families and women with children were so inherently evil. To even wonder about the chasm-like lack of evidence, was simply giving-in to the patriarchal tradition of demanding evidence to determine innocence or guilt, or to have belief in the patriarchal concepts of science and free thought.

An example of the feminist suspicion of science, and the continuing persistence in belief in the Christian Fundamentalist-derived 'Myth was typified in a 1998 mailing discussion group archive of a US university Women's Studies List, discussing the feminist book The Courage to Heal mentioned later;

Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 12:21:57 -0500 Reply-To: Women's Studies List WMST-L@UMDD.UMD.EDU Sender: Women's Studies List WMST-L@UMDD.UMD.EDU From: Kim Cordingly Cordingly@JAN.ICDI.WVU.EDU Organisation: Job Accommodation Network Subject: Re: The Courage to Heal/Feminism & Science? In-Reply-To: 009C7D68.21CE47A0.41@acad.ursinus.edu

Gina Oboler, Anthropology & Sociology wrote: > In response to Sasha -- The critical response I expect is careful investigation
> of such claims. Has your friend published her findings? I'd like to know
> the details of the events of Satanic abuse, and who specifically was involved.
> I'd like to be provided with information that would allow an independent
> investigator to check out the claim. That's science.

I was particularly interested in the last line of this paragraph, "That's science." I think for those who had the opportunity to attend many of the presentations at NWSA on feminist critiques of science & technology, they would agree that this is contested territory. "Science" or western versions of science have often been used to discount and distort women's experiences. Applying mainstream scientific methods to verify memories of abuse/ritual abuse will not provide us with *all* the answers we are looking for. This is often the frustration of survivors of abuse. "Science" is given more credibility as "knowledge" than the individuals own "knowing" what has happened to them. Yet, it is clear that "science" also carries with it its' own biases, subjectivities and agendas. It's important to critique abuse/ritual abuse issues, but if we're doing it from a feminist perspective, we also need to look critically at the methods we use to "verify" human experience. Using "science" doesn't ensure a complete or unbiased picture either. Kim Cordingly kcording@wvu.edu West Virginia Univ.
(Source: Women's Studies List

In reality, rather than adopting a new perspective on science, feminism rather adopted the plethora of 'pseudo science' concepts that have exploded in use in recent decades, taking from it elements of superstition, 17th century prejudice, and in recent years, though to a limited degree, the 'new' explanations of the world and universe from the '12' lizard' conspiracy theorists.

It was new advocates of the SRA Myth who changed it to suit the 'modern' environment, and it is this version that can be referred to as the 'new' SRA Myth. This time the driver for the Myth would comprise and encompass a new generation and class of conspiracy theorist. In this New SRA Myth, Satan is a constant presence, who sometimes shows up to remind folk he is about, the Illuminati/New World Order is a behind-the-scenes overarching enemy, 12-foot high lizards control mankind's destiny, ritual sex abuse of children is but a minor add-on, the CIA control entire populations, alien abduction is rife, mind control is routine and everywhere, psychotropic drugs are delivered into the water supply, hidden spacecraft (a feature of the US-derived SRA Myth that was too attractive to let go) are found once again in schoolyards, alien technology pops up in supermarkets, a huge government conspiracy is in play, and every conceivable element, including the facility to 'strap' new packages on to fit in with the changing years, includes even determining new President Barack Obama to be a satanist. As with the traditional version of the 'Myth, and then the Mind Control version, this re-run of the obsession is being passed down the line from to the Left, already engaged in it's own obsessions with a plethora of new conspiracies following 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Some people saw it coming.

The British False Memory Society (BFMS), hated equally by both feminists and religious fundamentalists for their consistent opposition to SRA Myth advocates, was one of the first to recognise that the SRA obsessionists, including the more over-enthusiastic child protection campaigners were, and have been sliding over a more esoteric conspiracy theory cliff. It wouldn't though be accurate to describe this community as being 'fringe'; David Icke's ability to consistently fill venues like Wembley Conference Centre in London bears testimony to the increasing popularity of this worldview, that increasingly finds a resonance in a new generation of liberal, leftist or otherwise 'progressive' view holders;

A devil of a tail...
In case you hadn’t heard, the satanic abuse, alien abduction and military mind control theories that keep the likes of the Ritual Abuse Information Network afloat have been subsumed and superseded by the reptile conspiracy.

This development can be tracked through the internet and by reading sceptic researcher Robert Schaeffer’s amusing account of a Californian conference for conspiracy theorists in the Skeptical Inquirer.

“Survivor” narratives of the nineties, where child incest victims were delivered to a CIA experimental mind control programme coded MK-ultra, have been amended to include the lizard connection. One such presenter, Cathy O’Brien claimed to have seen President Bush (the elder) momentarily revealing his true self in a “lizard projection” during her former existence as a White House sex slave. Like so many others, Ms O’Brien was apparently quite unconscious of her early experiences, until the hypnotically repressed “memories” began to surface at around the age of 30. The victims, who have been programmed to have “false memories” of a normal existence, tend to wake up at this point in their lives. But through pre-programmed sabotage, the victims self-destruct or go crazy at this stage – which explains why so many only discover their true lives in the confines of MPD psychiatric units.

Masterminding the reptile connection is Britain’s own grade-one listed conspiracy theorist, former TV presenter and goalkeeper, David Icke. Icke strides the stage with tales of the world being governed by lizards cunningly disguised as world leaders who secretly slake their thirst on the blood of sacrificed infants made available by a global network of satanic paedophile covens. The aliens it seems, have not only landed, but have always been with us, and for Icke and his ilk it is no coincidence that the Evil One has traditionally been portrayed with a slippery spiked tail.

Interestingly, reptile apparitions displayed by channellers on Icke’s web-site bear a passing resemblance to ET. This was the image of choice of the now-passé alien abductees. ET meanwhile looks a bit like a ninja-turtle, and they were supposed to have abused the children in the Orkney ritual abuse case back in 1991. QED for Icke? That these characters are the creation of Hollywood, and are chronologically synchronised with the theories, might pose an alternate explanation. It provides the setting for a perfect folie à deux between theorists and victims who have both imbibed the same imagery. Jurassic Park would explain the ascendancy of the reptile connection over ET, just as the benign Indiana Jones films contained much of the pre-1990 satanic imagery of snake pits and drinking blood. No doubt Icke would have Hollywood ruled by the lizards too, but why they should give themselves away so readily when they have rocket science at their bidding is not clear.

Whether the reptile connection will be endorsed by therapists remains to be seen, but the O’Brien presentation suggests that leakage, if not the truth, is already out there. After all alien abductee and satanic abuse theories, though superficially poles apart, were reconciled through the military mind control paradigm which preceded the reptiles. And this was endorsed by the likes of MPD psychiatrist Colin Ross. Furthermore images of brain structure are now routinely paraded before forests of glazed eyes at traumatic memory conferences. Bombarded with talk of neurotransmitters and the amygdala, what’s the betting that all some delegates subsume is an image of a hazy rippled outline called the “reptilian brain” only to regurgitate it as a “lizard projection” on a client’s “alter”? Watch this space.
(Source: BFMS Newsletter - December 2001)

As it, the BFMS prediction was remarkably accurate, as testified by the Satanism / Child abuse / Cults / Esoteric / Astral Entities & Spirit Possession - David Icke's Official Forums. The SRA Myth is alive and well, as belief in a Matrix-like world, in that it is utterly different to the reality we know, increases and spreads through the left and liberal elite, and through academia.

Conspiracy theories have dogged modern child protection in the UK for decades. The Cleveland RAD Scandal of 1987 required advocates to believe that a significant minority of children in the community (indeed any community in the country) were being repeatedly sodomised by their fathers and other male carers, and that none of the victims had quite got around to telling anyone about it. The following year, 1988, all the way to 2003, and to even now, the SRA Myth advocates demand that we believe that satanic groups across the country are routinely abusing and sacrificing children in fantastic numbers - and are somehow avoiding surveillance or even dissenting members. In addition we have to believe (if we are not to be labeled pedophiles/Satan's minions) in flying cars, the aforementioned rocket ships, lions and giraffes in our public parks, teleportation, invisibility, gross injuries magically healed and women and children sacrificed in public places without anyone noticing. In recent years we are expected as a body citizen corporate, to accept the concepts that women cause autism and most childhood diseases, that women are prone to a huge gallery of psychiatric and psychological conditions, most not subject to peer-review, and, most recently, providing a healthy diet for a child is 'emotional abuse'. With this gallery pick-list of conspiracy theories to choose from, it perhaps isn't too surprising that the SRA Myth has been adopted by those with a belief that Mankind is controlled by 12' lizards, simply because the normal checks of such runaway beliefs, that in the past have been enabled by academia and those who would be proud to call themselves liberal and/or leftist, are no longer present.

Feminism has one again served to introduce these bizarre 'wing-nut' right-wing-inspired conspiracy theories to the wider audience of the otherwise fractured Left. As mentioned earlier, 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq in 2003 has saddled the Left and liberal elite with a terrible conundrum, resulting in a weird mix of desires amongst some groups to challenge anything that the US is perceived to stand for (democracy, equal rights, an open judicial system) whilst supporting anything determined to be anti-US (Sharia Law, repression of women and homosexuals, denial of education for females). The sometimes bladder-wrenching twists that the likes of Amnesty International now engage in are perhaps the most visible indicators of this awkwardness (see Kate Allen).

In the US, the 'mind control' conspiracy element of satanic ritual abuse grabbed the feminist lobby in California and overwhelmed them, as they descended into an orgy of David Icke-like assertions, whilst David Icke was still a pin-up former soccer goalkeeper and TV presenter;

Report of the Ritual Abuse Task Force – Los Angeles County Commission for Women
Ritual abuse is a brutal form of abuse of children, adolescents, and adults, consisting of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, and involving the use of rituals. Ritual does not necessarily mean satanic. However, most survivors state that they were ritually abused as part of satanic worship for the purpose of indoctrinating them into satanic beliefs and practices. Ritual abuse rarely consists of a single episode. It usually involves repeated abuse over an extended period of time…. Mind control is the cornerstone of ritual abuse, the key element in the subjugation and silencing of its victims. Victims of ritual abuse are subjected to a rigorously applied system of mind control designed to rob them of their sense of free will and to impose upon them the will of the cult and its leaders. Most often these ritually abusive cults are motivated by a satanic belief system [only on the surface.] The mind control is achieved through an elaborate system of brainwashing, programming, indoctrination, hypnosis, and the use of various mind-altering drugs. The purpose of the mind control is to compel ritual abuse victims to keep the secret of their abuse, to conform to the beliefs and behaviours of the cult, and to become functioning members who serve the cult by carrying out the directives of its leaders without being detected within society at large.
(Source: Report of the Ritual Abuse Task Force Los Angeles County Commission for Women (1991)

The response to skepticism

It is worthwhile going back in time and examining how the advocates of the SRA Myth dealt with scepticism. The facility to accuse those who exhibit nothing more than a querying nature has been passed on to the current generation of conspiracy theorists.

In 1994 Professor Elizabeth Newson (mentioned earlier) then joint director of the Child Development Research Unit at Nottingham University, before retiring the same year as Emeritus Professor (and later being awarded an OBE for services to children on the autistic spectrum) was subjected to this labelling, this time from Ms. Campbell. Dr. Newson felt compelled to write a letter to The Independent newspaper, referring to an earlier article from Ms. Campbell, the unfortunately titled Where Satan goes unseen, published on the 4th May 1994. The article had attempted to question the report on the SRA Myth, presented to the then Conservative Government by Prof. Jean La Fontaine, determining that her somewhat tenuous association with an academic called Benjamin Rossen, who had expressed a scepticism about the impact of pedophile in the past, was enough to suggest that Prof. La Fontaine was sympathetic to pedophilia (and perhaps a paedophile herself, by implication). Although a crude device, Ms. Campbell's technique was lifted directly from religious fundamentalist Myth advocates, who routinely accused skeptics of being child abusers and/or satanists with little provocation. In doing so, as well as neglecting once again to mention the quoted Judith Dawson/Jones was her partner, Ms. Campbell OBE managed to catch Professor Newson in her blast;

Professor La Fontaine's orthodoxy on this issue echoes the views of well-known promoters of pedophile.
(Source: Where Satan Goes Unseen, by Beatrix Campbell, The Independent, 4th May 1994)

Professor Newson, in her response to the letters page of the The Independent, made clear her particular concerns that the then demands of fundamentalists and feminists that everyone should be "listening to the children" was selective;

Sir: Professor La Fontaine rightly complains of being accused of promoting pedophilia by Beatrix Campbell's techniques of 'suggestion and innuendo'; I am similarly accused, the difference being that I am no longer surprised by Ms Campbell's methods ('Where Satan goes unseen', 4 May).

She describes me as 'a patron' of Rossen, and as 'one of the main architects of the notion that children have been brainwashed by foster carers and social workers', having appeared as an expert witness at Rochdale although I 'had never worked on child abuse'.

Although much of my play therapy work has involved abused children, I was called as an expert witness because of my many years of research on interviewing techniques, on children's ability to fantasise both in therapy and in more normal situations, and on children's drawing - all of which were highly relevant to the Rochdale case.

Sadly, the children in the case did suffer secondary abuse from the aggressively suggestive way in which they were interviewed; my report rested entirely on the evidence of videoed social work interviews (not foster care) compared with social work reports.

The children were isolated for many months from their parents, despite their protests. I shall not forget the child who exclaimed: 'Why doesn't someone listen to me like it says on the posters? I want to go home, I am safe at home.' When there is professional determination to discover satanic abuse, children will be listened to only selectively.
(Source: Experts do not always listen to children - Letter published in The Independent - Monday 9th May 1994)

Detail about the Rochdale Scandal, including examples of the video-taped social work interviews with the children in the case, plus interviews with the children, now grown up, whose childhood's had been wreaked by enthusiastic Satan-hunting social workers, can be found at Rochdale

As it is, Prof. Jean La Fontaine herself wasn't willing to be labeled as promoting paedophile by Ms. Campbell. She too wrote to The Independent;

Defending her view that satanic abuse is taking place, Beatrix Campbell ('Where Satan goes unseen', 4 May) has accused me of promoting paedophilia. The accusation is made by suggestion and innuendo: the only evidence offered is a letter written to the Child Abuse Review and a telephone conversation from which Ms Campbell has selected one remark which, quoted out of context, suits her purpose.

As regards the first, I recently (March 1994) protested against a one-sided Review of Literature on Organised Abuse. I drew attention to the omission of eight works, including the standard work by Spencer and Flin, The Evidence of Children. I also pointed out that the review relied on American cases, and referred to published material on European cases. With respect to Rossen I wrote:

B. Rossen has published on child prostitution and pornography in Europe and his article 'Mass hysteria in Oude Pekela' gives a different view of the best- known Dutch case from that presented by the Jonkers (special issue of Child Abuse and Neglect 1991).

Ms Campbell fails to mention that I told her that I had had a 'row on paper' with Mr Rossen over his views on child abuse, which I emphatically do not share.
Yours faithfully,
London School of Economics
London, WC2
(Source: Letter: Abused children, adult pawns, Professor Jean La Fontaine, Letters Page, The Independent, 7th May 1994)

The suspension of scepticism was emphasised by feminist/suspect fundamentalist, partner of Ms. Campbell OBE, and social worker Judith (Dawson) Jones;

In 1990, New Statesman and Society published a Judith Dawson piece on the Nottingham case, "Vortex of Evil" which argued that an "insidious and dangerous" contagion was sweeping the land, the opinion that ritual abuse was imaginary: "This contagion takes the comforting form of skeptical and rational inquiry, and its message is comforting too: is is designed to protect 'innocent family life' against a new urban myth of the satanic abuse of children inspired by evangelical fundamentalists" (Dawson 1990)."
(Source: Pages 174 and 175 of Intimate enemies: moral panics in contemporary Great Britain By Philip Jenkins)

From mid-1994 the SRA Myth was collapsing, almost by the minute. Few advocates of it remained willing to discuss the issue in public, with the exception of a few editors of the magazines and newspapers who had published articles promoting the fundamentalist view, such as Marxism Today and The New Statesman. The hopeless lack of evidence, in the face of such bizarre allegations, had now become the primary problem for advocates of the Myth, and the insistence that scepticism be abandoned, and people simply accept every allegation come-what-may, wasn't working. Some academics continued to promote the SRA Myth in journals inclined towards fundamentalism, but by now the writing was on the wall. Except Ms. Campbell OBE continued to promote the Myth, even in the face of a mounting wall of doubt.

A cynical approach to those who request evidence of SRA continues to play a crucial part in the Myth's longevity. In England the registered charity HOPE (Healing Our Past Experiences) promotes the SRA Myth in and around 'Scarborough, Whitby, Ryedale and more recently Leeds'. To the question about evidence, the charity has a simple answer;

People are always demanding evidence of the existence of ritual abuse so that they can believe more readily that it happens or deny its existence more rigorously. Unfortunately, the abusers do not usually (leave?) proof lying about for others to find. They do not want the world to know what they are doing and therefore do their best to carefully dispose of evidence.
(Source: Ritual Abuse - HOPE page)

The rise of pseudo/crank science

Feminism and Christian Fundamentalism continue to collude in modern times, though the willingness of feminists to appear on the same platforms as those of their religious counterparts are few and far between. An area where the two communities co-exist is over the question of science. Christian Fundamentalism is still often (though not exclusively) wedded to Creationism. Feminism is highly wedded to "pseudo" science, most typified by the use of crank science wheeled-out against mothers in secretive Family Courts. In addition pseudo science doesn't demand the high levels of peer-review and verification that normal science requires, and "feminist research" methodologies emphasise that the use of biased research (sometimes called "Standpoint" research) is justified if it achieves the aim of demonstrating fellow feminist women to be victims. In addition males are routinely portrayed as raping rotters, the family institution as nothing more than a haven for abuse and for the continuance of the patriarchal tradition, and often, women who are mothers are determined to be as mad as a box-of-frogs.

But feminism has a not-very-secret secret; The desire to change society fundamentally - using the argument that children are "moulded" not by their genes and environment but rather by patriarchal society only, requires that evolutionary biology be rejected - see the extended entry under Patricia Gowaty. The reason for this attitude is simple; feminism dogmas determine that humans are somehow separate from normal evolutionary biology because it is strongly believed that normal human behaviour - even patriarchal behaviour and interaction between men and women, isn't the result of hundreds of thousands of years of instinct driven by our genetic heritage derived from our survival as a species. Rather human behaviour, both male and female is garnered from the implicitly patriarchal society that women and men in particular are brought up in. Without the awkward concept of evolutionary biology, feminists can envisage a society when m